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Lukas Stika
Character information
  1. Alias
    Luke, Luka
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-06-19 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Languages
    English, Chernarussian


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
    Healthy, Fit
  4. Hair
    Light Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    -Circle carved on left wrist
    -Six lines carved into left forearm
    -Large sword with wings tattoo on back
    -Black Dragon tattoo on left shoulder
    -Blue Phoenix tattoo on chest over the heart (removed by Potius Cras during torture)
    -A few small and large scars on back from explosion
    -Scar on right arm above the elbow, torn flesh from wolf attack
    -Scars of gunshot wounds to upper right leg, and chest
    - Bite mark on neck from former lover, cannibal love mark
  7. Equipment
    Journal/sketchbook - contains past and now recently occurred events and sketches.
  8. Affiliation
  9. Role
    Lone Wolf





Born a single child in a middle class family in the town of Staroye, Lukas lived a fairly normal life. He always had food on the table, shelter over his head, good friends, and a loving family. Not really much more you could ask for. As he grew up though, Lukas became more troubled though in his teenage years. Though he had a good life, it missed excitement. There was no action, nothing that really caught his attention.

In order to counter this, Lukas began creating his own action and entertainment. He began sneaking out with his friends and drinking, rarely at first, but then it became a regular occurrence. Then he started taking the car out on joyrides with his friends. No matter what his family attempted to do, Lukas found a way to sneak out. The problems didn’t stop there. Lukas loved conflict, often creating it himself, escalating pity arguments into fist fights, throwing the first punch more than half the time.

As the years went on and Lukas grew older, and his interests began revolving around his troublesome behavior. He’d built a negative reputation for himself in his town, affecting his family as well. He eventually moved out, into a lone house that overlooked Staroye. Around this time however, politics began sweeping through the lands. Protests were going on in almost every major city. A few friends of his had mentioned to him about attending protests against the oppression of the Russian government attempting to snake its way into the lands. Even against his parents’ wishes, he would attend the protests. At first, he would just watch and listen, eventually the spirit of the protest would encourage him, and he would begin chanting and marching along.


However, eventually Lukas felt nothing was happening. Tired of waiting for action and change, he took it upon himself to throw the first stone. No… that wasn't enough. He would break a window to a pub, walking in and grabbing a bottle behind the desk, stuffing a dirty rag behind the bar into the bottle and lighting it, walking back out with a mask on his face, chucking it into the crowd of opposing enforcement. After that, everything hit the fan. Tear gas began to fly, as well as rocks, pipes, bottles. Bodies would begin to clash, clubs swinging, etc. He would fall back into the midst of the chaos, into the backstreets and alleyways, the adrenaline kicking in.

After he felt he had gotten far enough, he leaned up against a wall, pulling out a packet of cigarettes. Lighting one, he would begin laughing to himself, the rush filling his emotions with joy. Moments later, somebody would come around the corner walking towards him. Preparing for a fight, Lukas would take a defensive stance, confronting the stranger. Upon doing such, the man would laugh, telling Lukas to calm down assuring him he was in no danger, asking if he could have a smoke as well. Lukas nodded, cautious, handing the man a smoke, they would begin conversing. Eventually, the man would cut to the point, telling Lukas that he was impressed that he took action and that he was a part of an organization that shares the same ideas of actions over words. They agreed to meet at a later date to further discuss, Lukas would be encouraged to bring his trusted friends with, if any. It took some convincing, but eventually he and his friends made their way to the meeting point. At the point, they were told about NAPA, what it stood for, what it fought for, then asked if they were interested in joining. Of course, yes.


An old abandoned factory building...? At least from the outside yes, on the inside though, was a relatively decent sized amount of people from all around Chernarus. Weapons were laid out on a few of the tables, people tinkering with some metal objects at others, eventually people began welcoming them. Encouraging and congratulating them on their decision. They learned eventually that they were the only group that had come in from Staroye and they would more than likely be representing and leading NAPA in that region. Assured their talents would be put to use, that they would be trained to further use them, in the span of a couple of weeks, they were taught guerilla warfare tactics, how to fire and maintain military grade weapons, how to create bombs, etc. Unsurprisingly, Lukas excelled in most of the trainings, however, his talents in bomb creation were extremely advanced. He often found himself creating new and interesting devices using the explosives. After some time, they were sent back to Staroye, ready to take action and put their training to use.

Throughout the multiple raids and ambushes Lukas and his friends conducted, word got around the town of Staroye. Some people came to him wanting to join, upon which he put them through the same process as he went through. One of these people though was a woman by the name of Ada. Now, normally Lukas wouldn’t have taken any notice, but Ada lived fairly close to Lukas, and he knew her to be the quiet type. After talking with her for some time, he discovered that although quiet, she shared many of the same thoughts and ideas he did. He trained her personally and they became attached. Eventually they began going on raids with each other, bombing the businesses and homes of Russian Ethnics, hunting down Chedaki, etc. They would always proceed to fall back into the woods, under the cover of the forest and moonlight, back to their town. Eventually though, their luck would have to run out with how frequent they were performing their raids. That day eventually came, and with it, Lukas lost everything. They fell into a trap and were captured. One by one, Lukas watched his friends be beaten and tortured in front of him before inevitably being executed. They made a game out of it. Attempting to find the most creative ways to kill them all. When it came to Lukas, they wanted him to suffer, and shot him in the back, and left him for dead, then proceeding to move onward into the direction of his hometown.


Since that day, Lukas became very closed off. He didn’t try to make friends or get close to people. He shut out the outside world even when the world started going to shit. As far as he was concerned, all he had to care about was himself. Nobody else. The outbreak didn’t change that. Lukas just went on to survive as usual, just now while living with the guilt of his past and weight on his shoulders.

After running into the Wolf Pack, Luka joined them, finding friends, family, etc. along the way. However, his relations with those in the group fell over time as tensions rose. His marriage began falling apart and friendships began to fall. Eventually, Luka went into hiding in order to protect those around him and to remove himself from the equation,as he became the public enemy as word of his past spread Ethrough the lands. 

Soon after going into hiding, Luka was taken by a corporation, Potius Cras, who were interested in the effects comfort, cannibalism, etc. had done to him. Performing numerous studies, interrogations, torture, etc. on him has taken their toll. Luka's morale had fallen, days turned into weeks, into months. He was loaded up onto a transportation helicopter, taking him somewhere unknown, but crashed along the way due to a malfunction. Seeing the opportunity to escape, he did so. Hearing word from some people, the Wolf Pack, those Luka considered like family and more, essentially moved on without a care in the world of his disappearance. After hearing this, Luka has started to revert back to a state of distrust and dislike towards others, seeing redemption, friendship, and emotional attachment of any sort as pointless. He tried, but in the end, those around him could not save him. Cast back out into the cold with nobody by his side but himself, Luka has become a lone wolf.





Current Relationship

Emma & Lily


Roy "Hutch" Hutchinson | @RiZStream

Sunny Smith | @zsmith1111









Jaysh Allah


Wolf Pack





Interesting character! Teaching my character not to take drugs from people/strangers and shit! 

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Really cool graphics.

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Amazing graphics, must of put a lot of work into this!

Really hope to run into you sometime. Seems like an interesting character.

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Technically your still married to @PhoenyxxRP until you get divorced. I would love to see that roleplay

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This cannot be... Luka Stika "dislikes" the Wolf Pack??? XD! I wonder how long this is going to last... Still, it is fun to see the evolution of your character! XD!

I look forward to meeting you again!

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