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Viktor Petrov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1970-10-14 (49 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
    Ethnic Chernarussian
  6. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, Dutch and some German
  7. Relationship
    - None -
  8. Family
    - None -
  9. Religion
    - none -


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    92 kg
  3. Build
    Muscled, tall
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    - The COBR logo tattooed on his chest -
  7. Equipment
    - A pistol with his mother's name carved into it
    - An axe he got from his father
    - A water bottle which he found in Takistan
  8. Affiliation
    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya




When Victor was born in Grishino his dad wanted to make a man out of him. He started hunting with his dad. On a bright sunday morning they were huntig on boars, when his dad told him to shoot a boar they heard another shot and the boar fell to the ground. His dad became so angry he told Victor to wait untill the other hunter arrived to the lifeless animal. Minutes passed and suddenly they saw the hunter walking up to the boar. His dad told Victor to shoot the man in the back and so Victor did. The man screamed in agony while he fell down to the floor. Victor's dad walked up to the man and let Victor cut some meat off the boar. His dad took the meat and put it in the hunter's mouth. The hunter started to choke, Victor looked away but his father forced him to watch the man choking. Victor started crying and after his dad got rid of the body he dragged Victor back home where he started beating him untill he had no tears left to cry. From that moment on Victor's dad wanted to make a man out of him so he started to hit him daily.

When Victor turned 18 he joined the Chernarussian Police Force and was stationed in Elektrogorsk. He enjoyed working as a police officer and everyone at the office liked him. But everything changed on a monday morning. He and his partner went to a supermarket where a group of men started fighting with eachother. When he tried to stop them one of the men hit Victor and victor fell to the floor. On that moment Victor snapped, he took his beton and hit the man who hit him on his head. The man fell to the floor and Victor sat ontop of the man. He started hitting him time after time untill there was nothing left of his head. It was silent in the supermarket, his partner watched him and the other men just stood there with their mouths open. He was charged with murder but because his dad was good friends with the judge they decided to send him to Prison Island as a guard. Prison island was a rough place, the guards were corrupt and sometimes guards murdered prisoners and threw them in the ocean. Victor changed even more on that island, he abused prisoners, he tortured prisoners and he raped prisoners. 

After working on Prison Island for a couple years he decided to join the CDF, in 2001 he joined the 88th 'Duch' CBRN Company. He fought with his brothers against the Chedaki in the Civil war and after the Civil war he fought in Takistan. Operation Arrowhead was a hard war, many people died but he managed to survive untill the end. Victor saved alot of his brothers in Takistan and proved to be a good soldier. He got invited to apply to the COBR (Černaruská Republika, Interior Ministry COBR State Security Directorate) where he worked for even more years. 

One day he got in contact with his half-brother. Back then he did not know his half-brother was a part of the Chedaki. He became very close with his half-brother and his half-brother told them that the Chernarussian gouverment was currupt and that he should join the Chedaki and become a communist. He did and decided to betray his own. Chedaki wasn't succesfull the next years and they got pushed back into the Black Mountains where they had to survive 2 horrible winters, his half-brother died but he survived once more. Recently his platoon (the 67th "Lopotev" Sotnya) returned to Chernarus and they have a mission.. To take back what is theirs.


Born 14-10-1970 

Died 24-05-2019


- Joined the Chernarussian Police Force

- Worked as a guard on Prison Island

- Joined the CDF and ended up being a part of the 88th 'Duch' CBRN Company

- Fought in the Civil War

- Fought in Operation Arrowhead 

- Joined the COBR

- Betrayed the COBR and his own government to join the ChDZK



- The ChDZK logo carved into his lower arm

- A scar on his lower torso from a bullet that got removed

- Burned skin on his right upper leg from a IED in Takistan

- Some small scars on his hands from glass he cut himself on

- Some scars on his back from the beatings he got from his father

- 2 scars on his left lower leg from bullets that hit him

- 1 small scar on his right upper leg from a bullet that hit him

- His left ringfinger is cut off by the Dead Batteries



Dimitri Konashenkov @OxeN, The first Chedaki member who accepted him into his platoon even though he was a ex-CDF member

Kevin Shock @Imation11, His best friend. The only one he fully trusts.

- Timur Priyodok @Rutkiy, One of the few Bratri's he respected the most  KIA

Riviaira Pevensie @Mademoiselle, Sees her as his own daughter



Fred Felker @A Drunk FelkerRP, He disrespects the Chedaki and tells everyone he does on the radio

The House, In his eyes they ruin the country and they should be killed

Constance DeVoe @Xehara The love of his life, she betrayed him and she must be killed




Can you explain why you are using information from a previous dead character that was in my dynamic on a new character?

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46 minutes ago, Major said:

Can you explain why you are using information from a previous dead character that was in my dynamic on a new character?

I am not, this character was in your dynamic and he decided to leave. 

Dont really get why you are posting this on my character page instead of sending me a PM? 

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Updated the page and added some new images thanks to @Mademoiselle.

(Major was misinformed and we have 0 beef).

Slava Chedaki!

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