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Alan Parker
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1998-02-26 (21 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes


Alan Parker , also known as ‘Parky’ was initially born in England and lived there for until he was roughly 4 years of age. Throughout Parky whole life he had an overwhelming feeling inside of him for helping others, which is why for his whole childhood he aspired to be a criminal with his older brother. Parky remembers nothing about the move to Chernarus, there is no actual specific dates and times that he remembers or was ever told so even Parky has no actual knowledge of when he moved. He arrived in Chernarus by Ship with his Older Brother and Father. Parky's mum died giving birth to him. The reason Parky's father decided to move with his two kids is mainly because he didn't like how complicated modern society was and he wanted to raise his kids in a more simplistic land, Chernarus. Little did he know moving to Chernarus turned out to be the worst decision he would ever make. Parky never developed a Chernarussian accent because his father had an English accent and he taught Parky how to talk so Parky talks with an English accent. After living his whole childhood and the start of his adult life as a criminal in Chernarus in their home located in ‘Комарово’ the day that changed everything struck. Parky woke up at around 9:00am in the morning, it was awfully quiet outside, no birds were chirping, no trees whistling, No planes in the sky. Something seemed weird. As Parky walked over to the window he noticed a foot hanging out of the pantry closet, he recognised the shoe as his dads, He ran over as quick as he could to open the door, inside was his dad led face down on the floor, there was blood everywhere, on the floor, walls, and most noticeably all over his father. In the corner of the room was a crouched man, with no clothes on his torso, only a pair of extremely ripped jeans and no shoes. The man turned around and Parky saw instantaneously that this was no man, It was a creature from hell. This creature was a Zombie, and it was eating Parky's fathers intestines, After Parky noticed the intensity of the situation he slammed the door shut, kicking his fathers boot into the closet to allow the door to close. He grabbed a nearby wooden chair and lodged it in between the door handle to disable the door from being able to open. The creature inside started to make loud, irritated noises and began to smack the door down. Parky ran to the Landline house phone and tried to call the police, there was no signal. Parky had a sudden thought about his older brother and ran over to his room to wake him up. Parky arrived in his brothers room and opened the door with quite some force, He woke his brother from his sleep and told him the nature of the situation. Parky's brother did not believe him. They both decided to open the curtains and look outside of the window. It was at this moment the brothers new the place they once called home had been absolutely overrun with these creatures, they stood dormant on the roadside, waiting for a target. The two brothers started to panic, Parky got himself together and snapped his older brother out of it, they needed a plan to escape. Parky remembered there was a shotgun below the Kitchen sink in a cabinet, so he ran over swiftly to pick it up, Parky was ready to use the shotgun to protect himself and his brother. The two brothers cracked a plan to get out of the house, get their fathers car and drive north. Parky and his brother both stood at the door, counted from 10, and burst out together and ran to the car. Just as this happened, the Zombie from the closet had broke the door down and ran outside: chasing the two of them. The brothers got into their fathers White Off-Roader and put the keys into the ignition, Parky's older brother was driving. He attempted several times to start the car but to no success. The fourth time he tried the car started up and the two brothers drove towards Kamenka. Upon arriving in the nearby town, they realised it had also been overrun by these Zombie-like creatures. The two brothers decided to drive a road which led them inland towards the Myshkino area that they hoped wouldn’t be affected. Upon arriving in Myshkino after an hour long drive, there was far less creatures in the area, but few were there. Parky's and his brother decided to ditch the vehicle which was nearly out of fuel and take to the trees, they were both cold, and needed a fire to warm them up. The brothers at the time did not realise the severity of the situation and failed to understand how deep they had already fell down the rabbit hole.


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