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Nathan Murphy
Character information
  1. Alias
    Nate or Murphy
  2. Date of birth



Nathan Murphy was a Weapon Systems Operator in the UK Royal Air Force, operating weapon systems inside a Ground Attack Tornado Jet as part of NATO forces. His deployment to operations in Chernarus was his second tour in the air force and was a drastic change to his typical surroundings of Norfolk, England, where he grew up. He didn't entirely understand the history as to why he was being deployed in that part of the world, all he knew is that he had a job to do. When the infection started to spread into Ukraine and Turkey, Nathan was moved into a more hands on role, deploying with his unit on the southern coast of Turkey from his forward operating base in Cyprus in an attempt to aid civilians that were fleeing south. Eventually making his way further north with his unit who were now more a group of survivors, he continued on his goal to aid the non-infected he came across. Nathan's story on the server begins when he made the decision to cross the Green Sea from Samsun, Turkey and has now landed in Novigrad, still sworn to his mission to provide aid and assistance.


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