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Steak Monford
Character information
  1. Mental
    Healthy but shocked
  2. Morale
    To help others for the good of survival but must defend myself by any means if needed.
  3. Date of birth
    1997-09-20 (21 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Ravenstonedale, Cumbria, England
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    No Mother. Father unknown to be alive.
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    101 kg
  3. Build
    Tall, slight athletic build.
  4. Hair
    Short, brown and wavy.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    A Birthmark under his left arm
  8. Equipment
    Hunting gear, with a flat cap equipped with a long stick on my back and rifle when out hunting
  9. Occupation
    Hunter and tradesman
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Hunter, Gatherer


My name is Steak Monford, formally known as Stephen Alexander Monford, 21 years of age, born and raised in Cumbria in the North of England on a family estate that has been in my family for many generations as it has been pasted from father to son, my fathers only son but i fear that i will never see it again nor do i think that i will ever see my farther again  as they have both lived unfortunate lives far out of my control 'oh how i miss them dearly, to just see them again is all i plea'.
At an early age, for as early as i can remember, i looked into my mothers eyes and i knew i loved her with all i have and we spent many times together, as she got to teach me many wonderful things such as looking after myself, cooking caring but most importantly about ourselves, and how wonderful each and every one of us are and i took it to my heart. But sadly the same heart would be shortly broken, broken by a silver bullet. 
Our family are not the most wealthy nor luxurious folk around but we sure do try to make our way in life as much as possible. What we had to get by wasn't a lot but we know how to be resourceful with what we have as the key to survival is water, food and shelter and now it is almost second nature to me as that is what my father taught me for he was a Huntsman. To keep us fed we had to find food but unfortunately we had no means of going out and paying for it as much as we'd like as income was tight like a thread which meant we had to resource to 'finding' our own food which was risky business but thankfully i learnt from my father and my father learnt from his father. Through the generations we had become very efficient as 'finding' food developing new techniques of capturing these birds (Pheasants), placing intricate traps that can lour them out into our own crated snares so they cant fly away allowing for an easy capture. Fortunately, in our family, we were able to acquire a hunting rifle of an old family friend of us and it has been my trusty companion for the past several years as due to unfortunate circumstances, but this rifle has managed to get us more game than we could have ever imagined. On the other hand this rifle has become so dear to me that i am not only efficient at hunting small game like rabbits but larger 'Game' if ever the need would arise, able to hit a bulls eye at 300m using just the Irons bit with our scope on it, you can sure expect more.

But this rifle is not dear to my heart for the reasons that you might expect as this was the rifles that fired the bullet shattered my heart. 

Us three in the family My Father, Mother and me could survive anywhere in the world as long as we had a compass and were good to go as we are all able to support ourselves in the wilderness as we all have been taught to do so which means we all need to support each other and supply food for each other. We take turns each day to get fetch water from our well as well as tend the chickens, feed and check for eggs which is all easy and simple jobs but what comes around every few days is the more challenging one. Food can't last forever so we have to get out to 'find' our food and we also take it in turns to do so. Depending on the season we have a high chance of capturing them birds, especially when it is their breeding season but not all the time can we do that unfortunately which means we have the resource the the rifle, especially going for bigger game such as deer and this was a much riskier task than a simple snare as a shot is too loud for you to remain hidden .
'the shot haunted my memory ever since' .

April 22, It was a night like any night as we were helping my mother gather her items together for she was the one tonight going out to hunt for our food. This task we took in turns, like we always have done by switching between us each time as last time it was me and next it would be my fathers because for us this is what is fair and we are all skilled enough to deal with the task in hand. The reason that it is only my mother that is travelling out alone and not one of us is that in the past when i was a young boy, i was still needed to be looked after meaning only one can leave and one stay with me and that is how we have carried on ever since even though non of us need to be looked after, its like tradition now. But that was all to change very soon as from now i am writing this alone, i wish for the company and warmth of someone else but all i can hear are these damn wolves howling in the darkness. My mother leaves for the night with her equipment and her rifle and out of the door saying 'Don't wait for me, i love you', which i will never forget and disappears into the darkness down the trail leading to the road.
We are situated in the countryside where there are not many places around, only a small village consisting of a pub and a corner shop as that is all we need and there are only a few hundred living in the village so not too much. Leading out from the village are several very small single way roads with high grassy verges on either side so each corner you take, you are going in blind to which over the years has caused a few accidents with oncoming cars and the occasional tractor but nothing too drastic until tonight. Often cars are speeding down these roads like a race track as not much traffic comes through here but at night it is especially dangerous which is where my mother was heading to. On this particular night, a few men down at the pub over in the village must have decided to have a too few many drinks to stand let a lone drive what is what they must have done after probably being kicked out. I'm sure in their frustration they must have wanted to seek somewhere else to carry on to just to go home but either one i am not to sure nor do i care. Me and my farther were in our kitchen, boiling up some water as we look out of the window which is facing out to the trail leading down to the road which is behind a treeline, but behind this treeline we see specks of light dotting through the leaves, getting bigger as the car was getting closer. Just as the car passed we had turned to go about our business else where in the house, we hear a skreeeeech and silence. (We head no noise after due to the grassy verges). Me and my father come back to the window to see what is going on but we could only see the headlights illuminating the woods on the opposite side of the road, to which we assume the car had swerved off the road and running up the bank so as the good Samaritans we are, we head out to check on what is happening. Not a moment that i have my hand on the door handle and begin to open it fully i hear a BANG then preceded by an slam of the door and the car revving up as much as it car before taking off further down the road before out of sight not 100m away. At that moment i felt everything leaving me all at once, no movement, no emotion until i am shoved away by father, wielding club in hand one hand and torch in the other, running out into the darkness as well, me still there expressionless. Only once i hear my father yelling "BABY" while running did i snap back into reality, perusing him down to where the shot hand rung out from. Sprinting for the life of me, bare feet it did not care, only care was to get there for what sight i saw i could not bare. What i saw was light glistening on the ground, expanding towards the light that was on the ground facing my mother. My mother laying there on the ground white as a ghost clutching her neck looking wide eyed, as if she could not close them, up at my father who was keeled over her hand on head, clutching her long blonde her and on her neck with her hands also. I could not bare to look anywhere near, only into my hands and all i could hear were my fathers cries but all he got in response was thick coughs of blood, unable to get a word a word out. It was the most awful sound i could every hear sticking with me to this day but it was for sure not my last time hearing it. I feel guilty about it now but then i felt like i was trapped on an island in the ocean, unable to do anything. But i wasn't too long before there was silence, not even a bird in the trees as i'm sure they were too scared to make a noise, mother motionless on the floor, father wide eyed like she was but this was pure fear as there was nothing. 

I have no knowledge of what happened exactly on the night on that night, only a drunken bastard made his way flying down the road only to see my mother there in the dark and he tried to avoid, skidding into the bank on the side before gong out to see who she was. This must have cause a struggle between the two as he must have seen our rifle which is what was triggered this all, trying to take it from here causing it to point towards her neck and it went off, striking one of her arteries, bleeding out uncontrollably. What i assume after the incident, the man must took off with our rifle as we did not see it anywhere nor since the incident but as much as i would have sawed it in half to never let this happen again, it was still dear to me as now it is apart of my mother despite what may have happened and i am sure that it will never come to this again. 

This incident has stuck with me ever since then and i am sure it will not go away, not even over the chaos that is happening here. I do not want to go further into my mother as it will cause me too much grief to even think about it, tearing up at every thought and sleepless night but lets not carry on any more, i need to carry on as my story is not yet up.

June 20th My father and i had been saying in our home a little while more but nothing was quite the same as everything just felt empty and worthless. We decided that for us the best thing to do would just be to move away from here as we had nothing left here, no friends no nothing, nothing worth staying for as it is now only a burden to continue on living here. Had had been making plans on leaving as we wanted to get out far east from here as possible and not just east in England but go out further and explore more in any means possible. On multiple occasions, we have heard people talking about the great forests of Russia, isolated away and amazing ground for hunting, just somewhere far away and what sounds like a wonderland to us but the problem is that it is far east which is a great distance but i hope that we will be able to get a flight over, compere closer to where we desire to go. Thankfully with my father skills as a huntsman and a tradesman, he was able to gather some money which we had always kept away for emergencies such as this, as he was able to sell somethings of what we caught or trade what me might fine sometimes as it is a valuable trade which he has been teaching me over the years and now it think it is important now more than ever.  Anyway, we had packed our most vital things that we need as well a a few sentimental things such as my mothers watch and necklaces, despite  wanting to leave all memory behind, it was just too precious to do so. Our chickens we had sold over to a farmer a few fields away as we couldn't just leave them as well as informing him to keep an eye on our place as we would be gone for a while, we did this as he was a trusted man to our family they only one who could do it. 
Now all preparations are done we headed up to the airport to hopefully get a flight to Moscow, a place we had always heard about but now it would hopefully soon be a reality that we. Heading to Manchester airport was the only option as after many miles walking, we managed to catch a coach down to the airport which took us a few hours but nothing compared what the time it took for us in the long term. Upon exiting the coach, we went straight in though the terminal doors and went up the the desk for flights as fast as well could, although we had never been to an airport before and had no clue in what we were doing but thankfully we asked and they directed us to the right area, which was just in time as there was a flight later that hour which had a few spare seats on it thankfully.  We knew that this would be a one way flight so it wasn't too much of a hassle and that allowed us to get through the security lines as fast as possible. I was a bit nervous about going through these as it seems like it would be life or death but sure enough it wasn't, only just remove all metal things which is understandable because of the detector. Once through off of this we entered into a large area which i was just in awe at with all these food places and shops just all round thinking to myself how amazing this is as id never assume that there would be anything like this in a kind of place like this. 
It was finally time for my Flight at 3:07pm which i could be heard called out over the PA system, prompting everyone to get up and Que for the flight. We were near the back of the line as we still had no idea what we need to do to get on but all it looked like was people showing there card which was given to us earlier that day which seemed simple enough. Once we had done that, we were on our way over the tarmac to the plane which is just amazing to see so close up as i had never really seen something like this so close as well as going inside, seeing everything so organised and neat. We made our way to the back of the plane to our seats, after help from the flight attendant, and sat down putting our bags above us like everyone else, making sure they are tightly in there and safe. The fight attendants went through the safety briefings which only worried me a slight bit but all well and good until take off  where i couldn't stop clutching the seat and  i look to my left to only find my father doing the same which made me laugh a bit. Once up in the air it was all smooth now thankfully and what was even better was the free food and drinks that they were giving us which was delightful as after i had finished mine all i wanted was another. Hours went by on the flight, admiring the view below of the different areas below me like ants in the dirt and and not much i could do there but then we started to feel a slight rumble and shake which is when the seat belt sign binged with the pilot coming over the intercom saying "We have encountered a small patch of rough turbulence which we should be should be of of soon". It was a relief when the plane did finally stop shaking as i hoped that it would. Not too long after that the Pilot came back onto the intercom telling us that there has been an 'Unfortunate delay and 'due to circumstances on the ground we will need to divert this flight to Kiev, Ukraine' which didn't get everyone worried, just annoying as i could hear grumbles and annoyed voices around me. I was confused and so was my father but i assured myself that hopefully they will get us on another flight over to Moscow soon enough. 
As we touched down in Kiev, i could see a few military vehicles and personnel  littered across the airport to which i have no idea what they are doing. Once we got off the plane we were lead into the terminal and told to wait until further notice. It seems that we were left on our own waiting here for a few hours now as it is getting dark but we see that some people are just standing up and seem to be leaving. Im not sure what gave the motive to us but we decided to get up and go as well as we sure didn't want to be waiting here for too long. Furthermore from our map we knew that Russia wasn't too far and it wont be too hard hopefully to find some sort of transportation. As we were leaving we walked further out into the city around and managed to find a taxi that was waiting which we just instructed him to drive east to which he did. As we were on our way, we drove past these bare fields but also these lush forests, something i had always admired, and this went on for a few hours until we reached the next main city to which we asked him to stop finishing our journey and to this day i still feel bad about but before he even mentioned a word, we bolted out of the car and running as fast as well could out of sight and even further so that we didn't have to pay the fee, plus i could hardly understand him. We knew that this was the only real way of heading east as we had so little money left but it is what had to have been done. We must have gone a couple Hundred Miles in a few taxis to which i feel sorry still but its no importance now. But we could keep using taxis i knew so we decided to try get a lift of someone but trying to get anyone to pull over to give us a lift. It has been dark for a while now and soon i it will be getting light, but we hadn't slept also for a while know and we were extremely tired and hungry. Not too long after, we can see a van coming down the road off in the distance and so we stick our hand down to get their attention and low and behold he flashes his light and slows down for us. He has an open bed truck which appears to already have two people already in as well as the driver. He instructed us hop in, with a fairly good English language, and so we did. He asked us where we are going to which we replied "We don't know" and then he chuckled and said "We're heading to Beautiful Chernarus" and we just said alright and off we go. The other two people in the van were a farther and a daughter, probably only about 15 who looked to be in a rough sate as if they have been living in the wild. Unfortunately we couldn't speak to them as they only spoke Russian, and we did not but we smiled and they offered us some water and food which we gracefully accepted. I wasn't conscious for about an hour on the van until i passed out asleep of exhaustion. I'm not sure how long i were out for but when i finally came about we were driving though a thick forest until we stopped seemingly in the middle of no where and all i hear from him is "TIME TO EAT". 
Finally i get to experience a true Russian forest, thick tall trees, the setting light cutting through the leaves and the moistness in the air all hitting me at once. But before i could take it all in i hear "We need wood" and throws and ex at my feet, now i am living the dream. I knew exactly what i needed to do and everything was new to me. Chop chop chop i went and gathered enough dry wood to keep the fire going for a day which is what we needed. After getting it lit with his lighter, he went back to his van where he pulled out a cooler box which contained some steak in it and it looked delicious. I have been cooking a variety of meats over the years, especially venison and rabbit and so this natural to me. Now i can guess why i am called Steak now as they thoroughly enjoyed it and the that is all the Father and daughter could call me which i stick with as it really reflects my style really. We got away eating and while me and my farther were chatting to ourselves, i could hear our driver talk to the other two about something which i had no clue what he was talking about until he trued to us and and began talking about how there was some trouble at the boarder and that to get back in we will need to take another way in, a slightly rough and dangerous way but he ensures us he has done it before and it will all be fine. 
We keep on eating until it goes dark and everyone starts to make them self a space to sleep but not me as i had not woken up too long ago so i decided to keep the fire going and keep myself and everyone warm. Throughout the right i could hear the odd faint noise but want anything natural sounding but almost like a bang, over and over again. But what really caught my attention was the howling, howling of the wolves which i could hear far off and was frightened that hey would not get any closer for i would not know what to do and i did not have a rifle. Before morning arose, our driver woke everyone up and told us that it was time to leave. We put out the fire and collected everything back up to get into the van and so we did and left. We had been travelling for a few hours now, my father was trying to communicate with the father and daughter more and more, with the help of the driver and it was a happy time as everyone just seemed to be having a good time and we were starting to learn some words from each other like '??????, ??? ??' which is 'hello, how are you'. This went on for a couple of hours more to which i had not been noticing the surrounding as we were not on a proper road any more but just a dirt track. This must have been the other route he was talking about so it wasn't too much of a worry to me and we just kept on driving down, forest still surrounding us.
We were driving, the driver(never caught his name) has a CD in playing some tradition Russian music i assume the all of a sudden i feel a Violent jolt as the vans front end fly of the ground and i hear a massive explosion go off around me before everything goes black and unconscious.

I had no idea how long i had been unconscious for as it was getting dark again but i could really see much when i looked around myself, thankfully it wasn't that i had gone blind just seems to be i was trapped in something. I was looking around frantically but couldn't see anyone either, fearing what may have happened to these people. I decide to try and get out of what ever i am in to which i realise that it is the bed of the van that we were it, it must have flipped over and landed on top of me trapping me almost but there was an opening to the side which i was just able to squeeze out of for then in front of me i can see an arm, outstretched in front of me and then to the right, the body of the father who was with the daughter but i couldn't see here. I was horrified wit the sight in front of me and so i shot up and went to get away around the vehicle away from him from where i then saw what had happened. The whole front cabin had been ripped open from what must have been a landmine. I could see no one in the cabin only lots of blood which must have been our driver. All of a sudden i just thought "FATHER" in my head so i went dashing round the vehicle to look for him bit no where is he to be found until in the corner of my eye i see a sleeve from my fathers coat laying of the ground, with an arm still in it. I gasped and wept but still i could see no body, maybe he must have ran mussing an arm but i wasn't too shore. I didn't want to stay here any longer and so i ran through the darkness until i came up upon a small village by the name of Metabolite, thankfully there was an English translation but i had no idea where i was with my only guess being Chernarus but this was they place that we have always wanted to go to me and my father but now he is missing and i must look for him.
This is how i ended up here in Chernarus or what ever this place is called and i have no idea what is going on around here but i have seen several people who look rather odd and i am too afraid to approach them as some are covered in blood. But all i must do now is to look for my farther. But if i do ever come across another person on my travels i wish to help them as that driver did to us, god rest his soul, maybe teach them the skills i know to survive and soon forget all about the past.
I will not let my father be taken away from me so easily like it happened to my mother and so i must not dissipation them or even myself, i am to try my hardest and never give up!


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