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Karl Reznik
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-02-23 (26 years old)


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg


Born in Malmö in 1993, and grew up in Copenhagen, before returning to Skåne years later. When the outbreak happened he moved east to the south-eastern tip of Skåne and lived a relatively peacefully there, until terrible events led him to flee across the Baltic Sea alone.
Constantly on the move he lived off of the rivers of eastern Europe, following them south towards the warmer climates of the south. Life to the east was harsh but the inexperienced young man faced worse odds against the harsh winter and continued his journey. This path led him to the black sea region, more specifically the Sea of Azov, where he joined a russian-ukranian tugboat merchant crew.

The merchants operated mainly in the Sea of Azov where they traded with bandits and settlements, mostly fish and weapons were traded, and Karl felt like he finally found a place to call home. One trade mission led the tugboat to a settlement near Sochi, and this mission was the furthest Karl had ever taken him. As the tugboat was offloading goods at the settlement a bandit crew attacked the boat. The merchants suffered several casualties but the tugboat got away, though it had been struck by many projectiles from the bandit's weapons, but even though it could sail the fight had damaged the ship forcing the merchants to stay near shore just in case. When the boat was near the coast of South Zagoria, it broke down and they had to dock at the small fishing village of Berezhki, in north-eastern Chernarus.

For a week they had to encamp in the village, fending off wild animals and zombies, before one day when disaster struck. Karl who was in the woods looking for firewood, returned to the edge of the village where he saw that marauders had taken all the merchants prisoner, and had killed those who had resisted. When he saw this he ran into the woods and into the South Zagorian countryside.


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