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Vladimir Petrov
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1968-02-06 (51 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Hair
    Dirty blond
  4. Eyes
  5. Occupation
    Police officer


Vladimir Petrov was a police officer unit, whom had worked at chernarus south zagoria police force for about 20 years, He has 2 parents and one brother, his father name is Dimitri Petrov, His mother name is Anna Petrov, and lastly his brothers name is Vlad Petrov. He’s born in South Zagoria chernogorsk hospital. Date June 2, 1968. He is a overall friendly person who knows how to take care of himself and his family. He also has one child Artyom who is 18 years old. And a wife named Alisa who is 40 years old.


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