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Artur Grau
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1988-08-09 (31 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    German, English
  5. Family
    Bernd Grau (father) Anita Grau (mother) Gustav Grau (brother)


  1. Height
    191 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    dark hair
  5. Eyes
    brown eyes


Family Grau was never anything Special. Anita and Bernd Grau were simple in their Jobs. Anita worked as a farmacy and Bernd was working in a lumber mill. Bpth earned their Money fair and had all they Need for their lifes.
1988 in August Anita gave birth to her son Artur Grau. Her first son and she loved him in every Minute of her Lifetime. He grew up pretty normal, went to School like every other Boy in his age. His teachers described him as an intelligent little Boy. But he started using his brain for rather bad things. He bullied other Kids in brutal ways, had a lot of fights and was magically attracting every Kind of Problems.

The reason for his social Problem could have been his strict father who Always wanted to shape Artur into his perfect mindset of a son. He teached him to be taff and Always to fight back. But in combination with the wrong friends he went Deep into a Scene of criminals. In his youth he dealt with drugs, was accused of mayhem and nearly killed a guy from another drug band. His mother got depressions because of Arturs way of life. She went alcoholic and later killed herself by hanging from a tree. Bernd wasn't really affected. He found a new wife and was happy with her. But his new love never accepted Artur. So Artur more and more began to split up and went on his own way.

2008 he became the boss of a criminal Group in Poland. Stealing cars and robbing People was now his daily Business. 2010 he once robbed a bank in Warschau. He never got caught but needed to hide since he got searched by the whole Country.
In the next years Artur and his band went nomadic. They travelled more to the east Looking for a place where they can make easy Money. He loved the taste of power he had. He was an asshole to everyone but he knew how to Keep the Moral high, how to be successful and how to Control other People. Arturs life was really chaotic, Always lived on the Edge of his existance. But somehow he always found a way to get forward.

But one thing was shaping him a lot - his time in Russia close to the border of chernarus. It was a dangerous place. A civil war was raging on and his Group tried to use this Situation to their Advantage. It was hard to Keep the law going which made it easier for them to Keep the Business going. They robbed families in their houses to get what they needed and helped the chernarussian rebels with informations. Against a good payment of course.
In this part of life he learned to use guns. But even if a good big rifle was powerful he never liked to use them. He Always prefered small guns which you can hide in clothings. And so he met his best friend that should have helped him in every difficult Situation: Reaper - a 9mm CR75 semi automatic. God he loved this pistol.. and it should have become an important thing. Because suddenly there was something wrong..
shots were fired everywhere. But not between the russian army and the chernarussians.. People got killed in the Streets. A lot of People. The fights became bigger and bigger every day and Artur's Group soon would realize that those People who get killed are infected by a deadly Virus.. making them aggressive and bloodthirsty creatures. At this Point their Business was over.. for now. They had to find a safe place to hide and protect themselves. So they went south over the chernarussian borders. Most of Arturs friends died and only a few were still alive. But they learned how to survive in this hell and soon would start a new chapter in their history.


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