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Maxmilian Vitek Myska
Character information
  1. Alias
    'The Black Wolf'
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1992-09-19 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Miroslavl, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Czech | Russian | English
  9. Relationship
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Missing Fingers on left hand:
    Ring Finger
    Pinkie Finger

    Large scar from shrapnel over left eye, partial blindness.
    A lot of smaller scars along his entire left side, likely from shrapnel as well.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Národní Strana | Černaruští Zdejší | Kameníci | Další Stránka
  10. Role



Maxim grew up in downtown Miroslavl, spending most of his childhood bullying russian children, cheating and being a general troublemaker. Most of these early childhood problems can be contributed to his father, while there is no story of abuse here, his father was a die-hard nationalist, and his ideals of anti-russian immigration rubbed off easily on Maxim.

After finishing high-school, Maxim took to the streets and attended protests, it was at these protests he was able to truly make use of his childlike, violent behavior and roam free, masking his face and defaming soviet monuments, drawing pro-chernarussian graffiti and ill depictions of russians slaughtered. During this year of protesting he met a sweetheart to take care of, indulging her into his world of troublemaking and problems, a world she did not mind.

This childhood sweetheart is Renata, a woman Maxim would come to enjoy the company of for years.





It is to no ones surprise that Maxim volunteered to fight for NAPA at the start of the Civil War, he had no interest in a military force that had russians among its ranks, so the CDF was not an option. Along with him came Renata. At the time of joining the NAPA Guerillas in South Zagoria, they were still quite young and in-experienced. First they were trained how to use weapons, communicate via radio and generally learn the ways of a guerilla fighter, after this they were instructed to attend Pro-ChDKZ recruitment rallies in northern South Zagoria, as young potential 'recruits' for the communist movement.

This false guise of child-like innocence and a willing to 'learn' about communism is one of the reasons NAPA was able to hit valuable targets from out of sight. They relied heavily on supplied information about ChDKZ movement, and with kids like Maxim and Renata around to gather that information, right under the nose of the Russian Seperatists, it was a cake-walk.

It wasn't until one of Maxim's best friends Vit was killed in a ChDKZ ambush that he truly grew a taste for vengence. After the death of his Bratr, he opted out of the undercover operations and chose to fight on the frontlines, sitting day and night at a static DshKM position on a hill, firing at any small light that would appear on the opposite hilltop, Renata had of course joined him and followed suit, and it was in this static position that they remained for most of the war.

During the retreat of the ChDKZ forces, and the ultimate defeat of their movement, Maxim and Renata assisted in hunting down and slaughtering russian ethnics and supporters, caring little for their involvement, and only caring about their relations.

Maxim has done a great deal of things in this war, a great deal of horrors he has both witnessed and committed, and while he regrets some of the things he has done, he sees them as a necessity, a smaller evil for the benefit of the Chernarussian people.


After the war, Maxim moved into an apartment with Renata and went back to studying, he started an electrical engineering degree and finished it years later, only to find that field of work ultimately boring and unimportant to him, his taste for fighting and physical altercation had drawn on him from the war, and so he opted to become a bouncer instead at the local nightclub in Downtown Miroslavl.

Maxim spent the rest of his years there, until the infection broke out.






After the start of the infection, Maxim roamed with Renata from Miroslavl to South Zagoria in an attempt to find her parents and keep them safe. As they searched for what must have been a year and a half they found nothing, and gave up the search. Renata was devastated and to some degree, so was Maxim. It wasn't however before long they came across Misha and his merry band of Stonemen, men who Maxim was able to see himself in, some ex-Napa, some Prizrak supporters, overall these were his people, these were his bratrs, bratrs he had been missing since the war ended.

It took some convincing, but Maxim convinced Renata that fighting again was a good thing, but while he was able to convince her that him taking up the fight would not cause problems, she was set in her ways that she would not want to fight again, at the very least, not if she could avoid it.

While Maxim had his own thoughts about what was done during the war, it seems Renata also had her own... And she wasn't going to start at it again...

They settled for a compromise, Maxim would fight with Kameníci while staying with Renata during downtime, making sure she was okay.

This fighting went on for a while, months even before they came across a small settlement run by two men.

Štěpán and Silvestr, they called themselves Zdejší.





Maxim saw some light in what Štěpán and Silvestr were trying to do, and seeing as Renata did not wish to fight, and was still reluctant about letting Maxim fight, he went to Misha and offered a deal.

Maxim would become the Kameníci contact for Zdejší, he would help train their people on how to fight and keep a good line of communication between the Guerillas and the Civilians. This worked well for a while, but like all good things thrive, eventually they will crumble... And Zdejší was not one that would recover from that.

If it wasn't bad enough that the small settlement of Chernarussians had been found and attacked by local foreign thugs, it was now also under watch by ChDKZ Remnants who had returned to the region, and only adding fuel to the fire, it was around this time Renata actually found out that her parents were safe and sound back in Miroslavl.

Maxim was relieved, and torn... He wanted to evacuate the civilians and Renata back to Miroslavl, and at the same time he wished to remain and fight the evil that resided in South Zagoria, but before he could make a decision, Renata had already booked it towards Miroslavl, left like the wind. Maxim was hurt, abandoned and feeling weak for the second time in his life, only comparable to the loss of his close friend Vit.

It was around this time Maxim met Laska Vrubel and grew a bit on her, she was a naive chernarussian girl who had a fascination with her foreign husband, and ideals comparable to that of a traitor to the country, bringing shame to her people, and yet... Maxim approached her diplomatically, he chose to confide in her, listen to her and attempt to sway her opinion, but before he was able to do as much more trouble landed.

Generation Zero, Jackals, ChDKZ, Dead Batteries.

These are all names of attackers that plagued Zdejší, and with Laska's affiliation with GenZ, and tensions rising, Maxim had to put her in a spot.

It took a while, but the attacks eventually died down just long enough to set up an evacuation of the citizens, this evacuation took a few days, a few days where surprisingly, Laska had chosen to stay at the settlement and get comfortable, instead of returning to her delusional family and husband..

Maxim grew close to Laska, closer than he ever should have, and yet it did not bother him... For as soon as the civilians had been evacuated, as soon as Laska had realised her mistake with marrying a foreigner, he was clear in his head. He knew what his next step was.

He went back to Kameníci.





Maxim is currently fighting alongside Kameníci, spearheading the assault on Pro-ChDKZ forces in South Zagoria, removing foreign filth left and right as he sees fit, and even while doing so, he takes care of Laska and his bratrs. With recent events and the arrival of new plagues in the land he has not waivered, no infact he welcomes the problems, he welcomes them with open arms as he intends to bring them down and show them what a true Chernarussian can do.

Fear the forests, fear the roads, fear the lands for they speak only the phrase:

'Slava Chernarus'



- aggressive – violent - asshole - troublemaker - childish - manipulative - egoistic - lazy - fanatic

Maxim has and always will be, a stout nationalist at heart. From his upbringing, to his involvement in anti-russian protests, his service with NAPA and his teachings from Prizrak. Maxim has shown those around him that he intends to stop at nothing to see his country return to it's former glory, to see it free of foreign filth, free of communist ideals, and above all else. A free Chernarussian Chernarus.



Mechanics/repairs                   1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Melee weapons                         1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png

Endurance                                 1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png

Guns                                           1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png

Strength                                     1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png

Gardening                                  1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Hunting                                      1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Fishing                                       1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Scavenge                                   1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Survivalism                                1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Sewing                                        1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png

Medical                                       1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.png1440217578_kolovrat(1).png.90b86686bab771cc11bfdbb45dd93535.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.pngkolovrat.png.d88ceea85a665be240687bb913eaa057.png



- Likes -









Punk Rock 


- Dislikes -




Kozlov Supporters 





- Values -






- Bratrs -




"We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things... Some of his opinions... Views.. I dare say I despise them... But as a leader? Misha is one of the best... Despite my hatred for his views I would lay down and take a bullet for him any day... Because I know he would do the same."




"Domek is a fucking wild one, he's ex-NAPA like myself, sometimes we make it a competition who can scare a foreigner the most shitless, I remember one time, we screamed at this young kid for hours and ended up soiling himself so hard he now has a permanent stain... God damn it man... Me and him, we are alike, probably more than anyone else here."




"Alexandr is levelheaded, a marksman at heart. He's what we called a 'Tactician' back in the day, preferring to stay at the back and watch over the fight, maneuver around and into blind spots of the enemy. Without people like him, we would not be able to work as we do."




"He's a tough fighter, and even tougher brother. I'd lay down my life any day to fight alongside him. Although, with that said, he has tendency to ape-out."




"I've never seen a man use a pen as much as Josa, he's like a human typewriter, he never forgets a god damn thing, and always documents everything. Despite all that, he fights just as hard as everyone else, stepping to the front and setting example.. He's a good man, a man I will stand by any day."




"Silvestr is a god damn gearhead, and a jarhead. Fucker joined up and became a radio operator in the CDF, he helped people during the start of the infection, trying to contain all this shit... He failed miserably, obviously... And like Misha he holds ideals and views I'd punch his teeth out for... But on the other hand... He is an excellent fighter.. Slava Bratr."




"Ever mistaken a man for a wild bear? Then you haven't met Domonik. He's a tall, burly fucker who can outdrink you faster than you can spell 'Rakija'. He is a tad bit on the dummer side though, I think he was raised a farmers boy, suits his appearance too... Fucker could probably lift an Ox... I mean he practically is one."




"Pavel is an interesting man, he's on the quiet side and tends to be quite reserved, I had the pleasure of witnessing his potential in battle however, he's an excellent fighter, one that isn't willing to sit back and take it, no. He fights back and he fights hard."




"I have to be honest, I have my doubts about Grisha, I don't know if it's his accent or just the way he talks, but something is just off about him... I've heard a few rumors but... Nah... They would never let that happen... And he fights too well for those rumors to be true... Maybe I need to look into him more... For now.. He's a good shot, and a friend."




"Jan is an odd one, he's bloodthirsty and incredibly deadly, and at the same time I feel like he phases out and is brain dead at times, I don't talk much with him, but I've seen him fight, and I couldn't be happier to stand by his side in battle."




"Karel is the smart one, he's cold, collected and thinks before he talks... I can't quite say the same for the majority of the fighters among us... Myself included.. He was one of the people who took a career in politics, studied men like Prizrak, Kozlov... Hell... Even Lopotev... That communist fuck... Despite this Karel still stuck to his roots and his nationalistic views... And he fights hard on the field... I hope he returns from Miroslavl soon."




"State Police had the benefit of using this man for quite a while, after all this infection shit he saw some reason and joined some real fighters, none of that kozlov service bullshit."




"Smartass, pretty-boy, generally an ass. Yet I'd stand by his side any day. Yuri has seen all corners of the civil war, and with that he is a valuable and respectable fighter."


- Friends -

Renata Alena Vacek



"Renata is eh... How can I say it..? She's gorgeous, playful and yet stubborn and despicable... Despite this I've known her since my teens, since we first met during a protest... We've been through thick and thin for as long as I can remember... And yet as of late... We found her parents and she moved with them to Miroslavl... I haven't had much chance to talk with her... And eh... My mind has been elsewhere."

Laska Vrubel



"Laska is... She's different... Originally I had my doubts about her, she enjoys the company of foreigners and is prone to siding with them, having empathy for them, even going as far as to protect them... It's conflicting with my world view, and yet I still spend time with her... In a way, over these past few months she has become very dear to me, very close... She's someone I do not want to lose.. After what happened on the Sixth of June... I know I can trust her fully, I know this isn't a mistake..."

Štěpán Hájek



"Štěpán was a CDF Soldier... A good friend of Silvestr... Think they even served in the same regiment, although I could be wrong. He was one of the founders of Zdejší, he came up with the idea of banding together and forming a chernarussian settlement, only for chernarussie, and it was great... For as long as it lasted anyway... Štěpán is a good man... By now however he has likely retreated back to Miroslavl with his wife... Girlfriend... Whatever she was..."

Raina Valentová



"Štěpán's lover, even to this day I am unsure if they were just together or if they were actually married... She is a bit on the quiet side, but she has a big heart. I had the pleasure of meeting her only once while I was at the settlement and yet she left a good impression on me. She's a nice girl, and I am happy for Štěpán."

Jona Smekhov



"Jona makes my head turn and spiral, the things he says and the feelings he holds... It's hard to believe him at times... He has some contradicting views... Giving lee-way for foreigners here, but not there... Making exceptions while remaining true to some nationalistic views... It confuses me... I should talk to him more... Perhaps drink with him.... Clear some things up."

Emilia Smekhov



"Eh... As much as I hate to say it... She did save my life... Despite being a foreigner... If it wasn't for Jona then I would not give her even a slight chance... She might help Chernarussians, sure, but I do not doubt for a second she is willing to help those I may call my enemies... She's a risk... I hope Jona realises that eventually.."



- Tattoos -

Left Arm



Back and Right Arm




- Personal Goals -

Make sure my parents are safe in Miroslavl [Completed]

Establish an armory of weapons to ensure the ability to fight continuously. [Completed]

Find a person who can make me a new tattoo. [On-going] [0/1]

Ensure the armory stays stocked. [On-going] [16/10]

Hunt down the traitor known as Lukas 'Luka' Stika. [On-going]

Convert Chernarussians to the cause, inspire one to fight for ones country. [On-going] [3/X]

Teach Laska how to become a better fighter. [On-going]




Looks really nice 😄
Though Emily would be truly sad and hurt if she knew what he really thinks about her after everything that happened xD


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This turned out really well!

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groovy harlow


loving the new layout duck

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fuck you

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