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Kyle Mckenzie
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1998-02-13 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Wolverhampton, UK
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White British
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Jane Panzer
  10. Family
    Parents - John Mckenzie (Dead), Catherine Mckenzie (Unknown) | Brothers- Casey Mckenzie (Unknown), Macauley Mckenzie (Unknown)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dirty Blonde, Short
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    always wears a tracksuit, speaks like a roadman, scar on his back where he stabbed before the apocalypse
  8. Equipment
    Only wears tracksuits, converse trainers, cap
  9. Occupation
    Drug Dealer




My name is Kyle Mckenzie. I'm angry, depressed and stuck in this complete fuckin' shit hole with absolutely no hope. Will all of this every end? I don't know.. I don't think anybody knows anymore.. Anyway, let me tell you my story and how I got to where I am today.

I'm 21 years old (born on February 13, 1998) and raised in a little town called Gornal, located in the Western Centre of the United Kingdom. Believe it or not I haven't always hated life. In fact I was extremely happy as a kid. It wasn't till I was about 10 that it all started to go down hill. My dad had lost his job and started to drink more and more each day until he became a raging alcoholic. He was extremely abusive to me, my 2 brothers and my mother. When my mom used to go out shopping with her friends my dad would put me and my brother back to back on the bedroom floor, tie us together using zip ties and put electrical tape over our mouths so that we wouldn't be hurt screaming and crying for help by our neighbours. The years of abuse really fucked with my head. I hated seeing him lay hands on my mom but there was nothing I could do, I was too small and too weak to stop him.

I hated being at home so whenever my dad was there I would always try to get out of the house so that I didn't to keep listening to him beat the living shit out of my mom. It was at this time that I had began to hang around in what was considered a gang. I say "considered" a gang because we were all quite young. Most of the member were 16/17 but there were some kids as young as 13 that would chill with us and even I was considered one of the youngers at the time being 14. There were drugs, violence and ASBO behaviour going on all around me. It's gonna sound weird but I loved it! For the first time in my life it felt like I had people who cared about me, and would always have my back. At first it was just somewhere that I could go where I felt safe and didn't have to worry about dad but as time went on and I began to really enjoy the violence. It was a way for me to take my anger out on others and I loved that I was in control, I was the one with all the power, I was the MAN! As time went on I became a trusted member of the group I was offered a promotion. The promotion was being a low level drug dealer, don't get me wrong I wasn't going to become a millionaire but i'd never had a job before nor had I ever made money within the gang so this was a huge thing and I couldn't wait to start making my own hard earned cash.

Would you believe me if I told you that the day my mom got that phonecall and was told that my asshole of a "father" had been stabbed 9 times in the chest and back during a bar fight and was pronounced dead at the scene was the happiest day of me life? Well it was, it felt like the nightmare we had all being living was finally over. My only concern was that we were going to need money to live on now that my dad was gone. My mom had to quit her job since she was too scared to leave me and my brothers with my dad whilst she worked since she'd come back to use being black and blue and often had to take us to the hospital. Over the few years I was selling drugs I had been giving my mom money to save up so that we could we could get a place of our own and finally get away from that complete hole. I guessed that we'd have enough to live on for a good 6 months or so but that's when she told me that my dad had found the stash and blew it all gambling and that she was too scared to tell me. I felt so lost, I didn't know what we were going to do.. My mom was too mentally ill to work and we were broke I felt defeated.

The following day I met up with my friends and Mike, the gang leader, and I were talking about a some cocaine that he had been offered that was way cheaper to buy than the stuff we were buying and selling at the time but that he had turned down the offer since it was located in a place called Chernarus and that he couldn't find someone that was willing to take the risk of trafficking drugs back into the UK. Now, I'm not religious or anything but at the time I couldn't believe what I was hearing and it seemed like God had seen all of my struggles and was giving me a way to make the money I needed to keep my mom and brother afloat. I knew it was risky but I felt that I was the man in the family now and I had to provide and I knew the amount of money that I would make from doing this would set us up for atleast 6 months so I told Mike that I would do it. 

My plane landed at Miroslavl International airport on July 6th 2017. I was supposed to spend a week or so here in Chernarus before returning home. Complete chaos broke out across the nation, in a panic I decided to go straight to the airport to try and get a flight as the rumours that were being spread were truly horrifying. Upon reaching the airport it had became clear that I wasn't going anywhere as all flights had been cancelled and to make things worse me and thousands of others were held hostage inside the airport. On the 21st the CDF guards that were keeping us locked in the airport had left meaning we could also get out of the airport. I thought this was a good thing but as I came to the exit of the building I saw what could of be described as humans but with their eyes soulless, blood dripping from their jaws and skin hanging off. In sheer panic I ran out off into the woods only to collapse of exhaustion. I awoke shortly after, aching and thirsty. 

I spent around 2 years or so in Chernarus, atleast I think.. I can't be sure we seem to take it day by day now and don't keep track of what day of the year it is. I had some great times there.. Maybe not the time I was took hostage and had a gun to my head and about to die, but a man called George begged for my life and saved me. Over the time spent in Chernarus we spent every second together and he was like a dad to me. I joined a group, rose up the ranks and met a girl called Jane. She was amazing in every way, it took a long time but we finally came to the realisation that we were made for each other. We spent many months together up until very recently... Me and George got took hostage by a guy named Viktor and his crew. I was beaten, threw through a billboard and had my head stamped into the floor. He decided to let us live and me, Jane and George decided we had to leave Chernarus and get away because Viktor has made us his mules to join a drug gang. We headed east for a couple of weeks until we reached a place called Livonia. It's beautiful here and it seems to be safe, I've heard whispers that there are a lot of bears in this country but I've not yet encountered any and I pray to god that I never have to either.


Drugs - Mainly cocaine and weed

Loyal Mandem - He hates liars

Tracksuits - You'll never see him without one of his colourful tracksuits

Galdem - He thinks he's a ladies man, yet always seems to be single

Fresh Creps - His off-whites are always squeeky clean



Snakes - People who snake him or lie

Russians - They never understand him and he never understands them

Dirty clothes/shoes - Even during the apocalypse he has to stay looking fresh

Lightweights - People who get drunk on 1-2 beers annoy him

Nationalists - "Get out of my country" must be their motto. He hates this, not all foreigners are the same and he's saved many Chernarussians lives.




Aaron.png.97458a98eceeebace51699c5776102af.png.c19e307b49104820b317dcf846b07ea1.png   Alen.png.bdd50da8c181017c53390f08db12e864.png.aa125666b1aa568dce6f526d4cd519f6.png    Clancy.png.a333c76cc94fc4e2d73f0c771422d9e9.png.47370d12a39473263aa4311129eebbc6.png    Eli.png.376d1d06619a99d068842a7b62d584d0.png.d56ba431010ad909894eb6733c01c547.png    George.png.189bea01118f6256dcca745990cb6a64.png.9e5c79b39e352d6881a4687f5f438044.png    Hank.png.5157f02e42ea4dbbf0d95a03596f3a84.png.8e40e83e0769abd7f36df147d42de839.png    Kevin.png.438b358995b71bf0b31908121d6e8afc.png.2df3d0e1072468a72c135518c957d0b1.png 

Leonid.png.a0bffeb48615f1db10fc489bd4c712d1.png.6af71bd98566790ec87198105afc082d.png    Saggio.png.162caa871ffc96a64d93b1003d6f1a3b.png.5be0df31b04ef166961ac308502ec0ab.png    Sumata.png.dbc75240a70974862ccf78c8001b12bb.png.3cf1dfb2d1c287d0abac2fd23ac0761e.png    Viktor.png.2d273ac7de969bc6357e67332f4c2c00.png.afcd61653a952849fa3e40f16509dda3.png    Jane.png.3631951402a2269a9574a571da4d0de2.png.6edfea78ab150ec32342946914b20fe5.png




Great to meet in-game my man!, good read on this page btw!

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Great to meet in-game my man!, good read on this page btw!

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Proper fresh tings. Lookin good blud

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I like the song a lot Im interested to meet this character 

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