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Hunter Moroz
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Cook I The Chef I The Ukrainian I
  2. Mental
    Stable and Strong
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1990-07-22 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Ukrainian and Russian
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother - Elena (Deceased) Father - Aleksander (Deceased) Half-Brothers - Josh (Alive) Jerome (Alive) Aiden (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    110 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Cut short and Brown Colour
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    24/05/2018 - Scar on his left eye from a Bandit attack in Chernobyl
    17/08/2018 - Scars on his right wrist from a Wolf Attack in Chernobyl
    06/03/2019 - Scar on his right bicep from a Wolf Attack in Guglovo
    11/03/2019 - JM Scar on his left bicep from Liam OCasey in Stary Sobor
    08/04/2019 - Scar on his forehead from a Red Star Survivor Attack on his way back into South Zagoria
    08/04/2019 - Small scars covering his left arm and wrist from a Red Star Survivor Attack on his way back into South Zagoria. The Scars have somewhat covered the JM Scar on his bicep.
    15/04/2019 - Shot twice in the left leg and shot once in the right leg during Chedaki attack at Camp Hope
  8. Equipment
    Ushanka Black
    Black Beanie

    GP-5 Gas Mask
    Black Bandana

    --Upper Body--
    Old Red Hunter Jacket
    Black Vest
    Black Combat Gloves

    --Lower Body--
    Worn Out Blue Jeans
    Combat Boots

    Russian Military Backpack
    Old AKM
    Combat Knife
    Canteen Bottle
    Vodka from Russia
    Watch with Compass
    Geiger Counter
    Journal Book
  9. Occupation
    Mac Tíre (Current) Galápagos (Former) The Revenants (Former) The Saviors (Former) Red Star Survivors (Former)
  10. Affiliation
    Mac Tíre
  11. Role
    STALKER, Gunsmith, Chef





Hunter Moroz was born in the city of Saint Petersburg in Russia. His mother Elena was Ukrainian but told Hunter she was Russian but his father Aleksander was actually from Ukraine from the now radioactive city of Pripyat. Hunter was born on the 27th of July in 1990 in the City Hospital No. 40. At a young age, Hunter always enjoyed the stories his father told him about Ukraine, Pripyat and the Chernobyl Disaster however his mother would dislike the fact that her son found interest in a recent human disaster. He attended Brookes Saint Petersburg School and began to find an interest in cooking alongside learning the English language and history of Russia, England, and Ukraine. Hunter would usually get high marks in subjects such as Cooking, English Language, Russian Language, and History but would usually fail when it came to Maths as he didn't find the subject to be at all interesting. Thankfully for Hunter, he managed to get himself a place in Saint Petersburg University at a young age for a Cooking Course alongside an English Course. He stayed at the University until he was twenty-one.

Hunter didn't take long to get himself his own apartment not far from where his parents live and managed to get himself a driving license not long after. When it came to finding a job, Hunter was lucky enough to get a job as a cook in a local restaurant called Palkin. He continued to work at the restaurant for a couple of years until he decided to move to his father country of Ukraine at the age of only twenty-five...while here, Hunter would begin to visit the place where his father both lived and worked at...Pripyat...Chernobyl. 




During his time in Ukraine, Hunter would usually visit Chernobyl as a tourist. He was fascinated that his father use to work there before the disaster hit. He would usually look around and grab anything that could be seen as valuable from anything civilian to military. Whenever he found anything military grade he would give it to soldiers who watched the area and they would pay him quite well...he found a new job to do which nobody else wanted to do. Until the Outbreak, Hunter would continue to visit the ghost town and gather anything useful. His father would call him and ask him what it was like...Hunter would always tell him the same thing. "It's like the apocalypse has happened father"...if only Hunter knew what was about to happen. 





--To Be Written..--




After making his way back into Russia, Hunter began his own objective on finding his mother and father to see if they are alive. Sadly for Hunter, he did indeed find his parents who were in the middle of the street by there house but they had fallen to the Infection...Hunter didn't have the strength to put down his parents...however, he saw both of them get shot by a Russian soldier, Hunter quickly reacted and ended up shooting the soldier in the head...this was Hunters first kill and would not be his last. He would leave the city of Petersburg and head more inland of Russia where he came across survivors who had banded together to create a faction called Red Star Survivors. They accepted Hunter in and he was given the task of being a cook as well as finding food and medical supplies. However, it didn't take him long to start hating his job. He wanted to go out and fight the Infection but some of the survivors didn't see him as a fighter just a cook. He proved them wrong when he beat up one of their best soldiers in hand to hand combat...Aiden Carmine. He was allowed to go on a trip to Ukraine to his father's town...Pripyat. He went alongside two STALKER Squads and was given the task to gather anything from weapons and supplies...however as they entered the town, they were quickly attacked by a huge group of bandits. Hunter was separated from his Red Star Comrades and had to fight off some of the Bandits alone. Couple days had past and after using all his ammunition and most of his filters in his gas mask, Hunter managed to survive...but he found some of his Comrades had fallen while some had fallen back and most likely back to Russia...he felt betrayed and began his journey of once again as a Lone Survivor.





Hunter traveled from the highly infected country of Ukraine and made his long walk back to Russia to where he managed to grab a working motorcycle and drive it down to the country of Takistan. Here, Hunter would fight off Takistan Bandits and some Mercenaries to enter the country of Chernarus. He had heard the stories of the Civil War that happened in the country a few years back but he was more concerned about the Infected then that. He drove the motorcycle until it finally stopped working in the province called South Zagoria...this is where his true challenge of survival would begin. 





While visiting the city of Elektrozavodsk, Hunter met an African by the name of Winjab Akunda. He was fighting off some Infected but Hunter stepped in to help him. The African thanked him and asked Hunter to tag along with him to help him with some business he was doing in the city. Winjab explained to Hunter he was apart of a group called The Saviors. They were led by a man called John Moody. After spending some days in the dead city of Elektro, Hunter met another Savior by the name of Jimmy "Pogo" White. Hunter began to explain to the two gentlemen who he was. Pogo and Winjab allowed Hunter to become a Savior for not only his fighting skills but also his cooking skills since they quite enjoyed the cooked wolf meat he managed to cook up with some supplies he was carrying with him. Hunter sadly how to leave South Zagoria and make the long trip back to Ukraine...he forgot a few things in Pripyat...but he told his Savior brothers he would return...and return he did. Since his return, Hunter has met his old friends Pogo and Winjab but has made some new friends too such as Winjab's son Windex, Blueberry who was a Medic, Liam OCasey who also had returned to South Zagoria to join his Savior brothers and Karmen Rowe, a woman he met in the Savior Compound and has slowly begun to grow feelings for. Time has gone on as Hunter has settled down once again with his Savior brothers. Cooked them food, defended there new home and helped civilians out in the city of Novaya...but Hunter and his Savior brothers and sisters...were in for a shock that will change the very lives of every single one of them. The Saviors would put their leader to rest as he would go and be with his family and other Saviors who were up in the clouds. Hunter's current time in South Zagoria was not exactly of to a great start as he hoped for. His leader was dead, The Saviors were all but disbanded and the woman he fell for is now dating one of his fellow Savior Brothers. The next few days would be interesting for not only Hunter but the rest of his Savior Brothers and Sisters.



You thought we were gone?... You were very wrong...we're coming for you. Revenge Will Be Ours. The Revenants are here...and I wish them luck.




Hunter is now by himself. He has left The Revenants to begin a new chapter in his life in the new harsh world. He was recently attacked by Red Star Survivors on his way back to South Zagoria...people he use to call brothers. He was patched up by Noah McKaine, a man who Hunter was told was a rapist and a bad man...someone who he tortured. Now Hunter is currently made the Hunting Camp at Tisy which is run by Noah his home to see if he can repair a friendship with the man who knew Artyom Tarkov. Hunter has already helped some of the people in the camp when it comes to food and giving them medical supplies as well as made some new friends. The future seems good for Hunter...for now.








The Saviors

His Savior Brothers


English Language






His Beard

Russian Music




The Russian Army

Bad food

Bad cooks

Chernarussian Bandits


The Infected




Having To Shave





Regroup with Savior Brothers (Completed)

Setup a Kitchen to begin cooking for Saviors (Completed)

Find Savior Brothers after Fall Of Saviors (Completed)

Keep Savior Brothers and Sisters Alive At All Cost (Completed)

Find Noah McKaine and Tortured Him  (Completed)

Open Up A Kitchen (Ongoing Objective)

Protect Karmen Rowe (Failed)

The Revenants Rise (Completed)

Find new Survivors to help (Ongoing Objective)









Spencer Grimm - Good Soldier and risks his life for those he loves. Can see us becoming good friends.



Nick Sauce - Kind person and great to have a laugh with. Also enjoys my cooking quite a bit so bonus for him.



Roy Hutchinson - Just like Sauce, always a laugh when around him. He also enjoys my cooking too...hopefully he doesn't eat all the bacon and eggs...



Liam OCasey - A Savior I have become friends with. Friendship has become stronger since Karmens Death. Lost contact since leaving The Revenants



Blueberry "The Doc" - Lovely man who helps those who need it most. 



Dimitri Parkov - Fellow Comrade. Is a mute but is a good man. Can see us becoming good friends.



Noah McKaine - Someone who I thought was a bad person...I was very much wrong. Working on fixing a broken Friendship.




Artyom Tarkov - We may have not been the best of friends...but I respected you and shall miss you, Comrade.



Aiden Carmine - Never liked the man...cocky, shoot first questions later kind of guy but...I respected for what he believed in and what he was fighting for...Sleep Well.



John Moody - My Friend. My Brother. My Leader. You Shall Be Missed. Rest In Peace.



Karmen Rowe - Someone who I cared about...someone I was meant to protect...someone who I...I liked shall we say. Sweet Dreams...Cookie.








The page will be updated as time goes on. Feedback is always lovely to see so feel free to post below. 🍻

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Update: 02/03/2018

Added Karmen Rowe to Friends List.

Updated photographs of Hunter now showing all unmasked. 

Added Tracksuit Outfit and removed Gorka Outfit

Added Ushanka Hat and removed Assault Helmet. 

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Updated: 03/03/2019 (Yes I know the last update I put 2018 lul x-x)

Changed Morale from High to Low due to the death of John Moody and The Saviors disbanded

Occupation changed from Currently Saviors to Former Saviors

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Updated: 03/03/2019

Added GIF's for Story

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12 hours ago, TheMrGasMask said:

Updated: 04/03/2019

Added more GIF's for Story

Added Character Goals (Will be constantly updated)

Changed backgroun music to Russian based

Added Artyom Tarkov and Aiden Carmine to Gone Section since Hunter found out they were dead

Added Blueberry and Liam OCasey to Friends List

Added Hunters thoughts of his Friends/Gone Lists.



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4 hours ago, TheMrGasMask said:


Looking good! I like the graphics update. Maybe we will bump into one another in game and Sam can say Hi. It has been a while!

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On 3/4/2019 at 3:16 PM, Highlander said:

Looking good! I like the graphics update. Maybe we will bump into one another in game and Sam can say Hi. It has been a while!

Here's hoping one day. He makes the best Chicken and Mushroom Soup in the land 👍

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Updated: 05/03/2019

Edited Gifs added to Character Backstory


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Nice character page! Lots of detail!

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1 hour ago, Aisling said:

Nice character page! Lots of detail!

Thank you! 

game of thrones drinking GIF by Sky

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Updated: 13/03/2019

Added Karmen Rowe to Gone (RIP Karmen 😭)

Added The Revenants to Occupation & Affiliation

Added JM Scar to Features




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Updated: 07/04/2019

Added New Character Goals

Added The Revenants to Former Group



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Updated: 08/04/2019

Updated The Next Move Chapter

Added Lone Survivor Chapter


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Updated: 10/04/2019

Added @FireDude Noah McKaine to Friend List

Added @Gopnik22 Dimitri Parkov to Friend List

Added @Imation11 Kevin Shock to Friend List

Updated The Lone Survivor Chapter

Added new Scars to Features


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Updated: 12/04/2019

Added: @HeyItsGrimm @RiZStream and @duxpredator Characters to Friend List

Added: Galápagos to Occupation and Affiliation


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