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Kam Hansen
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    1991-03-11 (28 years old)



My family spent a lot of time in the woods before the great plague. My father was very concerned with teaching his boys how to live off the land. Our mother would of liked us to take more time in our schooling, but she did not get her way. Shortly after the outbreak our family headed deeper into the woods, this only extended my families survival for a little more time. Our father and mother both bell to the horde leaving my brother and myself to fend for ourselves. We did ok for along time, we lived off the land, making little to no contact with the other survivors. Not that we did not trust them, we just did not see the value of adding mouths to feed. We had each other and knew we could count on each other. We had made plans to sail off to a better place, maybe find somewhere with no walkers. But our plan hit a snag when a storm tore our make shift boat apart. We lost each other in the after math. We now are looking to reunite and continue our survival.


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