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Trent Jaegar
Character information
  1. Mental
    Stable; Surviving
  2. Morale
    Charismatic; Friendly
  3. Date of birth
    1969-04-18 (50 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Charming, Kentucky, U.S.A.
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
    Maurice Moore (Girlfriend) 1982-2017; Confirmed Dead
  9. Family
    Jack Jaegar (Son) 2010-2017; Confirmed Dead --- James Jaegar (Son) 2010-2017; Presumed Dead


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    105 kg
  3. Build
    Able-bodied; Larger upper-body build; Muscular
  4. Hair
    Brown; Shaggy hair, Lengthy beard; "Walrus" mustache
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    ●Birthmark shaped like a crescent behind lower-left side of back.
    ●Mild scarring on right hand and upper arm.
    ●Shaggy hair, Lengthy beard, "Walrus" mustache.
    ●Widows Peak.
    ●Attached rounded ear-lobes.
    ●Roman nose, fingers & toes.
    ●Kentucky/Southern accent (voice)

    =VDV Officer Assassination & Soldier's Response Firefight - Autumn 2017=
    ●Two Gunshot Scars to the Shoulder
    ●One Gunshot Scar to the Thigh
    ●One Gunshot Scar hitting his mid-to-lower abdomen.

    =Black Fangs (group) Raiding & Burning Of Trent's Lopatino Farm - Autumn 2017=
    ●Gunshot graze to the left temple from bullet
    ●Small scar from back of head from being knocked out post-firefight.

    =Torture At The Log Cabin by The Killers (group) - Spring 2018=
    ●Majority of the left-side of face is burned, it healed, but the visual appearance is still obvious when his face-bandana is off.
    ●Part of scalp appears to have "malformed" growth of hair, that looks odd to the other rest of the head, due to scalp being cut by a knife.
    ●Other bodily scars and injuries have healed and barely noticeable throughout his body.

    =Trade went south; by The Jackals (group) at NWAF ATC - Spring 2019=
    ●One Gunshot Scar to Left Arm
    ●One Gunshot Scar to Right Shoulder
    ●Jackals marked right hand with the letter "S".
    ●Other bodily injuries occurred, blunt force trauma from bullet impact into his equipment, which lead to cracked ribs, one rib which pierced his right lung (non-fatal). No visible scarring.
  8. Equipment
    =Commonly-used Clothing=

    ●Cowboy Hat (Black) / Welding Mask
    ●Bandana (Black/White Pattern) / Balacalva (Black)
    ●JoeyX Sunglasses / Rocket Aviators
    ●Rider's Jacket (Black) / M65 Jacket (Black)
    ●High-capacity Vest (Black)
    ●Working Gloves (Black)
    ●Cargo Pants (Black)
    ●Military Boots (Black)
    ●Assault Backpack (Black) / Improvised Backpack (Upgraded) / A.L.I.C.E. Backpack (Black)


    =Commonly-used Weapons of Choice=

    ●Combo: M4A1 Carryhandle with CMAG (MP) Attachments / Glock-19 with Attachments / Firefighter's Axe (Black)
    ●Combo: Winchester Model 70 Rifle / MP-133 Pistol-Grip Shotgun / Pipe-Wrench
    (Most Recent) ●Combo: MP-133 Shotgun, Glock-19, and Stun Baton charged with batteries and ready to tase his enemies.

  9. Occupation
    Journeyman Pipe Fitter & Welder
  10. Affiliation
    ●Civillian (status) ● No Current Official Affiliations


=Pre-epidemic Character Background=
He had a manageable, simple, but respectable life. A man who grew up as a single child, with loving parents in the small town of Charming, Kentucky in the United States of America.

In 2009, he moved to Novaya Petrovka, South Zagoria in the country of Chernarus; where he lived for many years, after he landed a job as a union contractor, working as a Journeyman Pipe Fitter & Welder for an international corporation known as the Viktorez Oil Industries Incorporated. The construction of the new pipeline lead from Novaya Petrovka all the way to Novodmitrovsk. The development estimations in 2004 were believed at the that construction would take roughly 5-6 years to complete, and it had finally been approved for development in 2007. Construction began, and workers were needed.

Now, Trent grew weary of moving to the other side of the world, but the money was to damn good to pass up and he wanted to make something of his life. Given his line of work, he was still capable of returning to visit his home country during the off-work months, however, that didn't matter much to him anymore as it wasn't too long after Trent had met the love of his life, Maurice Moore, an English woman, who interned at the corporate office.

In the early months of 2010, Maurice and him moved in together in a small country-side house on the outskirts of Novaya Petrovka. The years went by, and they decided to settle down. Although he wasn't for the married life, his loving girlfriend gifted him with a set of twin boys. He was more happy than ever in his life. He had a family, and well-paid blue-collar job, working with his hands every day of the week; feeling accomplished. In-which even after every long, tiring day, he could sit down at the local pub, and have a few drinks to decompress with joy and laughter with his close friend and next-door neighbor Boris Mikhailov.

=Additional Character Features=
Useful Talents/Skills:
●Experienced Fisherman & Hunter.
●Crafting of improvised weapons and tanned-leatherworked clothing; occupation related.
●Setting up a tent & creating a fire.
●Knows how to create a whistle using any household item, with the occasional test with an acorn shell.
●Has basic knowledge with mechanics of civilian vehicles learned from his friend Boris pre-epidemic.

=Personality Description=
Trent's character can be described as a shabby-clothed, charismatic, stubborn but able-bodied american born man of Irish-Polish hertiage; whom appreciates the outdoors and nature's wildlife. Anyone he meets always admires his southern accent and hospitality. On his free time; whether it's a peaceful visit on a pleasant sunny day to the local lake to go fishing, or a weekend hunting trip with his boys, Trent found happiness and kept peace in his life.

Trent Jaegar is a man, whom lost his family during the epidemic, with this there is tragedy, but during the present time Trent has come to peace with it.

●Confident ● Extrovert

●Tolerable Alcoholic (Always drinking; preferably Moonshine)

●Fishing ●Hunting ●Camping

Favorite Sayings:
● "God damn boy! Brush yourself up and lick your wounds, because nobody likes a pussy!" ● "A little bit of dirt ain't hurt no one." ● "Weeellll shhhiittttt! Heh heh...heeeee!"

●Outdoors-man ●Blue-collar worker

Intellectual/Mental/Behavior/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:
●Aloofness ●Eccentricness ●Charismatic ●Sarcastic ●Stubborn ●Hard-headed.

Greatest flaw:
●Uses guns, but not a fan of using them on people unless in self-defense. However, always tends to carry some form of weapon. In truth, when it comes down to it, he prefers using his fists or his pipe-wrench. Though he may have to adapt to his environment, which-instead strengthening from his flaws, so you may find him using anything of practical use in-present or the future.

Best quality:
●Stays clear-headed during stressful strenuous activity or situations. ●Boosts morale with jokes,vulgar remarks, and folktale stories.

Educational Background:
●Two years in a trade school.

Intelligence Level:
●Average ●Logical ●Though, doesn't have much interest in religion, politics, myths, or science.




Nice page!

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1 hour ago, Watchman said:

Nice page!

Gosh, I haven't really touched my character page since 2017... It could use a makeover.

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