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Kase Mcilwrath
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Psychopath/Sociopathic tendencies
  3. Morale
    Live by my own rules
  4. Date of birth
    1989-03-14 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
  6. Nationality
    Northern Irish
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, French, Russian (Not fluent), Spanish (Not fluent)
  9. Relationship
    Constance DeVoe
  10. Family
    Emmy (Ex-Wife - Deceased), Richard (Brother - Deceased), Patrick Fineas Mcilwrath (Father - Deceased), Mary-Anne O'Shay (Mother - Unknown), Others (Presumed Dead)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    198 cm
  2. Weight
    91 kg
  3. Build
    Toned and Fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Equipment
    - Jacket
    - White T-shirt
    - Black Jeans or Pants
    - Black boots
    - Tactical Helmet or Baseball Cap
    - Face bandana

    - An infamous barbed wire baseball bat
    - Assault Rifle or Any weapon found
    - Brass Knuckles
    - Knife

    - Bullet hole scars all over his entire body
    - One large bullet grazed scar across his left forehead
    - Bullet hole scar on his upper left throat
    - Scars all across his back and different carvings
    - Bird carving in upper left shoulder blade
    - X carved in left wrist ontop of the Family cross tattoo
    - Two bullet hole scars in left foot.

    - Irish Family Logo across his back in a deep black tattoo
    - Tally mark tattoos across his left forearm (8 total tally)
    - K-Bar knife tattoo on right forearm
    - Sleeve tattoo on left arm, Irish Family cross on his wrist
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Mac Tire/Dead Horse
  10. Role





"The Only People I owe my loyalty to, are the ones that never made me question theirs"


Kase Mcilwrath, A Mafia Member from Belfast under his father's Family. He was a Caporegime in the Mcilwrath Family and in charge of his own crew. His crew was notorious for pulling off heists all across the Northern Irish and United Kingdom Territories, being that was his primary trade among other things. Kase was mostly raised off his father's values despite not so much wanting to do so but mostly being convinced and psychologically manipulated into doing so.

Between firefights with local police and traveling to different countries to assist in his Father's international business. Kase's experience with firearms are significantly higher than the average survivor besides those with a military background. His experience in leading groups, creating plans and making tactical strategies varies but has never been questioned by his men.

His brother Richard was a contract killer for the Mcilwrath Family and due to a lack of work to find for himself in Ireland, he moved his operations to the United States where he only remained in communication with Kase's Father.


When alerts of the virus outbreak began to show up on the news, Kase began to grow all too anxious to leave his brother behind in the U.S, deciding it was time to quickly take the next flight to find his brother.

Kase stayed even after the infection had overtaken the populace of the United States, determined to find his brother through all the zombies he would have to kill. He met a woman by the name of Emmy, who happened to be the 'property' of another leader in an old Cartel. Emmy was a drug fiend for this Cartel and was used around, but after meeting Kase. He took her by his side and helped her become the better person, except instead. They both became drug addicts, this was a long pit of depression and darkness in Kase's life, especially in a world full of infected and he was getting himself drugged up.

Despite his best efforts to search for his brother, he found him too late. Richard was infected and Kase was forced to put his brother down before leaving him behind in a cabin. Kase resided for a few years during the apocalypse in various States.

After some time, Kase sobered himself up and encouraged Emmy to do the same, in that same period of time. Emmy became his wife.

As things only got worse for Emmy due to her constant abuse of drugs, she suffered from paranoia and jealousy. One that had Emmy accusing him quite often of being in an affair with another woman in the Valley who was actually a friend of Kase's and ran in a crew together but never anything non-platonic occurred. Emmy's paranoia grew worse and she left Kase her wedding ring and a note before taking her own life by jumping off a building.

When his wife took his life, it made Kase a broken man. Isolating himself outside the Valley for quite some time. He made a living based off his prior skills and began to racket, rob, or extort at times. He began to expand towards Ohio to search for any other survivors and to his fortune, he did. This is when he formed his group, The Dead Horse.


The origin of the Dead Horse is far from what it is today. When Kase first was introduced to them, he was a lone survivor and mercenary for hire due to his wife's demise by suicide during the outbreak for some horrible turn of events. Kase was driven to a form of madness and when he met this biker group ran by a man named Jessie, he was introduced to the Dead Horse, which he quickly staged a coup to have the leader executed and gradually the other leaders who opposed to stand in his way for competition as leaders. When Kase took over the biker group, he had desensitized it's members and militarized it to a point that made the group into an army after gradual conditioning and recruitment from other settlements and outposts that survivors had been engaged in. The Dead Horse was now a protection racket and even more so, forced most survivors to join against their own will as they took over regions of the United States that was left with survivors, establishing their own outposts.

Most of the backstory can be found in this post, though it is fairly extensive to what led up to who he is today and who he is when he arrived in Chernarus. (IF anything needs to be rewritten to fit the LORE, I am more than willing to do so)




Chernarus has given Kase and the Dead Horse a certain culture shock and almost a complete different vision of what he always recognized the apocalypse as. When Dead Horse were first boots on the ground in Chernarus, Kase and his men thought themselves prepared based on their past experience in the U.S but were they gravely mistaken. This created a variation of situations for them to have to learn and work around in order to survive. As it is our natural instinct.

Kase had formed and established the name of his group among several of the local groups in Chernarus to assess who would be allies and who would be enemies. The first group he ever met was The Saviors, who in numbers reminded him of his own group but in goals and politics were greatly different in spectrum.

The Second group encountered was The Kamenici, who at first appeared hostile based on the way they held up Kase and his people but were quickly released after realizing that their goals and ideals were not too different from eachother and they shared mutual enemies. The relationship between the two groups was natural from there forward.

The third group they had met with was originally introduced as "The Scooby Gang" which was led by the woman known as Luca. Who was later identified as the leader of a group known as "Generation Zero" which is presumably the same group she had called "Scooby Gang" when meeting the Dead Horse. Their interactions were short but fairly hostile which led to the Dead Horse having their camp raided in their sleep. This was only speculated at first but was later confirmed by one of Gen Z's members during an interrogation performed by Kase.

The fourth group encountered was the Corporation, though at first not for certain. It is speculated that the group that attacked The Dead Horse camp near Balota was the infamous Corporation. Based on some of the members attire and what other locals had informed Kase on, he assumed them as much. They had certainly given them a run for their money but in the end, Dead Horse came out victorious with the aid of Kamenici to capture some of the snipers hidden in the surrounding forest.

The Fifth group would be Denigrata which was quickly revealed when Kase woke up with no recollection of a recent incident though was left with a major scar on his back. A marking of a bird which the Kamenici had informed him was the symbol for the group. His active hunt for Denigrata members continues albeit he has yet to recall voices or faces of his original captors.

Between bandit groups and unknown elitists or nationalists from the north. The Dead Horse and Kase in particular were a target to various Factions among the country. At one point during this tension, there was a betrayal among the Dead Horse which revealed several members to be among a Faction known as "Pamyati" which had created a conquer and divide although some loyal members remained. Kase had been captured and faced an execution where he believed would be his last. Lined in a firing squad where several parts of his body were gravely damaged. This caused the Dead Horse to go into hiding and create fake aliases for themselves to avoid execution.

Kase was luckily saved by The [REDACTED] who patched him up as best as they could but it left him badly scarred along his body. A majority of his features were managed to be rebuilt based off bone matter and other medical practice that the group had acquired via their members. After spending some time with this group, Kase paid off his debts with a few contracts or supply runs, even some information gathering.

After paying off his debts, he sought out a group by the name of Green Mountain Radio where he was told that they offered asylum for those in his current predicament. Alone and isolated from the remnants of Dead Horse. Kase decided that joining among GMR was the best temporary solution until he had fully healed and recovered from his wounds caused by the Pamyati. This is where Kase met Miss Sam Caulfield, a fairly interesting woman with an even more interesting past. Just based off the few interactions they had, it was clear they shared similar mindsets and he found her amusing due to her sharp tongue and witty comebacks.


After some time had passed, GMR had began to thin out and grow quiet. Kase decided it was time to call back all his loyal members and cull the herd. Which is where he reformed his new group under the name "Mac Tire" (Mac Cheera) which is Irish Gaelic translated into the word "Wolf" or "Wolves". While the name Dead Horse was known to few, it was decided that since the group originated from the United States, that they would reform their group under a different name. New Place, New Name.





@Xehara - Constance DeVoe

Emmy Mcilwrath (Ex-Wife - Deceased)
Richard Mcilwrath (Deceased)
@HeyItsGrimm - Spencer Grimm (Best Friend)
@AtKnite - Michael Diachi (Best Friend)

@PandaOG - Marcus Moreno (Best Friend)


@MrDew - Michael Fletcher
@Brayces - Ellie Hoste
@Tasnik - Ctac Gavrelyk
@Lindse - Erin Stewart







Nice character page! Hope to meet you guys in game

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4 hours ago, Aisling said:

Nice character page! Hope to meet you guys in game

Thanks! Hope to meet you in game as well! If we haven't already, I've been about most of the map now and met a decent amount of people!

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46 minutes ago, Caraham said:

Denigrata dindu nuffin.

Ahuh and the pope converted to Judaism

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good shit, no shallow shit. Good story with depth


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Just read. A really nice character page buddy, clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into this.

Hope to see you in-game after hearing all about you 🙂 

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wow your character page is amazing! i hope kyle gets to meet kase ig one day

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I am a FRIEND! WOO! 

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I got the friendo, Nice 🍻

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Beautiful character page ❤️ I MUST get some graphics going on mine after seeing this

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So lovely. Interesting rumors, my man.

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