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Ondrej Masek
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1990-04-15 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, English
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Karel Masek (Father, Alive), Johana Masek (Mother, Dead)
  10. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Close cut, brown.
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    - Several small, white marks pepper Ondrej's face. They appear similar to scar tissue.

    - Tattoo located on the inner right side of his neck, in Chernarussian, that reads "Pýcha a Krev."
  7. Equipment
    Ondrej is a practical man, he uses what gets the job done.
  8. Occupation
    Soldier (formerly), mercenary (currently).
  9. Affiliation
    Himself and those like him.



Pride. Blood. Pride in one's self, one's family, one's nation. Swelling from blood spilled in defence of it, or for its betterment.

Ondrej was not immune from the trappings of pride, the arrogance it lends, the bravado it so often brings about in young men eager to prove themselves a man. This was not helped any further by his father's profession, a soldier in his youth and a proud small-business owner once discharged, he was a firm believer in an independent and free Chernarus. Often times, while under fire from Chedaki forces during the civil war, Ondrej would flash back to those conversations he had with his father, about pride, honour, sacrifice for one's country; trying to recreate the burning passion he felt to serve when he first enlisted.

He concluded, after the umpteenth bullet sent dirt and shit spraying around him, that this was bullshit. After the war ended and his contract with the military concluded, Ondrej decided not to re-enlist and began to make his own way in the world. Full-time work he had planned with his father was cut short by a letter from a small, American backed, private security company operating in Chernarus. In it, they detailed his exploits during the civil war, noting his proficiency for rooting out Chedaki ambushes and returning the favour in kind. His co-operation with NAPA fighters in this regard was also noted, as well as his participation in numerous frontline offensives against Chdkz. By its end, it was estimated that he and his squad had foiled or dispersed 42 minor and major ambuscades. It was for this he was given the nickname "Krysař" or "ratcatcher." If asked, he will gladly discuss and recount his exploits during the civil war, having had a searing hatred for communists, especially Chedaki, burned into him after witnessing their brutality and the leftovers of their atrocities. 

Private security work suited Ondrej, for a time; it helped teach him the ins and outs of the business world, helped reacquaint him somewhat with civilian life, though he remained a soldier at heart, and sowed the seeds which sprouted his current philosophy. In his experience, if they were not family, the other person was out for themselves, so why shouldn't he be the same? It was his plan to take the money he earned, which was decent, from his private sector work and start his own business. This was, of course, until the pandemic occurred and all regular planning went out the window. Crisis afforded opportunity and opportunity breeds opportunists.

Whilst it was still feasible, Ondrej, as well as his father at Ondrej's personal request, were transferred west to protect the assets and persons of wealthy clientele, briefly leading his own team until the military tightened its grip around the urban centres. The majority of the firm's staff were evacuated, whilst it was possible, and the rest were either local or left to fend for themselves. Once his firm had confirmed they weren't returning, feeling somewhat abandoned, he began to search for work and quickly found some. The job itself was simple in concept, locate and relocate an individual in return for recompense; though the trick was that the person in question wouldn't be so easy to locate, as they were in South Zagoria, his home province and a thoroughly lawless region. It would be a challenge for Ondrej but, with the lack of his firm's support for his ailing father, as well as the client's willingness to support the ageing senior while Ondrej was in South Zagoria, it was the only course of action he had. 

And so began the trek east, in search of home and, more importantly, opportunity.





The Zelenogorsk Incident:
Upon arriving in South Zagoria, Ondrej made contact with a fellow Chernarussian named Lukas, former CDF and partially connected with a strong nationalistic movement within the region. It was through this relationship that he was mad aware of an incident occurring at Green Mountain, whereby a Takistani mercenary was loudly announcing his intent to do harm to two Chernarussian women. Eager to make further connections, Ondrej offered his services and quickly rendered them in an ambush at Zelenogorsk, successfully assisting in the capture of the mercenary and disposal or capture of his associates. From this, he formed a favourable relationship with Marta and Toni, the two Chernarussian women who the Takistani intended harm upon.

A Lesson in Respect:
Whilst travelling with Lukas, having just finished squeezing information and co-operation out of an informant, they happened across a group of disrespectful foreigners in the town of Lopatino. Though they carried Chernarussians amongst them, the majority were foreign, loud and entirely unreceptive to Ondrej's attempts at any discourse. This would've been passable had the loudest of the group, a man whom Ondrej would later come to know as Dieter [name given], or War [name discovered], not acted so brashly, openly mocking him and his attempts at offering useful information.

Rather than walk away and look weak in front of his second, he decided to initiate a surprise attack after following them out of Lopatino to the northern side of Vavilovo. The attack went off without a hitch, capturing all 4 of the party on the road, though they failed to capture the 5th. Upon reaching their desired location, Ondrej interrogated Dieter and Joel, kneecapping the latter for disrespectful behaviour. Having had a conversation with Khandra, their associate, he had learned that Dieter cared enough to offer his protection to both her and her sister. Using this to teach him a lesson, he forced Khandra to physically mutilate Dieter's face. Once he had had enough, he left the mutilated Dieter roll off of a steep cliff, though he survived his fall and grievous injuries. 

Lukas' Betrayal:
A few weeks after travelling extensively with Marta and Toni, Ondrej discovered that his associate Lukas had been captured by the aforementioned Takistani mercenary and his associates. It is unknown to him how the mercenary was aware that Lukas was involved, though this did not lessen his anger at Lukas offering information in exchange for his life. Shortly after bargaining with the Takistani to free his associate, to prevent any further leakage of critical information, as well as any blowback on himself, Ondrej killed Lukas and buried him atop a hill in Pustoshka. This marked a turning point in his approach to business, moving away from partnership in favour of running his own crew.

To Capture A Predator:
One rainy, foggy evening, he found himself in the small town of Kabanino after a long day's travel. After observing the town for some time, he noticed two people, clad in black, moving into the town and resting up by the well. Their movements and behaviour interested him somewhat, so he decided, after sweeping the area, to make contact and find out what they were up to. Upon making contact, he immediately clocked a suspicious relationship between the two, one being a man named Nathan and another being a woman named Cecilia. The actions of the latter, stuttering, backing away from Nathan, then attempting to run away once Ondrej engaged Nathan in conversation, indicated to him that she was in need of assistance. Though he was alone, Ondrej managed to get her to a safe place and discuss the situation, away from Nathan.

After much back and forth with Cecilia, he eventually decided to help her out, having learned about her connections with the group of individuals who had offered him disrespect in Lopatino. Figuring she could be a useful asset to help him keep tabs on their movements and actions, he formed a plan and set up an ambush, which was interrupted somewhat by the boyfriend of Cecilia, a half-breed named Jiri. They managed to successfully capture Nathan, interrogated him, utilising torture and manipulation in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of Cecilia's friend, Morgan. Though they failed in their task, he ultimately died and they began a sweep of isolated locations in the north, eventually finding and rescuing a badly wounded Morgan.










- Assess the political situation, if any, in South Zagoria (Ongoing)
- If prominent groups are present, make contact with them and attempt to make business connections (Ongoing)
- Acquire appropriate armament (Succeeded)
- Acquire a worthy partner with which to conduct business (Succeeded, possible re-evaluation necessary) [Re-evaluation conducted, partner terminated.]
- Locate Hedvika (Ongoing)

- Assist fellow Chernarussians if practical (Ongoing)
- Ascertain the condition of his childhood home and restore it if possible. (On hold)



- Avoid harming women and children, if practical.
- Never knowingly worsen the situation of a fellow Chernarussian, if practical.
- Never unnecessarily co-operate with Russians. Under no circumstances co-operate with Chedaki.

Special thanks to @Tony for his invaluable input on the creation of this page.





Něchtěl bys zajít na kávu?

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1 minute ago, Ron said:

Něchtěl bys zajít na kávu?


S tebou? Samozřejmě.

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Můj příteli, pro tebe jsem skutečně homosexuální!

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Žádná homosexualita v Černaruse

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Nice! Wonder what a conversation with this char in game will be like, looking forward to meeting you in game. ?

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Miluji tě. ❤️


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❤️ I become number 1 enemy

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Would definitely ask for more help if its ever needed! 5 stars on service! 

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