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John Lundervack
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1984-02-07 (35 years old)



Male- Age 29- Location:???- Past Occupation: ???- Name: John "Hades" Lundervack

John will never reveal his first name to anyone, he will ask to be addressed as Hades. Little is known about John before the outbreak, he worked at various places in the past, grocery store, hospital, gas station. Typically low income jobs, he had troubles holding jobs due to his unique personality disorder. When he was a child, being an only child he created an imaginary friend called Hades, being obsessed with an old greek mythology book his Dad gave him, he would pretend Hades was his best friend, and would sneak out at night and explore the nearby forests alone. John would pretend that Hades would sometimes take him to the underworld. John invested alot of time with his imaginary friend to the point of worrying his parents. He would start talking in a deeper voice sometimes and acting strange. His parents noticed this increasing in his teen years, they weren't the most wealthy parents but they did find a unique doctor name Logan Bennett who agreed to do tests on Johns personality problems that were developing. John was experimented on with different drugs and machines that werent known to public hospitals, and the results of the experiments are unknown. Logan was able to discover that John was starting to manifest his imaginary character into part of himself. A split personality is the best way Logan could describe it to Johns Parents. Years past and John's parents were starting to show their age and were constantly sick. John was a good person when he was himself and did try his best to keep bills caught up and his mother and fathers home from getting repossessed. John's personality however became increasingly more difficult to control and became his alter character "Hades" almost daily at random times. He would speak in a deeper, dark voice. His words carefully chosen, his intelligence almost doubling but his coworkers noticed he had a sinister way about him. They couldn't get a read from him, what his agenda was or what was on his mind. Due to this he was let go from his jobs, and eventually the towns folk never saw John again. Unknowingly his parents passed away due to lack of medicine and support from their son, where John went was unknown to everyone but himself. Then the outbreak started with patient Zero, john was completely unaware of this. He seperated himself from society, living only in the forests off of mushrooms and wild life. When he was "John" he did all of the daily work of keeping up his makeshift shack in the woods, daily routines but at night he would become Hades and slaughter deer and any animals he could find and cook. When the infection finally spread to most of Chernarus John found wildlife more difficult to hunt, and was now killing what were once people with only his Knife, but only as "Hades". He has not interacted with a talking person in almost a year, who knows what could happen when he comes across a survivor or what he's trying to accomplish. The only thing he wants to find is the doctor that worked on him years ago, and what the doctor did to him.


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