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Jason Hunter

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Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1985-03-24 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Belgium, Limburg
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Dutch, French, English
  9. Relationship
    Ellen Gielen (wife - divorced)
  10. Family
    Lise Van 't land (mother), Johnny Hunter (father), Lise Hunter (daughter), Emily Hunter (daughter)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
    Strong, slim || burn scar on the bottom left side of his face ||
  4. Hair
    dark brown, short
  5. Eyes
    green coloured
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features

    -Variety of food

    - Being in charge
    - Racism

    - Murder in cold blood
  8. Equipment
    -Belgian military uniform
    -Military handheld radio
  9. Occupation
    Radio Operator
  10. Affiliation
    Regiment Para commando (Belgium) - 10th group CIS
  11. Role
    Radio Operator


Belgium..., never really got involved with any war bussines (besides battling the terrorism) even though their special forces group "Regiment Para-Commando" is number 14 on the most elite fighting millitary teams from around the world. Jason was part of this special forces group...He joined them at the age of 27.
Jason was born on the 24th of march 1985 in Belgium, Limburg.
He was named by his father Jean-Pière after a joung boy, who saved Jean-Pière's life when he had a terrible accident in the millitary.
Jason's mother Josephine...Had some doubts at first but agreed nonetheless.
(Student life)
Jason studied Industrial Sciences For about a good 7 years, but he kept failing the eight year.
So Jason called it quits and decided to follow in his fathers footsteps, he joined the millitary academy in Brussels.
After spending a few more years there, he joined the millitary at the age of 26 in Leuven
and became an official member of the "regiment Para Commando" as a Radio Operator at the age 27
(Soldier life)
Being a radio operator was even better then he thought...The studies he had during Industrial Sciences really paid off.
It was ofcourse just exercises and stuff that the Belgian millitary did. There was no real risk of a war breaking out anytime soon.
He met a few people there Maarten, Olivier, Johnny, Eric, Patric,..
They became best buddies, causing all kinds of trouble and getting away with it unpunished.
(2009, Belgium)
The news was crawling with the war between the Russian red star movement and Chernarus...
Belgium didn't get involved (wich was to be expected) but Jason and his buddies were glued to
the TV, hoping that the Chernarussians would come out victorious, seeing as how the russians
invaded their lands. Jason was kind of glad he didn't have to go there, Being cornered by
Takistan and Russia didn't seem fun to him.
(2017, 25th of June, Lithuania, )
Lithuania lies NE of Poland, It's actually quite a pretty country.
We were filing a truck with ammo for the other Militaries who were also there.
It was then that Jason and his buddies (who were now a squad) heard the radio news broadcast.
Eric turned up the volume of the radio, other soldiers came out of their tents and gathered around the radio.
The captain exited his tent and looked confused at the bunch of soldiers.
He stopped looking confused after he heard the news.
"Chernarus has been hit with what looks like some sort of epidemic. This virus
appear to cause people to be very aggressive. Please stay tuned for further news."
Everyone looked worried at eachother...Everyone but the Captain Lambië.
He told everyone that we shouldn't be worried about that little country, and the we should all go back to our duties.
(2017, 14th of July, Belgium)
After a short meeting of the Belgium goverment, we came to an agreement.
An agreement where we would aid Chernarus by dropping relief supplies for the people who were struggling to survive there.
Not long after this decision our cargo planes were already being filled up with supplies...Food, water, basic medical supplies, clothing, blankes, and everything needed to survive.
Jason and his buddies were going with the 3rd plane to be able to push the crates out along with a chute.
(2017, 15th of July 06:20, Chernarus airspace)
"The speaker that the pilot was operating jumped to life, we were informed that we needed to push the crates out.
Everyone attached themselves to the railing above them.
Jason and Patric grabbed crate number 1
The rest of Jason's squadmates grabbed the other ones.
"Crate 1 go" was heard through the speaker.
Jason and patric pushed the crate forward and then out of the plane, the chute deployed perfectly.
"Crate 2 go!" was heard.
Again the chute deployed perfectly.
"Crate 3 g..." The voice was interupted by an explosion that occured at the back of the plane.
the plane started shaking and the sound of the engines was dominated by the sound of a loud alarm.
The explosion caused the death of Olivier. Olivier was taken by the blast and Eric fell out of the plane...Jason hoped his parachute worked.
They were hanging on the their rope wich was attached to the railing above them. A few crates slid out of the plane
The shaking started getting heavier by the second.
The co-pilot attempted to pull the plane up but when the 4 remaining soldiers looked out the windows and started seeing trees,
they braced for impact. The plane crashed in the unknown woods.
Jason opened his eyes and saw what looked like a floating angle in a red dress,
he then rubbed his eyes and was shocked at the sight of seeing patric hanging from a metal pipe wich impaled him.
There was no trace of Johnny...Maarten was laying a few meters away from him. He awoke aswell,
but it appeared he had broken his left arm when the plane hit the ground.
Jason survived with 2 broken fingers and a painfull ribcage. He reached for the medkit that was suprisingly still in good condition.
He grabbed a morphine stick and injected it into Maarten. He then made him a splint improvised from a backpack located in the plane and some rope.
Jason allowed Maarten to lean on him, both of them wandered outside.
"What are we going to do now Jason?" said Maarten.
"I think it's best that we see if the radio of the plane still works...I'm going to check the cockpit you stay here...try to find out where we are" Jason replied.
The belgian soldier went to the cockpit and looked through the shattered windows. He saw the pilot and the co-pilot...both of them died. He saw the pilot's weapon an FN P90
Jason grabbed it and checked its ammunition.
"I don't think so" Said a man wearing soldier camouflage with a russian accent, who appeared out of the woods along with a few of his armed buddies.
Jason looked back at maarten and noticed he was also found by the russians.
"This plane...and it's content is ours now" said one of the russians buddies.
"Wha...Why?!..." Maarten asked nervously
"Well...uhm..for starters WE took it down. because you were in our airspace.
And YOUR shitty planed destroyed all this pretty nature...considering that fact, we will be taking you aswell." The russian replied while laughing
The Russian man noded and 2 of his Picked Jason up while 2 other guys violently picked up Maarten.
(2017, 15th of July 23:16, camp in the Black Mountains)
It was night,Jason and Maarten were both tied to a pole inside a tent.
There was one guard outside...members of the little Russian group were outside by the campfire,
laughing, chatting and eating the supplies that They stole.
"This would be a good time to come up with one of those plans of yours Maarten." Jason wispered.
" I'm working on it alright " Maarten whispered back.
"Shut up you foreign fucks!" Said the Russian guard.
" The problem is, Stalin over there is preventing my improvisation" Joked Maarten.
The guard looked annoyed and entered the tent, he then striked Maarten with his right hand.
After that, the guard lit his cigarette..and he then kept looking at the two. Jason and Maarten bowed Their heads down, looking defeated.
That was until the noise the guard was producing while he was smoking, turned it the the sound of somebody gurgling water.
The 2 quickly looked up and saw the guard's throath bleeding. When he hit the floor,
a familiar face was standing behind him it was Eric (the man who fell out of the plane with his chute) who slit the guards throat!
He cut Bothe their ropes and quickly snuck them out of the camp.
Jason told Eric what the Russian group did...
and Eric replied with "I know, but let's get out of here first. I found a safehouse 2km from here...We can stay there for some time.
2KM further, they reached the safehouse in the southern part of Krasnoe.
(2017 16th of July 11:06, S of Krasnoe)
Jason woke up and rubbed his eyes, it was then that he noticed his 2 broken fingers where in a splint. His ribcage also felt a little better.
He looked through the rusty looking window...The sun was shining over the Chernarussian countryside, it was quiet.
Jason actually enjoyed the view of Chernarussian's nature, it reminded him of home. He was relieved that his family was still in Belgium.
But he needed to get out somehow. Maarten woke up aswell, he looked at Jason and asked where Eric was.
Jason then noticed that he wasn't there either...He was nowhere to be found.
Maarten stood up trying not to lean on his splinted leg. He walked over to the kitchen part of the house.
Jason stood up and decided to take a look around the house aswell. He went upstaird and it was then that he heard a strange noise coming from the attic.
It sounds like some kind of a monster growling...Like one of those zombies from the movies.
He picked up a loose pipe that was lying on the floor. Jason then opened the attic trapdoor that was located on the ceiling.
A ladder was attached to the trapdoor...Jason unfolded the ladder and slowly made his way up the ladder.
There was someone standing there, he or she was looking through the window.
"Hello?" Jason said softly.
It turned around, its mouth was covered in blood and its shoulders had bite marks.
Jason was shocked, it must be the owner of the house.
He quickly jumped down the ladder and closed the trapdoor. The infected person was heard hitting the trapdoor violenty, trying to get down.
Jason ran into the kitched and noticed Maarten standing there looking confused.
"What was all that noice about?" He asked.
Jason told him what he saw and the we should find Eric and get the out of here as quickly as possible.
"We should look for the UN or NATO, they are operating around here." Said maarten.
Jason agreed and allowed Maarten to once again lean on him.
They exited the building they were staying in and started crossing the field.
every meter there was a dead cow lying in the field, covered in flies.
alot of them appeared to be gutted.
Maarten and Jason managed to cross the field and they reached what appeared to be some kind off cow shed
Jason putted Maarten down carefully as his leg was still splinted.
Jason grabbed a knife from his boot and entered the shed. He saw a pile of dead cows in the corner but it was what was eating from the corpses that frightend him the most.
He slowly approached the eating person and while doing so, he stepped on a branch that was lying inside the shed, causing it to produce the familiar cracking noise.
The infected being stood up and looked at him, It screamed at him and quickly dashed towards him.
Jason jumped out of the way and succesfully managed to tackle the infected causing it to fall over.
He quickly layed on top of the infected attempting to calm him down, but the infected person kept screaming and struggling heavily.
Jason despite all his efforts to calm him down gave up and handcuffed him. He tried talking to him but the infected just kept screaming.
Jason tied him to one of the pipes and left him there.
When he exited the barn Maarten asked him what happend in there.
Jason told him everything about what he saw and how this strange infection is even worse then they thought.
"so...zombies?" asked Maarten confused
"Yes...basicly like the zombies from the movies expect these run instead of walk" Said Jason.
Maarten noded and he then pointed out that there was a radio tower just south of Krasnoe.
Jason agreed to go there and he carefully picked him back up and they wandered towards the radio tower.
When they finally arrived there, Jason climbed to the top to get a better view of the area
He saw the black mountains to the north, and the town of Severograd to the SE
He climbed back down and told Maarten what he found.
They both decided it would be a good idea to go to the town in the hopes of finding some UN or Nato or some military presence.
Halfway there in the forest they noticed a military presence, a small armed group of people wearing a familiar russian camouflage.
They both recognised the group and attempted hiding from them. This failed after they heard a man shouting in Russian followed by bullets flying in their direction.
Jason unpinned a flashbang and threw it in their direction, he picked Maarten up when the flashbang went off.
Jason and Maarten were slightly affected by the explosion, their ears were ringing, but they were not as heavily affected as the russians.
They were running east and stumbled upon a road leading down to Severograd, they decided to stick in between the houses to avoid the pursuers.
When they almost reached Severograd Maarten was hit in the middle of his lower back.
Jason attempted to help him on his feet but he couldn't use them anymore...
The bullet must have hit his spine.
Jason picked him up instead and tried carrying him towards the town. He succesfully managed to reach the town. He went into a hospital building where he put maarten on a bed. Maarten was breathing heavily and Jason wasn't sure if he would make it. Jason found a first aid kit and he tried his best to help him but his medical knowledge was not high enough to help Maarten, wich ended up in Maarten succumbed to his wounds. Jason look around the room and noticed a dead survivor wearing the same camouflage as the russians, he had an FN FAL, a belgian millitary rifle. Jason picked it up along with the magazines. He heard a van stop not far from the hospital, he looked at Maarten and positioned himself at a window. The russians were the passengers of the van, they all stepped out, there were 4 of them. Jason mounted his rifle the broken window and look through his scope. One of the men who got out of the van started yelling through the town.
"Where are you foreign idiot? Come out of hiding now soldier...This is your last chance."
Jason exhaled, then took a deep breath and looked through his scope again aiming at the head of one of the russians wich had an LMG.
He whispered to himself "You started a war with the wrong country" and pulled the trigger.
The russian fell to the ground and the others looked towards the hospital.
Jason quickly managed to heavily wound another rifleman before having to duck into covering due to him taking fire.
He repositioned himself to a the next floor and peaked through a small hole in the wall,
the leader was in his visual and he opened fire on him, but he only managed to give him a grazing shot along his face.
Jason stood up and opened fire on the leader again hitting him twice in the leg. The leader managed to take cover behind the van while the other rifleman was supressing Jason.
The belgian soldier grabbed a grenade from his vest un pulled the pin out he blindly threw it in the direction of the gunshots. After hearing a loud explosion, Jason came out of his cover and reposition himself a bit further. He look through the window and noticed that the rifleman was taken out by the blast...only the leader remained.
Jason came out of the hospital and aimed his weapon at the back of the van, he kept moving closer and closer. When he was at the back of the van he realised the leader succumbed to his wounds.
Jason let out a deep sigh and went back inside the hospital to the bed in wich he laid Maarten. He picked him up and burried him in front of a large tree. Jason took one last look at his friends grave and he then headed south...


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