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Dmitry Bozik
Character information
  1. Mental
    Mildly Depressed
  2. Morale
    Below Average
  3. Date of birth
    1992-10-07 (26 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
    Chernarussian and Russian
  6. Ethnicity
    Slavic (Russian-Chernarussian)
  7. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, some Russian
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Vladimir Bozik (MIA) Svetlana (MIA)
  10. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    181 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
    Average build
  4. Hair
    Short cut
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    A golden ring with a black diamond on his left hand (his fathers ring)

    A picture of his mother and father on their wedding day (backpack) ((Russian flag can be seen in the background))

    Both his Chernarussian & Russian passport (In a safe in Stary)
  8. Equipment
    Blue Cap
    Mens Suit Jacket (Usually blue)
    Cargo Pants or Suit Pants
    Hunter Boots or Leather shoes

    If he carries a main firearm it most likely will be a Mosin, shotgun or AK
    A FNX Pistol
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    The Time
  11. Role


===Group Relations===

Černaruští Zdejší: A good group of people just trying to restore what Chernarus once was, God bless them for trying. I do hope they don't find out i'm Russian, that'll complicate things. (UPDATE): Sadly the settlement died after some time, with only the CDF people left i slipped out and left. They would probably find out i'm Russian and execute me on the spot. I heard they went to join Kamenici. 

Raiders (Dead Batteries): A group of bat-shit crazy people, showed up at the settlement and started beating each other up. Hope we've seen the last of them. 

Kamenici: A group of crazed woodland nationalists. Ideological wars died with the world.

The House: Seems like hard-working businessmen, they're looking to control all of the trade in Chernarus. (UPDATE): I'm not sure what the fuck happened but suddenly i couldn't most members on the radio, maybe they were all wiped out in one single attack? 

The Time: Ran into them after The House disappeared. Decent fellows and businessmen, Father would be proud of me if he saw the deals i manage to make for the group, these fucking tourists have no idea what value things have. 


Born on the 7th of August 1992 to his Russian father and Chernarussian mother. His father was a middle class business owner in Novigrad and his mother Svetlana worked in a sewing factory. Dmitry grew up in his fathers footsteps, always following him around since childhood. Doing what he was told with strict discipline.

Growing up after the fall of the Soviet Union and the chaos and corruption that followed. Coupled with his strict father, this caused him to regularly seek to dominate the other kids in his school with brute force. Dmitry's father was a business owner and with that came connections with the underworld which thrived during these chaotic times, this caused his father to go deeper and deeper into the hole that is crime, seeking easy profit. All Dmitry could do was follow his father and do like any loyal son would. His father profited from the illegal gun trade and smuggled guns to anyone that needed it, bribing anyone that he needed to bribe and eventually taking care of people if bribing failed. Guns were easy to come by since the Balkan war ended and the fall of the Soviet Union. This caused a lot of cold war era weapons to come into circulation all over Russia and Europe.

During his childhood he grew up with his Father named Vladimir, his mother Svetlana and his brothers named Boris and Alexandr. Growing up his Father taught him and his brothers strict discipline and loyalty. Vladimir had an authoritarian personality and commanded loyalty, respect and fear from both his employees and his family. Dmitry and his brother always followed their fathers every word from childhood to adulthood. Being a businessman based in Novigrad, Vladimir looked to increase his wealth and establish himself in the underworld of Chernarus. Dmitry managed to establish himself in his fathers eyes. Vladimir owned a few business' in Novigrad and used them as a base of operation. Making money both through legitimate and illegitimate dealings.

At school Dmitry would be a normal student like the others but wouldn't back down if insulted and would even insult others if he felt that his honor demanded him to.
He mostly tried to do good since that's what his father told him to do but trying to keep his personal honor often made him have a talk with the head teacher and ironically made him come home to a beating from his father, who taught him to always defend his honor and his families honor.

He would defend his brothers if they needed help often beating up younger kids if Boris or Alexandr were getting bullied. "Being the oldest brother that's part of the job" Vladimir always told him.
At home he was taught to be an Orthodox Christian by both his mother and father. With his father working most of the time it was up to Svetlana to teach him the Orthodox faith and christian values.

When the infection hit Dmitry was in his fathers office in Novigrad taking care of business while Vladimir was in Russia on a business trip. He was walking to the toilet when he was attacked by the cleaner in the hallway. He quickly pulled out his pistol he had holstered on his side and shot her in the head. With blood on his suit he rushed back into his office and tried calling his father. Nobody picked up. He tried calling his mother, she didn't pick up either. He changed to his coat and rushed out into the hallway and down the stairs. He ignored all the chaos in the lobby and rushed outside to his car. He drove all the way to his fathers house outside of Novigrad. When he arrived everything was really quiet, all he could hear was the sirens coming from the city. He knocked on the door and it slowly opened.

He called out and started searching the house. After looking around the entire house he found no one. He realized that his fathers car was not on the driveway. Svetlana and Boris must have driven away to escape whatever was happening. Dmitry was hit with great sadness when he realized his family was no longer with him. He went back into the house and sat down on the couch. He almost broke out in uncontrolled greif and anger when he sat their, all alone.He realized he would probably never see his father again, or hear his mothers voice. Where could his mother and his brother have gone? how would he ever find them. Tears rolled down his face as he thought of a plan.

He must find his brothers and mother even if he dies trying to. But where would he even start? Where would they go? Questions were everywhere but no answers existed. Suddenly, as he looked over at a photo of his father on the wall. Dmitry felt a wave of adrenaline all through his body. He knew exactly how his father would react if he saw him now. He would probably go as far as to disown him. Sitting here crying while his family is without his protection.

Dmitry quickly stood up and looked into his fathers eyes in the photo, "Do this my boy or i'll make sure you regret it" he heard a faint voice in his mind say. He quickly took the photo and walked outside.
With his spirit renewed Dmitry knew exactly what his mission was. It was time to find his mother and brothers, he would look through every single house in Chernarus if he had to. All he knew is that he had to find them... or die trying.

===The Apocalypse===


After staying around Novigrad for over a year Dmitry gave up in his search for this mother and two brothers. He had searched everywhere where people were still alive and found not even a trace of them. He decided that the only option he had left was to head to Russia and try to find his father who had left for Moscow just 3 days before the outbreak. He gathered his supplies and started heading north a long the highway. 

While traveling north he reached the province of South Zagoria, he had been here as a kid when he visited his grandmother as a young child but he had not visited the area since maybe 7 years ago. When reaching the city of Severograd he encountered a few Chernarussian civilians and ex-CDF. They were building a settlement for all Chernarussians to try and make a decent life in this apocalypse. After seeing this settlement he received a feeling of hope, something he has not felt for a very long time. Despite him wanting to see his father he decided that to stay with the settlement and make the best of it. 

After being attacked at Severograd it was decided that the settlement be moved south. Dmitry saw no reason to leave just yet so he packed up his things and helped with moving stuff to the new settlement in Polana. Not much happened in the settlement at the moment, people were on edge, the walls were being built and food was sown. Everything was quiet and peaceful. except one night. 
On that night while Dmitry was alone outside of the bar, a woman came in through the gates. Barely being able to speak coherently, Dmitry was very surprised at the fact that she seemed to be alone. After staying for only a few minuets she left as quickly as she came. "The Apocalypse certainly bring out the crazy in most people" Dmitry muttered to himself as he went back inside. 

After staying with the Chernarussian settlement for almost one entire month, Dmitry saw that the life that the settlement once had was quickly dying. As the number of people were dwindling and less and less people were seen around the camp Dmitry decided that he had spent enough time here. "If i stay any longer it's just a matter of time before the Chedaki or those raider fucks get a hold of me and kill me" Dmitry muttered to himself as he packed his bags and walked out of the gates for the last time. Dmitry was back to the nomad life, maybe it finally was time head to Russia? Dmitry had to decide if now was the time to go deep into Russian territory. 

Dmitry decided that it still wasn't the time to head to Russia, he just didn't feel ready for such a long journey yet. He ran into The House in Stary Sobor and had to decide whether he should join them or not. This decision was not long thought since he would be unable to contact The House a few days later. He never got the answer what had happened to the people running the group but he could only assume that they were killed by their competitors. Now he was left all alone with his thoughts again, growing more depressed by the day. 

Arriving at Stary Sobor to refill his canteen, he saw walls stretching tall into the air. Upon further inspection he realized that a couple of traders have setup a trading post in the grocery store. Dmitry talked to Fyodr and offered his services and he was accepted. He managed to quench all suspicion that he was a Kamenici spy by proving that he was a Russian national, thus proving that he would not be a spy. He was immediately put to work over watching the compound and making sure things were run smoothly. Dmitry would later find out that the group also traded people but this he saw no problem in. Just like in biblical times, slavery was needed in a world like this. 

After spending almost a month with The Time Dmitry had gathered enough supplies and courage to head out. He said he goodbyes to the people that he knew and got in the car he'd found. He had gathered enough gas to at least get a bit into Russia, hoping he could find more gas a long the way. He threw the spare tire into the car and closed the trunk while thinking quietly to himself. He thought of what to do when he reached Moscow, if he even got that far. He would probably end up being shot and robbed by some highwaymen a long the way. He disregarded the thought and started thinking of his Father. They haven't talked in so long but knowing his Father he had to still be alive. He's the type of person that would survive no matter what the world threw at him. "Oh... Father is going to beat me until i can't stand when he sees me all alone without my Mother and Brothers" 

He kept that thought in mind as he sat himself in the car and turned the key. "Well i came this far, no use in questioning it at this point. Please be alive Father" he muttered to himself as he left the parking lot, heading for the border. While closing in on the border he looked over at the passenger seat, and his bible was laying there on the seat. Dmitry had been reading it a lot more since he arrived in South Zagoria. "For the love of God, please be alive" Dmitry said, while putting the car in 4th gear. 


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Nice character, played a lot together.

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