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Randi Reagon
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1993-05-29 (26 years old)


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    111 kg


I'm an ex law enforcement officer for the town of Kabanino. I was on duty when it all hit. I got a call from dispatch that stated that there was a male subject walking in the middle of the road acting very aggressive. I wasn't sure what was going on, I tried talking with the subject but couldn't get through to him. I kept my distance because he seemed to try and get closer and closer to me. The subject wasn't looking as he walked towards me and was struck by a moving vehicle. I ran to him to assist him but before I was able to get there the subject got back up with half his skin falling off and one leg broken so bad the bone was coming out. I knew something wasn't right. At that moment I heard the loud sirens of the town going off. I could hear vehicles tires screaming from people slamming on their brakes and the loud booms from vehicles crashing into each other. My radio was none stop from dispatch multiple accounts of mangled people walking around. It wasn't until I heard the faint scream from a child that it all hit me. I turned around and saw a man biting a small girl. I ran to pull the man off the child but when I did he started to try and bit me. I was able to radio for back up but no one answered. I had to shoot the man, I shot him in his chest and he fell backwards. It was enough time for me to get up and get my composer. I looked down at the man and noticed he was getting back up. I turned to the child that had just been bitten by him to tell her to run but she was no longer there. I looked back at the man I had just shot and realized the child was standing there with him. Both subjects looked as if their skin was falling off. I ran back to my patrol car and sped back to the station. No one would answer me on my radio, When I looked outside all I could see was men, woman, and children all with that blank stair as their skin seemed to be falling off. I found supply's in the police station that would allow me to stay there for a couple days but I knew I needed to get out and look for help. I wondered around from town to town looking for supply's and other survivors but. I'm still looking.


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