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Markus Butcher
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1983-08-17 (35 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    105 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Occupation


Before the outbreak he was a tinkerer, mechanic and a bit of a care-free soul. Always out trying to make a quick buck but never in a steadfast career. Not that he was a dishonest sort. He just didn't like committing himself to something as mundane as full-time employment. Much preferring to drift from town to town offering his mechanical knowledge and skills to anyone wishing to employ them for the duration of his stay.

At the time of the outbreak, Markus was visiting the settlement of Dobroe - working on a car that his employer had reported as in need of repair. Working under the chassis, he was listening to a radio as he worked when his attention was drawn to it by the station being cut off in favour of a broadcaster announcing that the dead were rising and to stay away from built up towns. The announcement was short-lived though, followed by static. Markus initially thought it was some sort of hoax and carried on with his work.

A few hours had passed following the broadcast before Markus noticed something wasn't quite right. He had heard the drone of helicopter rotors passing overhead - not strange that it wasn't common for helicopters to be in the area - there was an airfield fairly close by after all. What was strange was the frequency of them.

Eventually, his curiousity got the better of him and he took a walk up a nearby hill to see what was going on. What caught his attention was the plume of thick smoke coming from the town of Novodmitrovsk, people who lived in Dobroe were gathering and talking about the radio broadcast and whether they should go and investigate the town. Markus was one in agreement that the townsfolk may need help and agreed to go.

Heading on their way towards the plume of smoke, they were shocked to see that it led to a crash-site of one of the helicopters. They were shocked to see several bodies strewn near to the burning wreckage. Quickly, several members of the group ran over to try and find survivors. Most of the victims were clearly dead, however there was one that was making a gargling sound, as if clinging on for life - his face and body badly burned from the crash.

The survivor was picked up by two of the group and carried away from the wreckage, however during the move the survivor suddenly let out a growl, reached up and grabbed the nearest helper and sank his teeth into his arm. Recoiling in pain, he dropped the burn victim who - with remarkable strength considering his wounds - leaped on the man and proceeded to bite and attack him, sending out screams of pain.

Markus and the remaining group were stunned, shocked, horrified. Some ran to help try and fend off the attacker, others ran for their lives - Markus being one of them. As he ran, he could hear more screams. Looking over his shoulder, the burn victim was attacking the others that had stayed to try and help. Fear had got the better of him and he just kept running...



Hours turned to days, days into weeks. The shear scale of what was happening developed as time went on. Markus learned from hearsay and experience that the army had been called in to try and contain an apparent virus that had spread like wildfire throughout the land. There were reports of towns being quarantined, or evacuated. Men, women and children being uprooted from their homes and moved from their place of habitation. Some would be heard from, others would simply disappear.

Not wanting to be rounded up by the army, bombed or eaten alive by the living dead, Markus and a handful of friends that he had made made the decision to 'bug out' and leave behind any settlement, favouring living in the woodland to risking themselves in any built-up areas unless it was absolutely necessary to survive.


Present Day:

A lone-survivor of a fishing boat accident which took place just off the coast of Chenarus. He and his friends on the boat were survivors of the outbreak trying their best to make ends day-to-day by scavenging off the land and trading supplies with others.

The fishing boat was their latest attempt of trying to find a more reliable source of food. However none of his group were experienced in handling the boat they used and on the first day of their venture, the boat capsized and Markus was knocked unconscious in the process.

Washed ashore on the shallows of Krutoy Cap, Markus groggily awakens to find himself alone and his memories clouded by the bang to the head he received. With none of his friends in sight, his radio water-logged and broken. Markus gets himself to his feet and slowly starts to make his way in-land towards Kamyshovo, hoping desperately to find anyone he knows there.


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