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Brad Williams
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Damaged But Sane
  3. Date of birth
    1992-02-03 (27 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Loveland, Colorado
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English With Knowledge On A little German And Russian
  8. Relationship
    Cleo Web (Fiance)
  9. Family
    Jackson Williams (Father), Meranda Williams (Mother)
  10. Religion
    Baptist Christian


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly Tall With Average Weight
  4. Hair
    Brown In A Low Fade
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Claw Scar On Left Upper Lip.
  8. Equipment
    Camera And Recording Equipment.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Operation Ghost
  11. Role
    Ghost Operative, Second In Command, Reconnaissance


Brad Williams was born to a middle class family in Loveland, Colorado in Feb, 3 1993. There he met his long time friend Tyler Austin who would later in life become his camera man. Brad Williams went to Denver later in life where he went to The Art Institute of Colorado. He always had a thing for photography and news reporting and anything related to that. His friend Tyler joined him along on his journey through life. Later when Tyler and Brad were in Wyoming taking photo's of the landscaped where they were attacked by wolf's They Managed to scare them off with a flare gun but Brad was cut in the face by one giving him the scar on his Lip. After a while of working for local News stations he later sought a career in the U.K. For a British New Organization Where he was sent to Chernarus in 2017 to report protests, political demonstrations, and calls for secession, in Northern South Zagoria and Belozersk, and reported on the Martial Law that followed. He later reported on what happed during the first two weeks of the outbreak. His friend Tyler died during the outbreak so now Brad wonders the country alone helping whoever he can but sticking to himself calling himself "Dark". During the second week of the outbreak Brad and Tyler were at a refugee camp reporting on the situation when the camp was attacked by infected, Tyler was killed during the attack and Brad ran off into the woods to safety after witnessing the death of his friend... He soon found himself along in a deep.. dark... foggy forest... with no escape out of It insight, through months of hard work and motivation to survive he dug himself a whole under a tree for a shelter. He spent a total of two whole years in that little foxhole he had dug himself. During those two years he met two groups.. a group of survivors in a local town and a group of communist Russians/Chernorussians. The group of survivors found him scavenging in his black and camo attire, a girl within the group had a little bit of a crush on him, and gave him his nickname. Dark... that name means a lot to him. Dark is essentially Brad’s.. more Primal and Wreckless and will do ANYTHING to survive mindset... Brads mental health deteriorated in that forest, being alone for months will do that to you after all... he saw those people for a month or two before they vanished, and he never saw them again... and so... he returned to his foxhole until he had to come out for food and water. Around maybe 5 months later he met the previously mentioned Communists, he rolled with this group of people mostly for the food, drinks, and company from comrades. He ultimately decided leaving the group after these said communists killed a man and tried to rape his pregnant wife... they ended up beating her to death like a dog... he left them and returned to his home in the woods.. months later he had finally decided to have enough courage to leave his forest home and begin wandering South Zagoria, He Soon found himself in Novaya where he met Pogo and Skip Deacon these two saved him from endlessly wandering until he died, they gave him hope at a new life... giving him a house in town and giving him a job as the town reporter. After awhile of this he eventually met Miss And Mr. McKaine husband and wife... Minnie McKaine would later be one of his best friends... she listened to him and gave him encouragement in hard times since he didn’t have the best in the way of his mental health.. he would help out the Saviors by giving them intel and food and ammo and whatever he could find to help.. but it always seemed like they never appreciated his efforts. Eventually Brad put out his first story of the NNB which was heavily filtered by the Saviors so to not give them a bad public image... Brad had heard the story’s about the Saviors... all of which are true.. They rape.. kill innocents.. rob innocents.. and some are cannibales. He ultimately decided to form his own group to eventually rival the Saviors so he may Purge the Country of their sinful and horrible ways. That group eventually merged with the Dead Horses where he now works alongside the Dead Horses to Finally find a purpose. Along the way later when he was in Novaya he had came across a woman named Cleo Web.. he talked to her a lot like Minnie seeing as how she also listened to him and seemed to care... Cleo would go to tell Minnie about his crush on her.. but Minnie denied his affection.. but still promised to help Minnie and protect her through her rough times much like she did. Eventually Brad confessed his feeling towards Cleo.. and Cleo gave him a chance.. he promised to protect her and care for her. Any. Means. Necessary. Even if that means doing bad things.. to good people.. and that’s where our story continues Brad joined the Pamyati as a informant and a Militiaman soon the Pamyati moved back north until their final operations begun and soon they will make their return Brad mostly then hung around the Green Dragons as kinda a hired gun or sorts helping them out and rolling with them. Cleo stayed in town and was given safety she didn’t much like the Green Dragons But Atleast they kept her safe. After a while Brad proposed to Cleo and she said yes.. but on the same day one of the Green Dragons was angered by this and made them leave Brad Understood and left, Cleo on the other hand.. she argued she back talked she didn’t give these men any respect but Brad was their friend and he knew would be able to come back if he played his cards right, soon he managed to get her to shut up and they started walking.. Cleo thought it would be a good idea to take out their armband and shoot it infront of them they obviously were angered by this and took her captive where they essentially had a long talk, she wasn’t beaten or anything like that and Brad didn’t exactly want to get shot soBrad played his cards right and managed to get them out fo there not long after Cleo was almost robbed by a Mexican where Brad promptly shot him, another Mexican then tried to assassinate Brad not long after but was gunned down. Brad then relocated to Cherno but didn’t stay to long, He Soon was approached by a old friend of his Simon, they talked and said the Dead Horses wanted to talk Brad took them up on this proposition... which was a bad idea in many ways.. Brad was kidnapped, robbed, tortured and threatened by the Dead Horses for his disloyalty.. Simon was now promptly is sort of Care Taker, basically to watch over him to make sure he didn’t cause trouble for them. Brad was then brought into Operation Ghost, what most would call a “Hero” group of sorts, and that’s where he stays as Dark, second in command of The Operation.


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