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Vali Kuznetsov
Character information
  1. Morale
  2. Date of birth
    1992-07-17 (27 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Vladivostok-Oblast, Russia
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Russian, Chernarussian
  7. Relationship
  8. Family
    Anton Kuzenstov
  9. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
  8. Equipment
    Russian Standard Field First Aid Kit
  9. Occupation
    Russian Military Intelligence Officer
  10. Affiliation
    Russian Federation | District
  11. Role
    Intelligence Officer | Enforcer



Vali Kuznetsov, born July 17th, 1992 in Vladivostok-Oblast, Russia. His parents were Vasuly and Elena Kuzenstov. Vasuly was a well-known fisherman in town and often rented out boats to newer fishermen to help them grow. Elena was a chef and always prepared amazing meals out of the fish that Vasuly caught in a restaurant that Vali's uncle Boris ran. Growing up he was a fisherman's apprentice working with his father out of the fishing ports near where he was born. Vali always had an interest in the military and had handled firearms a lot growing up.

He graduated from Vladivostok University in 2012, he attended the university for a BSI degree. During his college years, he often had run-ins with local gangs which he quickly began friendly with. Vali was not directly in the gangs but knew members well and often would go to pubs with his new comrades. During this time he knew he wanted to go into the military and he planned on it.

Vali later commissioned in the Russian Armed Forces as an intelligence officer for the GRU. Vali was stationed in Moscow for further training for a few years then served in Syria against ISIL during the Syrian Civil War. He was also deployed to Dontesk during the Ukrainian revolution. By this time he had reached the rank of Leytenant (Lieutenant). In April 2017 he was re-deployed back to Moscow to assist in preventing a collapse of the Russian government after the start of the outbreak. During this time he had fought against many of the rebel forces within the Russian Federation. Vali also had been sent on multiple operations to infiltrate the civilian factions within Moscow to gain information of rebels and neighboring countries. 


Due to his work in Moscow, he was attached to the SVRs to assist in Operation Aurora in late 2018. He was called into the Майо́р's office in November 2018 and was instructed to prepare for deployment to South Zagoria. He was told operations were overseen by Pavel Ivanov, there was a large number of civilians, and to keep his Russian roots hidden. Vali knew of the place but had never visited due to it being so far from home. Vali was flown from Moscow to Voronezh then was driven with the 58th Combined Arms Army. The 58th was actively patrolling the southern border and was constantly transporting troops within Russian territory preparing for the annexation of South Zagoria. Vali reached the border of Russia and South Zagoria, he was sent in with nothing more than an AK, civilian attire, an encrypted frequency, and a rally point. His mission had begun.

Operatsiya Avrora

Upon his arrival he met people such as Pavel Ivanov, Ilya Zelenkov, Awimba Muncho, and Ryan Shepherd. Pavel gave Vali a more in depth brief of local groups, individuals, and the scope of their situation. Winter was just about to fully hit South Zagoria. It was cold, there was tension, and there was war. Pamyati was fighting the saviors as they were the only thing stopping them from growing their influence over South Zagoria. John Moody led a cause opposite to the ideals of the Russian Federation and he needed to be taken out. For months Pamyati would focus their efforts towards groups like the Kamenici, United Nations, and the Saviors. Shortly into Vali's deployment The UN were in a full retreat and announced that any and all members of Pamyati were considered to be international terrorist. The Kamenici numbers were withering away, and John Moody was in trouble. Operatsiya Avrora was in full effect, all major groups in the region were friendly with Pamyati and the time had come for annexation. Days before the 58th Combined Arms Army was sent in to begin annexing the region John Moody was killed by a war hero.. John Johnson. John was a fighter for the District and gave is life to aide Pamyati's cause. Because of this sacrifice Vali always respected the District to the day they ended. Slava John Johnson. It was time for the annexation to start. The 58th's troops were only in the region for 4 day before command withdrew them from the region, leaving Pamyati's men with no orders and no explanation.

Operatsiya Avrora Aftermath

After the withdraw of Russian forces the Pamyati boys were left embarrassed and confused. They stayed loyal to the federation and carried on with the mission. In the following weeks fingers were pointed to Pamyati for the cause of the annexation and many members were killed or simply denounced the Russian military and left. Some of Vali's closest friends were killed. Pavel was raped by the remaining Saviors, Yuri was missing, and Ilya went into hiding. Vali had to move on with his close friend Vitaliy Makarovich. They joined the Green Dragons, led by a close friend, Brandon. In Green Dragons Vali met new people was still waiting for commands to resume the annexation. There were few to break his silence, 2 of which were Batok and Elliot Henry. They quickly became close friends as Vali forgot his mission and his purpose of being in South Zagoria.

Funeral Parlor

Soon after Vali became friends with Batok and Elliot the Green Dragons was on the decline. The Henry brothers were able to convince Vali that all of his past friends were bad and misguided. He didn't know that he was being misguided himself. He was at a cross roads and was vulnerable. This was the change. Vali, Batok, and Elliot decided to attack the Green Dragons as they were attacking the remains of the Saviors. They walked in with their green armbands on and immediately took fire from the Green Dragons, they returned fire but were injured and outnumbered. They fled. Weeks later the 3 re-established a group called Funeral Parlor. It was a success, their numbers grew and everything was great. Vali found out that Batok and Elliot were cannibals and slowly was able to convince them to stop. Shortly after they stopped their cannibalism word got out and the Funeral Parlor became a target. The House began attacking their little town of Pustoshka daily. After 2 weeks of attacks there was a fight where the only two people left to fight were Vali Kuznetsov and Vitaliy Makarovich. They came to a stale mate. Vali couldn't bring himself to kill Vitaliy and neither could he. They talked for almost 20 minutes before they put their weapons away and embraced each other with a hug and a handshake. Though they were now enemies they were able to fix their friendship. Vali realized he was misguided by his friends and grew angry and upset. Soon after this The House was mysteriously massacred but just before this Vali was able to thank Vitaliy and learn more about Operatsiya Avrora. Hours after Vitaliy was killed.


Shortly after Vitaly's death Vali went into hiding. He rethought everything he had done in the past 2 months. He grew angrier and angrier and those who led with him. Upon his return Vali was angry and had gone a little crazy, he wanted blood. Elliot was missing and he was able to speak to Batok who was in the same position. Vali set his sights on Constance DeVoe. She was the girlfriend of Elliot and he put the blame on her for the fall of Funeral Parlor and The House. He was able to find her and he brought her to be executed. Moments before he pulled the trigger he heard Batok's voice on the radio. Vali stopped and decided to wait for his friend. When Batok arrived Vali repeated himself and raised his rifle. As Vali tensed his finger and pulled the trigger Batok tackled him to the ground and yelled, "Run, Run, Run" to Constance in which she did. Vali wrestled with Batok before he shot him 3 times in his plate carrier rendering him unconscious. Vali chased Constance for about 100m before she entered an open field. He shot 4 times, hitting her twice in the legs, once in the chest, and once in the spine. Vali fled into hiding before making sure his work was completed. Constance and Batok lived.


Vali hid again, rethinking his actions, still mad. While listening to his radio he caught wind that Constance was alive and Batok was trying to leave the country on a boat. He immediately started to think more and more about his past, his purpose and his actions. After 2 weeks Vali had thought enough. He was sorry for his actions and who he was turning into. He began changing his ways starting with admitting defeat and that meant finding Constance so he can apologize. He also decided that constantly killing people should not be an objective. He was becoming a feared man. Kind to those close, a stone to those who are unknown to him, and a killing machine to those who seek to hurt him or those who he cares about. Vali wanted to keep this appearance to those in the region to keep his respect but also wanted to let more people into his life. He continued this quest for weeks on end, traveling alone and rediscovering himself. Finally finding himself back with Ilya and Ryan Shepherd.



Quality character page, so much IC events I remember in it.


Moody was killed by a war hero.. John Johnson.


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46 minutes ago, GMAK said:

Quality character page, so much IC events I remember in it.


Thanks man!

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