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Jacob Matthews
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Confused. But Sane
  3. Morale
    Figure out where he is.
  4. Date of birth
    1998-06-16 (21 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother-Juilnet (Unknown) Father- Micheal (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Some hunting experiences, most forgotten but can be brought back if tried. Some pistol training in martial arts class he took for a few weeks.
  7. Equipment
    A Duffel bag full of clothing and a notebook and pin and a few pencils. (Notepad was on him when he jumped) (The Rest was lost with the plane)
  8. Occupation
    Un Employed (Was in college)
  9. Affiliation


Jacob Matthews

-J's Family-

Jacob has a Mother (Juilnet) a Father Micheal (Whom is deceased) and a Brother (Gerald)

-Before The Apocolypes-

Come on... Oh! OH! AYYYYYYYYY (A couple minutes pass)(Sets down headset and starts walking toward kitchen)
Alright sorry guys ill be back im gonna go grab somthing t- (Looks at tv)
News Reporter: Later today we learned that chernarous, a country bordering Russia has been hit with some sort of viral infection thats been hitting major citys like electro (While reporter continues) Shit! (Jacob runs towards lan line phone and clicks Gerald) Matthew on speed dial) Come onnn come on! (No one answers)

Jacob Has a brother whom his on chernarous as nato forces when the outbreak occurs. J his in college and quickly tries to call his brother but gets no response leaving him scared for his brothers life.

-During the Apocalypse-


(Taps Pencil against desk)
Teacher: So does anyone want to tell me how to get y away from x

Student: Y = mx +b squared by the problem we used in the la-

(Bell Rings)
(Students leaving class) (Large amounts of movement)

Teacher: You have homework finish it or get a F, up to you.

(Students still leaving)
(Still tapping pencil against desk) (Stares at Book about Chernarous)
(Looks up to see everyone one gone)

A friend of Jacob: Yo! see you tommorrow Matthews!

(Mumbles) Not so sure about that.

(Strugles finding keys) (Unlocks and opens dorm room)

(Looks out the window)

Walls are seen miles out of the city with a military checkpoint letting people in and out of Houston.

(Whispers) Alright im doing im going.

(Throws book in Duffel bag and zips it closed)

"Leaving The Walls"

(Its 9 am)

(Finishes righting note and shoves it in pocket)

(Radio Beeps 3 times)

(Picks up and beeps it 3 times aswell)

Radio: J your ready?

Yeah man give me a sec dog.

Radio:Nah Right now come on

Ok homie!

(Powers off radio and shoves it in side pouch of bag)

(Rushes out of dorms building and jumping into a hardware van)

Alright... You got the shit Toby?

Toby: Yeah yeah just put it on and act normal also got these incase.

(Toby Throws some fake hardware clothing and some fake id's and passport's at Jacob)

Mannn i told you we wouldnt need these.

Toby: Hey you never know they could ask...

(Van pulls up to checkpoint)(Its 11 am)

Military Guard: Show id please.

Toby: Looks back and winks and grabs fake id

(Toby Shows)
(Military Guard squints)

Military Guard: .... Alright let them through!


(Van pulls up to a house outside of the walls and slides down the windows)(its 3 am)
(Jacob opens a mailbox and puts note inside of it)
(The van drives off)

(Van pulls up to a field with a group of armed people in black ski mask and a airplane in the middle of the field)

Toby: (Whispers) You sure about this J? Its a one way ticket.

Ill be back dog.

(Slides open van door and hops out weilding duffel bag)

(Slams on side of the van)

Cya Tobes!

(Van drives off)

a Ski mask guy: (Russian accent) You are J. Correct?

Thats me.

another ski mask guy: (British accent) You have the payment mate?

Yeh homes (Drops bag and reaches down to the pouch)

(Ski mask guys quickly aim at Jacob)

First ski mask guy: (Russian accent) Very... Slowly....

Yeah dog chill
(Takes out a bag of cocain and tosses at cherno russian)


(Plane is above green sea and Jacob is sleeping)(its 6 am)
(Slowly wakes up)

yo how far till we are there.

Female pilot: (Russian accent) Uhm i- hmm i do no einglish

Ooook.... (Sighs and looks out window)

(Hours pass)

Error! Error!
System failure
System Failure

(Slowly wakes up with blood pouring out of cut on head)


(Is on ground of back seats of plane)
(Gets up to see Pilot face down blood pouring out of her face)

Shit shit shit.....

(Climbs into co pilot seat) (Cannot See the ground)
(Plane is sinking.... sinking... sinkinggg...)
(Grabs stearing handles and pulls up hard)(Shaking whole plane and making it make a weird noise)

Uhm FuCkKkKk

(Plane pulls back down after Jacob stops pulling up out of fear)(Jurking it down making John break his know on wheel. Knocking him out)

(Echoing background) Error Error (Ears ringing) System failure System Failure

(Slowly lifts head up)

fUcK My heAd (Can slightly see the ground)

(Looks back in seat and sees noteboo laying with a pin)
(Crawls to the back seat trying not to hit anything) (Plane is at a significant angle)

(Grabs Notebook forgetting pin inbetween seets) (Shoves it in hoodie pocket)

(Reaches behind and underneath the back seats grabbing 2 parashoots look back at pilot and throwing it onto her lap.)(Whilst sliding on the second one)
God i hope i can just open this door...

(Grabs handle and twist it...)

To mush preasure.

(Tries again this time kicking it)

Come on! COME O- (Door flys open breaking and flying away) (Jacob gets sucked out)


(Falling..... Fallinggg Fallinggg....)




I don’t know how to like stuff yet so pretend I hit the like button *like*

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Well thank you :D! And i dont think its possible to like character pages but ive only been here for a week or so, so i could be wrong.

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