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Dr Hope Pisces
Character information
  1. Alias
    Hope Mayson (Birth-name) | Hope Pisces (Legally Changed) | Dr. Fish | Reese's Pieces [Uni Friend’s] | May | Dr. P | Picadilly
  2. Mental
    She likes to keep a clear mind, even though she comes across as a demanding mother. Hope maintain's a high moral but is not a push over. She tries to give reasoning behind her conflicts or theories to show why she is the way she is. If anything, she is selfless. She would rather suffer for those to be in less pain.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1987-07-10 (32 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    London, United Kingdom
  6. Nationality
    British Citizen
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English [Mother Tongue] | Arabic (Minor) | Swahili [Foreign Tongue] | British & American Sign Language
  9. Relationship
    Stefanie Queens [Deceased |Fiancée ] | [Engaged] Noah McKaine
  10. Family
    Michael Mayson [Father] | Debbie Mayson [Mother | Deceased]
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    160 cm
  2. Weight
    52 kg
  3. Build
    Athletic | Buxom | Hourglass Figure | Leggy
  4. Hair
    Raven Black
  5. Eyes
  6. Features

    Beauty mark tattoo under right eye



    [11/03/2019] Gunshot wound under right side ribs accidental incident by Noah McKaine


    Arms / Hands:

    Legs / Feet:
  7. Equipment
    Black Baseball Cap
    Black Bandana
    Red Cross Uniform
    Light Blue Jeans

    Red Cross Blanket
    Different Medications
    Saline Bags
    Scalpel | Sewing Kit | Latex Gloves
    Voltarol Emugel
  8. Occupation
    Combat Medic | Trauma Surgeon
  9. Affiliation
    NHS | Red Cross | Galápagos
  10. Role
    The Doctor


"The Doc might have had her fingers crossed when she said the "do no harm" part."

— Page blurb regarding Doctor Chevy, Grrl Power


Hope’s father, Michael was a medical practitioner for the NHS (National Health Service). Michael’s background as a doctor was the reason why Hope began her studies in the field of medicine, one of her reasons... Hope’s mum, Debbie, a well known nurse at the NHS in London for patients who had suffered minor to major stroke attacks. Debbie was the best role model that Hope could have ever asked for, showing her patience and sociable skills some would find impossible in stressful events.

After graduating high school with a vast amount of qualifications Hope was bombarded with a plethora of college placement offers. Out of all the offers made to her Hope chose to go with an advanced placement at Bilborough Sixth Form college. This choice allowed Hope the opportunity to study A-level biology, chemistry, mathematics and further mathematics. Hope dedicated her entire life to her schooling. Every moment of every day was focused on the absorption of the knowledge provided to her. Her lust to learn far outweighed everything else, to the point that her social life was all but non-existent. In the end, her studying paid off as she was invited to attend medical school at the University of Central Lancashire.

Hope’s five years of medical school were almost as boring as her college years. More studying and work, but just the same amount of friends… None. She studied in the subject of medicine, which in future helped her to achieve her bachelor of medicine and of surgery (MBBS) and trauma care continuum short course on the side.These years went by fast for Hope. She of course graduate with honours and was given a placement at the same NHS that her dad worked at. But this was not exciting enough for her. Hope had come to the conclusion that she had wasted away the best years of her life with studying.

Becoming a trauma surgeon led onto courses for a field/combat medic which she deployed occasionally with the Red Cross. She was one of those people who wanted to help and achieve instead of slumping on the couch knowing people out there needed help; desperately. Saving a life is meaningful, not just to the person, but to the world. It always tampered with the butterfly effect.

Would saving this life be a pro or con to others around them?

Would the person who had died on the table have survived if you had done things differently?

Every little thing, every little detail would have an effect on a person's reputation and the people around them.


Mi Mi Mi - Serebro | 7 Rings - Ariana Grande | Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez
Bury A Friend - Billie Eilish | Me and My Baby - Steam Powered Giraffe 
Westwood Road - Andy Black | Young Dumb and Broke - Elton John Cover
Hella Good - Gwen Stefani

She has this tone to her that seems snarky and serious, but really she knows life is too short to be serious all the time.

She considers herself selfless for her act of not using medication as she deems her patients more valuable.

Her thrive to learn small details or facts about useless things is common. Culture is also a peek of interest.

She remains discreet on her patients information and tends to give out as little information to people. 
Knowledge is power. And power can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Her sarcasm or dry humour is not meant in any bad intention and hopes people will take this into account.

All her medical assistance is free and sticks to moral that everyone needs to stick with each other than at each others throats.

She has a certain line that you don't cross. Bullshit her, she will correct you then and there unless in a life threatening situation.

Hippocratic oath doesn't mean being a push over. It means to be safe.
Learning new languages, facts or culture
Dry humour or people who can actually have a joke without flipping out

People who deem themselves of higher value or better nature.
Overly aggressive people who just want to start fights for no reason.
People who get themselves hurt and expect her to help with drugs.
Very dark humour
Picky eaters... Just eat the damn thing...
People acting like she is their mother and saying 'Hope' every five seconds.
"Wasteland Credit Cards" - A situation where it gets you into debt and people get hurt or harassed because of it.



Stefanie Queens [Fiancée] |Noah McKaine [Other Half]


Rose [Adopted Sister]


Miller | Spencer | Ryker (Kase) 


Eddy | Parma Violet | Bob | Mayor Jayne | Morgan Squires | Nathan (Glowstick)


Dr. Shock | Dr. Cole | Dr. Andy | Dr. River | Corporal Claypool 
Toan |  | Dennis 

Wary of...

Dr. Fisher | Dutch | Gerald

Rest Well Friend...

Pasi |Jayden Hughes


Killed for the Right Reasons

Dr. Merko (Psychopath who murder innocent people, harassed and tortured doctors)


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