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Alaric Mictian
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Doomed from a young age
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1992-05-14 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Ohio, USA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    96 kg
  3. Build
    Muscular thin
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    A litany of scars all over his body, but none on his face.

    Scarring on his finger prints, looks as though they were routinely gouged off to fuck up his prints enough so that they'd be permanently scarred and unread-able.
  8. Equipment
    Always covering his face with something, he hates being identified

    Any other assorted survival equipment you find around Chernarus

    Constantly changing clothes
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role





Mictlantecuhtli in Codex Borgia
Mictlāntēcutli or Mictlantecuhtli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [mik.t͡ɬaːn.ˈteːkʷ.t͡ɬi], meaning "Lord of Mictlan"), in Aztec mythology, was a god of the dead and the king of Mictlan (Chicunauhmictlan), the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld. He was one of the principal gods of the Aztecs and was the most prominent of several gods and goddesses of death and the underworld. The worship of Mictlantecuhtli sometimes involved ritual cannibalism, with human flesh being consumed in and around the temple.





The source of the last name "Mictian" has a lot of backstory into the type of person that Alaric is. He was set from a young age to never live a normal life. He was born into a polygamist Luciferianism oriented cult in the backwater countrysides of Ohio. There, in the secluded towns of Amish country, Alaric was raised and tortured all his life from the start. He was never treated well, always abused, and was made to participate in mentally damaging rituals and scenarios that this small cult community performed in their societal seclusion. All his life, all he knew was the exposure to things that normal society would never imagine, and as he grew, this became his normalcy. The cult didn't live on the books, grew their own food, and stayed out of the system. Fingers were routinely gouged until they were permanently scarred into being un-identifiable. His name never went into any system and as such, unconventional names were given. His last name took inspiration from the Aztec god of Death. The cult at times practiced cannibalism in recognition of the ways of the Aztec rituals as well. Having grown up in a cult where this was daily life, Alaric was doomed from the start. He did develop a sense of acceptance for eating other people, but he has no intense desire to do so unless it seems absolutely necessary. Cannibalism isn't a trait of who he is, it's merely a part of what he has grown accustomed to. It is extremely rare that you should witness him ever exhibit cannibalistic tendencies. Once he became old enough, it didn't take long for him to abandon the cult society and run off on his own. Being thrown out into the world in his state was an awful risk, but he had been taught all his life that everyone else who wasn't in the cult was dangerous and to be avoided. He lived in the shadows and eventually found passage out of the country through means of cargo plane human trafficking and smuggling.


Touching down in an unknown place, he would exit the plane and disappear into the shadows of society once again. He had ended up in Chernarus from a cargo exchange involving mostly machinery parts at the civilian northeast airport. He proceeded to commit crimes and steal to survive for the next few years until the events of the outbreak began to throw the country into chaos. He had little idea what was truly happening but he did take as much advantage of the situation as he could. It wasn't long before the chaos allowed him to secure a firearm and his internal anger and pent up chaos could be set free. He robbed, killed, and tortured people just as he had always been. He didn't do it out of enjoyment, he did it because it was normalcy for him. It's how he was always treated. This was just routine interaction for him. His skills hiding in the shadows and disappearing aided him greatly when the situation would become dangerous. He would flee at the first signs of too much danger and then always re-emerge with a strike from the shadows he ran to. He found his happy medium of killing and pillaging whenever he pleased, but his fun and games with other people's lives ended when he was cornered by some men who were on par with how mentally broken he was himself. Three men proclaiming they were Horsemen of the Apocalypse had taken him hostage after witnessing Alaric killing an innocent medic who had been travelling alone. They began to perform a "judgement" on him and cuffed him and dragged him away out into the woods near Sosnovka. They labeled him of a great many sins and soon came to realize just how destroyed and vulnerable this man truly was inside. After realizing how vulnerable his mind was, they went in for the kill, working towards making him one of them.


The man, War, began to spew rhetoric about the Horsemen and how Alaric could be something more than what he was. He could continue doing the things he thought were normal.... killing and torturing... he would just have to add more finesse to it. Thing is... the Horsemen believe that everyone left on Earth by this point is guilty of sin, and so anyone is fair game. Their only stipulation is that you must make sure the man or woman is aware of what they have sinned of before you end their life. In the interest of protection in numbers and also being on board with the ideals behind judging people and getting to kill them for it... Alaric decided to trust the men and join them. They indoctrinated him into their methods and beliefs, educating him about everything they stand for whilst monitoring him for his stability and reliability. Alaric surprisingly latched on to the ideas quickly and honestly he simply enjoyed being part of a group of people who cultivated his habits instead of suppressed them. It reminded him of his childhood and everything he thought as normal. He viewed these men as normal and everyone else as different. The Horsemen gave him comfort. He felt right at home with them. He is now essentially their hit man so to speak, and the one Horseman who can take life as they please. They make sure to not kill unless they absolutely must so that Alaric may feel satisfied and stay stable being able to quench his thirst for "normalcy" via murder in being the only one who can.

Alaric is a representation of death in the form of a human. His instability and unpredictability is a result of something as immensely uncontrollable as Death itself attempting to manifest inside something as simple as a man... in ideology. Alaric is a mentally crippled guy who came from beginnings in a reclusive society of hideaways in the countryside of Ohio who mentally, physically, and emotionally scarred him and their own members of the cult daily and repetitively until they were barely even people anymore instead of unpredictable monsters. He was born to a life very different than anyone else and from birth has been taught a way that is different than normal society. As a result, his destroyed mentality is irreparable and forever fixed in a state that is dangerous. Alaric suffers from visions, phantom sounds, and cravings that are unsavory. There is a good chance that if he was ever brought into normal society, he would be diagnosed with schizophrenia.


A traumatic event in his childhood at the hands of his cultist parents would result in the sounds of crows constantly haunting his head. In the woods around their camp, he would have been lashed and beaten to “make him stronger” as part of a routine of theirs. During this time, large concentrations of wildlife would be around making noise, one of the most prominent being the local crows cawing. The results are the constant buzzing of crow caws in his head that intensify when he is stressing and quiet down when he is calm. The voices he hears are usually putting him on edge and intensifying the cawing in a seemingly never ending loop.


Alaric’s desires are typically a need for violence. Violence became a part of his every day life to the point that he constantly seeks it to feel normal and calm. He seeks violence to quiet the crows so that he can escape intense headaches and pains in his head. Cannibalism was practiced regularly in his cult as well, but being a cannibal is dangerous and requires a lot of effort and risk. Instead he developed a taste for blood to control the amount of risk he takes giving in to his cannibalistic tendencies. It satisfies short term but eventually he caves in to his cannibalistic desires and will consume someone when the timing is right.



Short attention span



Detachment from normal conversing standards

Ruthless with tasks given

Very fidgety, doesn't like to stand still


Detached from society as a whole, doesn't understand most pop/culture references

Extremely blunt, no sense of finesse in speaking


Cannibalistic on extremely rare occasions

Random headaches

Hears voices and crows

Has a habit of laughing for self comfort

Has intense addictive desires for taste of blood but attempts to suppress it often 





War is the mastermind of all the negative things that has happened to Alaric recently. War requested Alaric stay away from Khandra and he did not listen to him. After learning of the amount of alone time the two spent together and knowing what kind of person Alaric was, War decided to confront the unease that resulted in his mind from it. He stripped Alaric of his rank of Death and told Khandra to stay away from him. It was little too late and Khandra had been sucked in by Alaric's mind tricks. The problem spiraled out of control and War vowed to end the problem he created which was Alaric. War has asked his compatriots to band together and find Alaric and kill him. Recently as things have died down, he is easing up on his goals to kill Alaric but wouldn't hesitate if he showed up on his doorstep one day. As such, relations have soured and Alaric simply waits for his moment to get at Khandra when he can. War is an enemy, as are the rest of their group.



Pestilence @FireVolf

Pestilence and Alaric once got along, but now that War has declared him an enemy and ousted him, Pestilence sides with War and is an enemy. Pestilence is not one for investing his own feelings into making Alaric his enemy, but he listens to War and as such will not hesitate to dispose of Alaric should the opportunity arise.



Conquest @MetalHeadPatriot

Alaric views Conquest as an enemy at this point. Once a weary spectator to his own potential, now turned an enemy combatant. War rallied his closer friends Joal and Uwe to come together and kill the threat that is Alaric. Alaric attempted to plant the seeds of mistrust into the Lamb of God and threatens the goals of the Final Judgement. As a result, he is ousted and amidst a mental breakdown of Khandra's during one night at their cabin, Alaric intentionally fires a 5.56 round into the back of Joel's plate carrier knocking him down and frightening Alice enough to release Khandra and give him a chance to chase after her and scoop her up. It was successful and at this stage it is impossible for Conquest to ever see him as anything but a threat.



Khandra @Lyca

Khandra is recently a forbidden fruit had appeared on Alaric's radar. Upon his indoctrination to Dieter’s plan “The Final Judgement”, Alaric was informed of “The Lamb of God”, a girl named Khandra. Alaric was informed by Dieter that he is not to bother her and that his goals and purpose don’t involve getting near her. Of course, this only made him more curious of her. Dieter knew by that point the nature of Alaric and knew he would discover her regardless of what he did, so he just prefaced everything with telling him to stay away from her. This worked opposite of the intention however and made him start stalking her. He would have stalked her for a few months before finally approaching her and meeting her. Witnessing a great many things during that time, he would be surprised to discover she was outwardly innocent and kind. He would seek to dig deeper to discover the true darkness he suspected to be inside her. Spending enough time around her, eventually he secured alone time with her and began to truly experiment with pushing her to the limits. Extracting anger and unease from her, he got her emotionally charged enough to make her vulnerable and then got her hooked on his dark trait of tasting blood. From then on it seemed he had secured his foothold inside of her feelings and he seeks to instill more and more sadism in her making her more like him. He is trying to reconfigure who Khandra really is. He wants her to be more like him. He wants her to let her own schizophrenia take over and consume her. He wants her to become unstable and unpredictable, just like he is. He craves it like a drug and seeks to dismantle everything she has built up about herself. His little project has started consuming even him. She is all he thinks about and all he wants to focus on. Only time will tell what direction that manifests into. The result is that Alaric plays intense mind games on her and constantly picks on her. Given the right moments when he gets her alone, he has been known to hold her captive and even torture her pushing her to a great many lengths that she has already experienced before. His goals typically were around triggering schizophrenic episodes and toying with her while she was having one. Other goals are riling her up to intense anger and then attempting to control the unfiltered rage in a way that suits him. Despite all his mental anguish to Khandra, she still doesn't judge him and holds nothing against him. She still travels daily nearly with him and spends time around him. Their relationship is truly perplexing and fucked up. Her reluctance to cut him out of her presence results in him continuing to further take as much advantage of her as he possibly can, trying to mold her into his own personal minion.




- Alaric encounters Khandra in Sinistok -

- Alaric lures Khandra to a hunting cabin in the woods to attempt to trigger her into a mental episode - 

- Alaric attempts to on multiple occasions try and push Khandra's buttons and trigger her -

- Alaric begins a campaign of disinformation and manipulation on Khandra to make her his -

- The rest of the group discover the amount of alone time between them and become unsettled by it -

- War declares Alaric no longer the Horseman of Death for defying him -

- War declares that Alaric is a threat to their interests and rallies his fellow Horsemen to kill him if they find him  -

- Alaric stalks the group at their cabin in the woods and proceeds to shoot conquest in the plate carrier amidst internal drama -

- War decides to create a hunting party to finish Alaric off -

- Alaric goes into hiding and continues to lure Khandra off into the unknown planting seeds of doubt in her mind against the others -




Nice page and a good read. Wonder what nerd picked the song ? 

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2 hours ago, Elmo said:

Nice page and a good read. Wonder what nerd picked the song ? 

I wonder... They had good taste. I wanted to do more work on him last night but I got too tired. Back to it!

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oh-oh I thought that this one was just a legend, and that it did not exist... I hope that I will not meet this one!

But I am really impressed at how you can change voice, and personality, and everything in your different characters! XD!

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I put a lot of effort into my RP and your words are very kind and humbling. I am excited to play him, but I will give it a little bit before he is injected into the heart of Chernarus

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Mhm a scary read about my char 😛 and nice pics! In general a great read 😄❤️


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2 minutes ago, Lyca said:

Mhm a scary read about my char 😛 and nice pics! In general a great read 😄❤️


You always butter me up. I'm so greasy nowadays.

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