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Tyrell Foster
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1990-08-01 (27 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    England, United Kingdom
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
  6. Family
    Sister, and Mother


  1. Build
    Average - Muscle
  2. Hair
    Shaved head (When joined military), with a beard
  3. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  4. Features
    - Dark Brown Shaved Hair,
    - Beard,
    - Normally Dirty,
    - Scar on cheek,

  5. Equipment
    Handgun (Useless now), keys, wallet, cracked phone, dirty wrist watch.
  6. Affiliation
    No one yet.
  7. Role


Back in England he used to live with his mother and sister in a small apartment in London, working at a local store to get any money. He had been working at that store for years and had looked after his
mother , with help from his sister, for the same amount of time. Soon Tyrell wanted something different for his life, somewhere else, and had been thinking on where to go. He did many things as well as work at the store to get money for the trip, soon he turned to doing a small amount of illegal jobs behind his sisters back and hid the extra money under his mattress. Eventually he had saved just about enough money to travel to Chernarus, he planned on leaving the next week. Before leaving, he was slipping up on the jobs he was doing for a man who called himself 'Ice'. Tyrell thought it was a stupid name but he was a very dangerous man and Tyrell would find out the hard way, getting home one day to find his Mother killed. He left for Chernarus sooner, telling his sister to come with him but she refused. His first destination was Chernogorsk, one of the biggest cities in Chernarus.

He stayed there for weeks before the world collapsed, although he felt like this was a new start for him he continued to worry about his sister. First weeks were fine but on the 8th he and pretty much everyone else heard about the CDF Troops sent to block off roads. He didn't know what they were blocking off at that point but he didn't give a shit, as long as they had it under control. That night he heard about a wave of 'infected' headed towards Severograd (This is the furthest city away from Chernogorsk but it still shocked everyone). Tyrell made sure he had a way of defending himself, if the so called 'infected' ever get down South, meaning he stole multiple items from the shitty new store he was working in (Knifes and such). Days went by and everything down south side remained the same, but he heard about the North being terrorized by the 'Infected' on the streets. More days went by and it was everywhere on the news, seemed like the infected traveled slowly down south, sweeping over the whole country. Tyrell tried to get out of Chernarus but he didn't expect that to work as majority of airports shut down. Soon the military started to set up camps in the Chernogorsk area, it was clear they were desperate as men were being 'forced' to join the military and help stop the wave of infected. Tyrell was one of many men to be forced to join in, but he was pretty tough and had nothing to lose so he didn't fight it, got him out of working at the shitty store. On the 17th, when US army troops dispatched into Chernogorsk and US Marines to the Elektrozavodsk things got even more serious, he didn't know that this was a global problem. He also lost contact with his sister back in the UK completely making him think the infected took over Britain just as it has Chernarus. His first close encounter with the infected was when the wave got extremely close to Chernogorsk and he was sent, with hundreds of others including the US troops, to stop the wave at any means. Obviously the infected pushed through causing Tyrell and 5 other men to be split up from the rest. They spent the night in a barn, not being capable to make it back to the city but when they did the next day it was taken over, the panic and chaos of the civilians and the infected clearly was too much for what was left of the goverment.

That's when he gave up on the small group he was with, for soldiers they were pussies he thought and Tyrell went on his own way, not before scavenging any supplies from the group when he was on look out that night. There were 5 of them, they'll be alright...




Time played: 0 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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