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Phoenyxx Caine
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1991-01-13 (29 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Toronto, Ontario
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Affiliation
    The Wolf Pack
  7. Role






Phoenyxx was born and raised in a small town south of Toronto, Ontario. She was raised on a farm where her mother and father worked their hardest to raise her family. When Phoenyxx turned 2, her brother Zayne was born. He became the light of their families life, everything daily revolved around her brother. When Phoenyxx turned 10, her father left them. He left to live out his secret life with a whole other family. That day Phoenyxx learned what hatred and resentment was. She hated everything about her father from that day on. A man she once looked up to betrayed her, her mother and her brother.

Not wanting her family to crumble, she took up any chores and jobs around the farm that she could. She wanted to make sure her mother and brother had everything needed and that their family dynamic would not change due to the betrayal of her father.

At the age of 13, her mother had committed suicide. The stress of the farm plus the feeling of not being good enough got to her. Zayne had found her hanging in the barn when he got home from school. This left Phoenyxx and her brother in the care of their grandmother. Their grandmother wanted nothing to do with them. They barely had a relationship with her and now they were being forced to live with her. Phoenyxx was forced to take care of Zayne. Cook, clean and do anything she needed to in order to keep her brother happy and healthy.

Eventually, things took a turn for Phoenyxx. She began to act out in school. It first started with small rebellious attitudes and behaviours which eventually turned into fights. Detentions and getting suspended were common occurrences for Phoenyxx.

In her final year of highschool, Phoenyxx got in trouble with the law. She had been breaking into her school and was caught by a female officer. Sitting in the back of the cruiser, handcuffed Phoenyxx broke down crying. Realizing her mistakes she felt instant regret. After hearing her story the female officer decided against charing her. Instead, the officer said that Phoenyxx needed to promise her something and needed to do a few things in order to prove that she wanted to change. She would need to start to focus on school, join up on the highschool hockey team, volunteer and prove that she was done with the rebellious stages of her life. She needed to grow up and be an adult, not just for herself but for her brother who looked up to her as his role model and was also starting to fall down the same path as her. 

So Phoenyxx did just that. She cleaned up her act and graduated highschool. Right out of highschool she decided to enlist with the Canadian Armed Forces. The female officer was proud of her and Zayne was even prouder of his big sister. 



The Armed Forces wasn't exactly what Phoenyxx thought it would be. She ended up truly enjoying herself and excelling within the environment. A few weeks into her first tour, she got a letter stating that her brother had passed away from a suspected overdose. He had been using pills to suppress his mental illness that he developed over his teenage years. He had become addicted when Phoenyxx had left for the military and it only got worse once she was deployed on her first tour. There were no warning signs and Phoenyxx felt like she had failed him as a big sister. 

Nonetheless, she continued to do her military work, progressing through the ranks and eventually joining up in a Joint Task Force unit. She had served one tour with them, her second tour was her deployment to Greece. This was after the news of the outbreak and NATO had called upon the Canadian Armed Forces to assist in any way that they could. Upon arriving in Greece, it was too late. The outbreak had become uncontrollable. It didn’t take long before the hope of ever returning home was lost.

Chaos was everywhere. Trying to battle against the infected caused a loss in her squad numbers. Eventually, the battle against the dead resulted in Phoenyxx getting separated from her unit. Fearing that they were dead or even worse, turned infected, she had to move forward. She traveled alone for a while before she came across a man by the name of Leon. He had been vacationing in Greece when the outbreak has occurred. The two traveled along the Black Sea until they reached Chernarus. 



Once they arrived, they came across two individuals by the name of Henry Hanharr and Chris Jackson. Share the same passion to just survive and help those in need, they suddenly became a group of four. Phoenyxx was determined to protect her new ‘unit’ while also still searching for those that she had lost. She helped anyone along the way that she could. Unfortunately, after a run-in with a group known as The Green Dragons, Leon had gone missing. She had never heard from him again and had to presume that he was killed.

After months of remaining a trio and just laying low, they eventually found more individuals that believed in helping others and surviving. Finding like-minded individuals lead to the start of the group known as Wolfpack. The group began its formation, looking for survivors to help along their travels. 


The formation of the wolfpack was founded on friendship and survival. During their times before they called themselves The Wolfpack, Phoenyxx and those whom she traveled with had multiple run ins with a group known as the House. This drove their motives forward.




" We see a world with no walls • We see a future with new life • We see the system is broken in two"

The place where it all began. Everyday, the same routine. Travel the triangle, go to Camp Eden. For about a month this is how it went. Until the fall of Camp Eden. Camp Eden was the place where Phoenyxx met Lawrence, someone who would become family to her. It was the place where she met a lot of friends who would eventually become strangers or even enemies. Here she first met Kane, Chance, Emma, Katie, Grachi, Roy, Hutch, Grace, Connor, Ashton, Constance, Lukas, Ronnie, Robbie, Penny, Hung-Lo, Cho, Bobby, Callum, April and several others.

Here is also the beginning of a relationship. Phoenyxx had met Lukas, at the time a Funeral Parlor member. She was weary of him at first but eventually what she thought was love took away any cautiousness she felt. Their relationship really kicked off when Phoenyxx made a verbal threat to Ryker, the leader of Mac Tire.




" All my wolves begin to howl. Wake me up the time is now. Can you hear the drumming? There's a revolution coming "

What a terrible spot. To the north of Novaya Petrovka there are two long brown barns. Here was where Wolfpack meant to make their first home. With The House terrorizing survivors, a man by the name of Dean Lockwood had approached The Wolfpack. Phoenyxx was intimidated by the man during their first meeting but soon came to realize that maybe he could help her. Observing him as a leader she adjusted her own attitude and even agreed to fight alongside the Mafia




"So come on and put your hands up. We're going to bring the House down"

War. Something that she never wanted to re involve herself in. However, The Time had arisen from the shadows and Benedict Falk was the new enemy. Phoenyxx wanted nothing more than to kill the man with her bare hands, everything about him pissed her off. He had hurt Emma, someone Phoenyxx had grown close to. He had made it clear that he was willing to hurt anyone else that she cared for as well. Even after a failed attempt and putting her foot down against the man, she still wanted to kill him. For months anytime someone mentioned his name, she would grow angry. 

Within a short week of staying at the farmhouse, the war had sparked up. Fighting alongside allies such as the Mafia, remnants of Mac Tire, The Watch, The CTF, and Jaysh Allah, the Wolfpack and Phoenyxx fought against The Time. With Chip, the leader of CTF, being the primary target for Falk and the Time at the moment, Phoenyxx was willing to risk her life to protect him. 

This was also when Phoenyxx encountered The Corporation for the first time. They had allied with the Time and it wasn’t long before Phoenyxx learned of who they were. It was then that her enemies grew larger. Corporation would be her next target once Falk was taken out.

Eventually with numbers dwindling and people threatening to leave the close knitted group, Phoenyxx had to make the call. It was time to move. The Watch, a group they fought alongside, seemed like good people and they resided at Devil’s Castle just south of Severograd. Taking the opportunity to move into the empty summer camp nearby, Phoenyxx told Dean she was pulling out of the war and going to live a life of neutrality. 




"We are heroes, heroes in the darkest times"

Things were looking good. Within a few days the camp was built up. They had The Watch as neighbours and a group known as ‘The Family’ up to the north of Severograd ran by a man known as Montgomery. It came as a surprise to see her long time friends Cho and Hung-lo reside with ‘The Family’. 

Within a few days, The Time had arrived. A man by the name of Pavel had called upon Phoenyxx and the Leader of The Watch, Ryan, to make a decision. If they stayed out of the war with Dean Lockwood and The Time, they would not be harmed. Thinking this was the best option, they took the offer. 

The Time suddenly also became their neighbours. Moving into the school in Severograd, Phoenyxx worried for what was to come. 

Severograd was a time of change. Henry Hanharr a founding member of Wolfpack was killed. He died trying to protect Phoenyxx. With that Jackson and Phoenyxx took up the Helm of Wolfpack and worked hard to keep the pack from falling apart. 

Although they lost some, they gained some members that would take a special place in Phoenyxx's family. Hutch and Roy both joined Wolfpack. Bobby had also joined the ranks of the Wolfpack. Things were looking up. That was until Jaysh Allah began to change their motives to target survivors as well. At first Phoenyxx was all for complying to their needs. They remained neutral, however with becoming Neutral with them, it sparked tension between ‘The Family’ and Phoenyxx. 

It wasn’t long before more threats arose. Cannibals attacked several times and while at their weakest, ‘The Family’ and The Time turned against Wolfpack. Demanding that Phoenyxx disown Lawrence and Bobby under false accusations, Phoenyxx laughed in their faces. She would not throw out Lawrence nor Bobby. Loyalty and Family was something that meant a lot to Phoenyxx and she wasn’t about to abandon them, especially for Benedict Falk.

Thus, they were no longer safe. Alerting the Watch of what happened, within 10 hours the Wolfpack had fled to Cherno to live close to The CTF and Mafia once more.




"You tried to tell us, it was all going to end"

Arriving in Cherno the Wolfpack once again settled down. With the threat of The Time dwindling as the war between them and Jaysh Allah sparked, they were able to get a break. However during the time in Cherno, Phoenyxx’s loyalties and leadership were tested. The pack had turned against Luka, warning Phoenyxx she was making a mistake by allowing him to remain in her life and in their lives. They pleaded and begged Phoenyxx to get rid of them and in a forceful attempt the Pack out voted her and sent him packing. 

Charlie, someone whom had grown close to Phoenyxx, tried to tell her so many times to just ‘man up as a leader’. ‘Stop letting people walk all over you.” She tried but she couldn’t do what he was asking. In a final attempt to get her to listen, Charlie disguised himself and kidnapped her. He took her hostage and tried to drill it into her head that she needed to ‘man up’. She only knew it was him once he left. The next day, he was executed by Dean and had left her a note.  

Luka was allowed to return to the pack but that didn't come without losses to their numbers. Phoenyxx felt like she was failing as a leader.

It wasn’t long that The Time showed back up. They began their daily attacks and Phoenyxx and her pack were forced to flee in the middle of the night mid gunfight. They ran and began their trek up north. CTF had already began to move the day before, also on the run from The Time.




"Deep in the forest under the fog, armies surround us waiting for dark. Wearing their iron masks like shield, I know they’re coming I know they’re here "


Landing in the North, they made their home in Chernaya Polana. They lived in a few houses next to a fire station, in which The Watch moved into the fire station. 

Life was good for a bit. The Time had become almost ghosts, remnants wandering around along. It seemed they had fallen.. But Phoenyxx knew that they would be back someday. 

Pamyati, a new Russian group, had emerged. They made contact with Phoenyxx and they made a deal. It was simple. Don’t get in their business, they’ll stay out of The Wolfpacks business. Things were looking up. Until Jaysh Allah started to become more aggressive with their motives. Executions and attacks were occurring and thus Jaysh Allah became an enemy. The Mafia came to the aid of The Watch when Pamyati attacked them and once again their homes were not safe. 




"I'll be the last man standing here"

Would this be their haven? After moving to the Summer Camp with the Watch they hoped that maybe the could avoid it all. That however was not something that would happen. Within three days Pamyati had begun to hang around. They didn’t want Wolfpack but instead they wanted The Watch. Phoenyxx however wasn’t about to just not protect the people who had stuck with them through thick or thin. Problems with Lukas occurred again and this time ended with Jackson leaving the Pack. Phoenyxx was left as the sole leader of Wolfpack. Phoenyxx however was at a loss, she now had lost both HanHarr and Jackson.

Jaysh Allah also arrived for Wolfpack, to settle difference. Phoenyxx tried to comply however they found every little excuse, a fight was about to break out when suddenly CDF arrived and attacked those attacking Wolfpack

They were safe for another day. However Wolfpack was set up, by what Phoenyxx believes was either an inside man or Pamyati. The next day Jaysh Allah rolled up and claimed their to be haram within their camp. It sparked tension and Jaysh Allah left. Less than 12 hours later, they came back for inspection and Phoenyxx had already found pork planted within her unlocked tents. Refusing to let Jaysh Allah enter the camp again, she stood her ground and promptly told them toFuck Off’.

She knew this was not good and after being told ‘I’ll be back with more friends’ she called Ryker, someone who she had recently rekindled relations with. While radioing him that Jaysh Allah was going to likely attack, she gathered Wolfpack to flee for the night. However, upon reaching the train tracks outside the Summer Camp, Jaysh Allah was already there. 

With no numbers to fight, the Wolfpack was forced to comply. Thus Phoenyxx was forced to her knees alongside her pack and forced to pick someone to die. Grace and Connor both offered themselves up but Phoenyxx couldn’t let Grace die, she was with child, as was Phoenyxx. Connor pleaded with Phoenyxx to just let him go, he had been around since the beginning but he was going insane from several things occuring in a short span of time. Struggling with a decision, she made eye contact with him and knew that he was ready. Making the heart breaking decision she chose Connor. He was executed in front of the Wolfpack and Phoenyxx felt a sense of failure as a leader. 

Thinking the torture was done and Jaysh Allah made their message clear, they took her and Lawrence away from the rest of Wolfpack. The rest of the Wolfpack was sent away, injured and hurt. They would attempt to retreat to The Toymakers base to seek shelter from Sunny, Lukas’ brother. 

Phoenyxx was forced to Radio Dean Lockwood. As one of his men had arrived and attempted to rescue Wolfpack alone. Dean Lockwood got onto the radio and told Jaysh Allah that he did not care for Wolfpack and didn’t care what would happen to them. As those words came out, Phoenyxx looked towards Lawrence knowing that their fate was sealed, however.. Men sprung from the bushes behind and Jaysh Allah came under attack by Rykers crew, The Mafia and CDF.

A new fire was sparked within Phoenyxx and her and Lawrence were taken to safety… however the next 8 hours became as fight to live. After fleeing and hopefully the enemies too injured to battle, they started to move towards Berezino, where the CDF was located. Upon arriving at Vybor Military, Jaysh Allah had moved towards them. In an attempt to run her and Dean Lockwood over, Phoenyxx was shot and injured. 

Vali, another one of Lukas family members, had arrived. Phoenyxx didn’t know if he could trust him however having no choice she did. He took her and Lukas as far as they could go, which resulted just at Kabanino Barn. They took shelter but unfortunately things weren’t in their favour. 

Pamyati and Jaysh Allah had descended on the group inside the Barn and they were forced to run. Shot several times, Lukas, and Bobby went down. Phoenyxx was told to keep running by Vali, meeting up with Luke someone working with Ryker.

Moving outside Novy Sobor, CDF had re-engaged in the fight. Dean and Ryker told Phoenyxx to keep running with Luke and Lawrence. They continued to run as far as they could, running through forests and turning directions as must as they could. 

They had safely lost contact with the enemies and promptly continued their way to Berezino. Upon arriving, Phoenyxx was left to be treated for her wounds when she was knocked unconscious from the enemy.




"We carry on through the storm, tired soldiers in this war. Remember what we're fighting for.. meet on the battlefield"

Joining forces with CDF sparked new hope for the Wolfpack. Everyone was able to recover before Pamyati and Jaysh Allah attacked. They were able to fend them off but the battles between the two sides occurred daily.

Eventually Phoenyxx learned that the only reason the groups were attacking CDF and the innocent civilians around Berezino was because they wanted Wolfpack and The Watch. Pamyati approached Phoenyxx and started to talk deals when Jaysh Allah attacked. Phoenyxx and Lukas were forcefully converted to their religion. 

After the event, Phoenyxx spoke with The Watch and they agreed they needed to leave Berezino to protect the CDF and the citizens there. Their battles were not worth risking their lives.





"Birds fly in every direction. I hope to see you again"


Far northeast, The Watch and The Wolfpack settled down in a small three cabin summer camp. They were exhausted and tired. Things weren’t looking up for them and they were at a loss. What were they going to do now?

During the early morning, Phoenyxx was approached by an enemy. They told her if she continued, The Watch would be slaughtered in front of her. She was left to ponder this. During the day, Ryan had pulled her aside and they talked. When he spoke of how since the Wolfpack was around things were just bad, it opened Phoenyxx’s eyes. Maybe the Wolfpack was the issue? He said he didn’t know if he could continue to put his friends and family at risk. Although he didn’t mean any ill will in saying this to Phoenyxx she knew that with the meeting she had earlier she only had one choice. Ryan and Phoenyxx parted ways from their conversation and she went out alone to ponder her thoughts. 

It was strange. The feeling inside her chest of having to let go of the friends that have stood by her through everything. There wasn’t much she could do but instead looking down over the three cabin camp, she picked up her radio and informed Wolfpack they would be leaving promptly. Their destination was Lopatino Barn, a temporary home for now. Upon leaving, Hawk asked where the Wolfpack was going and all Phoenyxx could say was “Away”. Upon being asked if they would return, she said “No” and turned her back. It was for the better this way right? To let them go, let them be safe once more. She couldn’t see them die… she couldn’t have more blood on her hands.

The range of emotion throughout both groups was high and unfortunately Phoenyxx was the enemy in this situation. No one understood why she was doing what she was doing but she didn’t want to tell them of the threat that was made to her and the words Ryan had spoke. Travelling to the West, the Wolfpack was alone for the first time in months. 

Upon arriving at Lopatino, Ryan and The Watch arrived a few hours later. They were there to say their final goodbyes. They would be headed further West out of South Zagoria. It was an end of an Alliance. An End of Friendships. Wishing them safe travels, the Wolfpack kept their distances but made sure The Watch left safely. Upon heading back from the border, Phoenyxx found herself walking into the ruins of the Camp that started it all... Camp Eden.




"Broken we ain't beaten. There's no glory in defeat."


The Lone Apple Tree, with a yellow armband tied against its branches, small wooden plaques with names carved into them at the base of the tree. The Wolfpack had made it a memorial tree, for those they had lost along the way. Phoenyxx sat there for hours that day The Watch left. Crying and feeling of hopelessness washing over her. Hutch had approached her and the two spoke of the things they endured. Lawrence joined them as well. It was one hell of a journey so far together. 

Maybe they needed to start here. Start over. Start Fresh. They agreed and decided to rebuild Camp Eden. Of course they soon realized that was the biggest mistake they could make. Pamyati and Jaysh Allah had found them a few days later and terror rained upon them once more. In an attempt to smooth things out, Phoenyxx tried to be nice to them… however things started to heat up. A few members of Jaysh Allah and Pamyati had taken Luka aside and questioned him of his past. Someone knew the dark secrets he had, someone from his past. In a moment of panic, Phoenyxx left and called Ryker, Constance and Dean Lockwood. The Mafia had been close to Ryker and Constance for a while now, them under the name of the Capital Vices

Phoenyxx pleaded that things were not going to go well. She returned to the camp, hoping that rescue would come. Eventually The Mafia, Black Roses and the Capital Vices had arrived. Making it seem like they were taking everyone hostage, Phoenyxx promptly was able to get her people inside a house to ‘play hostage’. However, amongst them was a rat, informing remaining members of Pamyati and Jaysh Allah that Phoenyxx had indeed called Dean for help. 

Another chase ensued and when things seemed to be in the clear, Phoenyxx returned to Camp Eden. It was there that Jaysh Allah and Pamyati were already waiting. A 2 hour torture and interrogation occurred. Members of her pack and even innocent civilians becoming injured and harmed. She felt defeated. Everything in her wanted to just give up… but that wasn’t who she was.




"There's a moment in your bones when, when the fire takes over"


Collaition #1001. That's what it felt like. Mafia, Capital Vices, Black Roses and Wolfpack. Round #100. They had all gone back to Novaya Petrovka to stand their ground against Jaysh Allah and Pamyati. Unfortunately it only took a few attacks for The Black Roses to flee and eventually so did the Capital Vices along with The Mafia. Wolfpack was once again left alone. A new threat arrived when things seemed to dissipate between Jaysh Allah and Pamyati. A group of irish men and their allies had begun to attack Wolfpack. Benedict Falk was also present. Phoenyxx had spotted him and instantly had the opportunity to attack him but she chose not too. 

On the run once more, Phoenyxx and some wolfpack members were caught off guard and taken hostage by this new threat. They were given a choice, a choice to take a deal and survive. Phoenyxx took it.. But it wasn’t without a loss. Both Constance and Elliot were gone when Phoenyxx was released. She could only assume they were taken to be killed. 

Returning to Novaya a few days later, the Irish had moved into the pub nearby. It appeared that everything was fine as long as Phoenyxx remained respectful and abide to their demands. Phoenyxx told them that they would be moving out and leaving Novaya as the city was just a curse for her group. They understood and Phoenyxx promised to keep in touch with them to keep the deal going.




"Ain't felt this good in a while. They want us to simmer down"


Next stop, Polana. This is when things really started to change. Arriving here Phoenyxx felt like this was a do over. They had new members, new experience. There had been no mention or movement from their enemies. This was a place to start over. Within a few days of settling into Polana, Phoenyxx was approached by a man named Artyom Wongov. He was from a group called Legion Corporation and they were for hire. Maybe that's what they needed? Security? Protection? Phoenyxx agreed and took up the deal. This deal, was a blessing in disguise in many ways.

Although it was business, Wolfpack grew close to Legion in more ways than one. As time went on, Legion taught Wolfpack to grow a backbone and fight back. Not cower and comply every time someone wanted to step all over them. Phoenyxx grew as a leader. 

Much of her time was spent learning and observing the Legion members, as well as conversing with Wongov. He was a unique individual and Phoenyxx had taken a liking to him. 

With the hiring of Legion, soon came new enemies. The Black Roses decided to proclaim war against Wolfpack in which Phoenyxx could only laugh. They had abandoned Wolfpack back in Novaya and she had not forgiven them for that. Bobby Kalo was Phoenyxx’s new target. Alongside the Black Roses, Corporation sprung from the grave once more, and became a bigger issue for Phoenyxx than she ever anticipated. Fighting with them, several other smaller groups that had no idea what they were getting into. 

Fighting back was easy this time around, with a new security blanket. Wolfpack wasn’t afraid anymore and it changed their attitude drastically. 

Phoenyxx also came face to face with Benedict Falk. He was a lone, wounded and dying. Every part of her should have killed him. Taken the long awaited opportunity to kill the man that cause her so much pain and stress.. However she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It wasn’t her. Instead, she found someone to help him. She let him heal and eventually, he joined into Wolfpack. It was an interesting turn of events but in a way Phoenyxx had always respected him as a leader. He was someone who knew how to get shit done. Therefore he became her mentor. 

With this brought a sort of darkness inside Phoenyxx out. She was no longer willing to just let people step all over her and she was more than willing to deceive anyone around her. Including Hutch, her second-in-command. His wife, Grace, was nothing but a burden and even though she cared for Hutch she still went against him and sided with someone by the name of Vlad. She would do anything to get rid of Grace, but it was only because she believed it was in Hutch’s best interest to get rid of his wife.. Since she caused so many issues. 

Power hungry, Phoenyxx also attempted to make smaller groups submit to wolfpack. The Runners, Custodia, Merciless. All of them she wanted to bow to Wolfpack. She no longer wanted to be on the bottom, but rather the top of the food chain for once. And just that she felt herself rising too. She attacked whom she wanted and took what she wanted.. But it was only because of Legion. She even had a hand in the death of Chip… someone she once swore to protect.

In the last few days in Polana, before a big move to Cherno was to occur. Phoenyxx had arranged to meet Jackson. Missing her old friend and having recently rescued him from Prison Island, she was sure what he had to say was important. Maybe he would come back to the pack? Instead, she had a knife forced into her stomach, injuring her and killing the children within her. She struggled but was able to kill Jackson, something she didn’t want to do but felt she had no choice. Lukas was nowhere to be found but instead Fae, Robbie and Artyom had come to her aid. Resentment in her began to grow against Lukas.

Everything about her changed that day.. everything shifted focus.




"With my heart upon my sleeve, My head down low, I still feel broken"


Cherno was a new start. Here a relationship between Legion and Wolfpack only strengthened. Phoenyxx had grown quite close to Wongov and it was only a matter of time before they shared many times away from the camp together. There was something about him, something special, something different. He was her saving grace. Even if he didn’t realize it, he showed her everything that love should have been, something that Lukas never did. He also encouraged her to be a better leader and only ever had the best interests of herself and the pack at heart… something Luka never did. He only ever jeopardized the packs life.

Growing distant from Lukas and confiding in Wongov, Phoenyxx also had to deal with the war between the 5.0.3, Runners and District. She wasn’t worried however, her confidence in handling herself once more mimicked that of her military days.

On top of that Vlad and his crew became an enemy as well, but Phoenyxx struggled to learn to hate him. She idolized him for a bit as a leader but soon grew to hate the man. 

Things were looking up though, Wolfpack was as confident as ever. That was until Wongov broke the news that Legion would be leaving South Zagoria. Phoenyxx was torn. Wongov told her to go with him, but she couldn’t leave behind everything.. Everyone. She also didn’t want to lose him. The days before Legion left were quiet. Wolfpack knew what this meant. The minute their security blanket was lifted, they’d become prey once more. Phoenyxx was ready but her heart was too torn for her to focus on preparing. 

Then came the day to say goodbye to friends and even family that they had created over the last few months. It sucked but Phoenyxx understood they had other things to accomplish. That day she promised Wongov she would wait for him and she promised with everything that she would. That day she also cut ties with Luka. She knew were her heart belonged.




"I can remember being nothing but fearless and young. We've become echoes, but echoes, they fade away"

South Zagoria was no longer safe for the Wolfpack. Within hours of Legion leaving the Wolfpack was relentlessly attacked. Things weren’t good and Phoenyxx in an attempt to save her pack left West to find old friends. Unfortunately, she had no success within two weeks she returned and just told the Pack they needed to move to Deerisle, to the South East of South Zagoria.

So they did just that. They moved to Deerisle and lived in an underground school. It was perfect. Until Hutch needed to go back to South Zagoria to rescue Ellie and Nikolai. Phoenyxx had always fought against the idea of getting involved with Vlad and Ellies issues.. However.. Hutch said it was do or die now. So not wanting him to go alone, they left to kidnap the two. 

Successful, they got them to the isle. But Phoenyxx knew Vlad would soon arrive. And he did, within hours. Someone had already radio’d him and he was there when they awoke after much needed rest. Ellie and Nikolai had already fled, Hutch having gotten them out before Vlad’s arrival. Phoenyxx and Hutch were taken captive and tortured. Phoenyxx was force fed pure comfort, twice. First time they left just in time for her to make herself throw up, second time Arri, an ex-legion soldier, was able to swap out the drug and still make her seem to be affected by it. It was in that moment though that Phoenyxx made the decision to play dead. It was safer for her, the wolfpack.. For everyone.  And that she did.





"You try to hold me down so I became a soldier"

She traveled on her own for a while. It was a nice change of pace but she still missed her family. She heard wind that Hutch had been severely injured and was missing. Returning to she found Lawrence and they set out to find Hutch. Eventually they found him and they all fled South Zagoria together. The three of them had been through a lot. Taking months to rest and regain strength, they planned their return. A radio message went out to the other wolfpack members, saying to meet up.

They needed to be together once again.




"Do you wanna put up a fight? Or do you wanna get out alive?"


Things were looking up. The pack was back together and the only threat was Corporation. Phoenyxx shifted her focus to them. It was time they took them out. Jackals also came out of the dark, Phoenyxx had met them long ago. At first things were good but then a war with them sparked for a week before it was settled. 

The Russos arrived in town again and Phoenyxx also wasn’t on good terms with them. Was war going to be the only life the pack lived? 




"I was born bold I was born free"


Making a new home outside of Sinistok, things were good.. But with this came problems once more. Lukas returned and he was back with a vengeance. He never tried anything but made false threats over the radio. Phoenyxx came face to face with him for the first time and it was rather… awkward. A new group known as Nox also wanted to continuously fight. Wolfpack was constantly fighting however, things slowed back down.

That was until their own betrayed. Wolfpack members that Phoenyxx trusted betrayed them for the Russos. It angered and hurt Phoenyxx and she wanted them dead, however with the loss of so many members and manpower, she needed her people to remain low. So they sought out another place to live.




"Just when you think i've given up, I start to fight. When you think I've had enough, I start to bite"

It took a few weeks, but Phoenyxx and the Wolfpack moved into their new home. They had fixed it up and were ready to just get back to helping people. Of course, the Russos made sure that it was nearly impossible to get done. Raiding them and attacking them, Phoenyxx was fed up. They planned attack against the Russos but things went wrong. In the middle of the night the Wolfpack was attacked, but unknown enemies. They had taken anyone in the camp hostage and left with them. Leaving no sign of struggle. To everyone else it appeared that Wolfpack had just up and left...




"Surrounded by ghosts, living in our fear"

Chained in god knows were, Phoenyxx knew this was the end.. Or at least she thought. Wolfpack would be no more if she made it out of this mess. It was just a curse. She needed to move past it and just protect the others as family.. Maybe later they could focus on calling them something new. 

These people that captured her, barely spoke or interacted with her. It was strange. They took blood every once and a while but nothing more was said. One day she was thrown into the trunk of a car. It was a long ride. She lost count of minutes and hours. They stopped regularly to give her food and water but that was it. Realizing that she might be able to get free, she was able to get her hands free. She started to kick out the trunk which caused her captors to stop. They had stopped but something went wrong. It sounded like infected? Phoenyxx was able to kick through the trunk lock and when she left, two infected turned their attention on her from devouring her two captors. She quickly moved onto the car roof and eventually was able to slide into the car and drive off. Where was she? 


. . .




Taken - MIA


Lawrence Pierce

Her brother. Since the day she met him, he had become something important to her. Reminding her of home and her own younger brother, Phoenyxx vowed to protect him at all costs. He's her weakness.

Roy 'Hutch' Hutchinson 

The 'one true alpha'. Well besides her. He became like an older brother to her, family. Although a dick to most people, Phoenyxx understands his dark humor. Without him, she wouldn't have been as successful as Wolfpack leader. He was her second and will always be her second. No matter what, she will protect him and stand with him. Even if he's an 'old man' hes pretty cool. 


No one


Noah Russo

Should he be trusted? Phoenyxx doesn't see him as an enemy nor someone she should distrust. Hes young. Reminds her of herself when she was younger. Maybe that's why she never actively attempted to kill him. Maybe that's why she's spared his life. She sees potential in him, but her pride is too big to ever admit it.


Jaysh Allah

Potius Cras


Lukas Stika


Henry Hanharr

Chris Jackson

Roy Copper



Bruised wrists


S: Scar given by the Jackals - Marked as Strong

Cut Over Right Eye: A scar from a cut endured from a beating for protecting her friend

Neck: A bite mark scar from a lover, the love mark of a cannibal

Spine: A scar running from the back of her neck down to her waistline from a cut from strangers who didn't get what they wanted

Left Forearm: A cut from her wrist to her elbow from her military days

Left Forearm: Coward carved into it

Stomach: Scar from a stab wound

Left Lower Leg: Wolf bite

Right Forearm: 'X' Brand Mark Over Her Wolf Tattoo

Left Pinky: Missing

Right Cheek: Burn mark from barrel of a gun


Wolf  - Right Forearm

Z - Left Wrist

Phoenix - Left Thigh


Necklace - Gift from her brother

Promise Ring - Given by Artyom Wongov


Wongov's Hat




Fruit | Loyalty | Drawing | Writing


Disloyalty | Harm to those she cares for | Goats












Ay fam whats the girls name in your pictures

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11 hours ago, GreyRP said:

Ay fam whats the girls name in your pictures

https://www.instagram.com/lindsey_lamson/?hl=en theres her instagram for your enjoyment 😉

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On 6/6/2019 at 3:07 PM, Phoenyxx said:

https://www.instagram.com/lindsey_lamson/?hl=en theres her instagram for your enjoyment 😉

I'm also very thankful for this

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Really cool page!

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Love the aesthetics of her page! Makes me want to add graphics to mine but I suck with that stuff 

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On 6/20/2019 at 5:40 PM, Saunders said:

Love the aesthetics of her page! Makes me want to add graphics to mine but I suck with that stuff 

thank! If you ever need someone to help let me know! 


On 6/19/2019 at 10:10 AM, Watchman said:

Really cool page!


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Woooow... I like reading the story from Camp Eden to Cherno Pt 2... (after that I get lost). It brings me good memories! XD! It is great that you took the time to document this period in the history of Chernarus! XD!

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