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Lucina Redd
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1989-10-30 (27 years old)
  3. Place of birth


  1. Hair
    Long brown hair that reaches the small of her back, shaved partially on the left side
  2. Eyes
  3. Features
    A scar just above the left temple


May 22nd, 2017

Redd is a name that some may be familiar with. She became known around the Overwatch community as a Youtuber to begin with a year ago with some slick Mercy montages but now she's more well known as a Twitch Streamer. While people are eager to see her play Blizzard's hit, she has branched out recently and started to pick up speedrunning. We spoke with her via Skype for a brief interview on her shift toward the just as competitive speedrunning community and to ask some questions that you are all curious about.


Interviewer: Tell us about the past year? Did you think you were going to have as many fans as you do?

Redd: Oh god. I didn't think I'd get this popular at all. I started making the Mercy videos because I just had a lot of footage laying around. I didn't think it'd blow up on the subreddit the way it did. I was amazed by people even asking for me to make more to begin with. I was really surprised when people wanted to see me play live because at that stage I was still in Diamond and I was still in the camp that people only wanted to watch the pros or the guys who were at the top of it all but I guess I was wrong. [She pauses here for a moment] I'm really glad they stuck around even though I don't play as much Overwatch anymore.

Interviewer: Is there any reason why you've drifted away from playing Overwatch?

Redd: Besides the speedrunning? Yeah, actually. Just found myself falling out of love with the game. Got tired of the community for a while. My love is still there though and I'm intending on doing more than keeping up my rank soon. Maybe even make a push for GM.

Interviewer: So what made you want to pick up speedrunning?

Redd: It kind of started with stumbling across Games Done Quick a few years ago. I've been a big fan and it kind of sparked my interest. I'd actually been looking to get into it before Overwatch came out actually but just didn't get around to it [laughs].

Interviewer: Did Overwatch take over your urge to speedrun or did they co-exist for a while before?

Redd: Overwatch did actually take over for a while. Before I really got into it though I was in the process of learning a route for Bully.

Interviewer: That's right! You run Bully. Do you want to talk about your experience with that at all?

Redd: [laughs] Where to start? The community is great, I love them a lot. I have to give a shout out to the guys who were here way before me though. They did a lot of the work with the routing and getting the times down as tight as they are. I hope that I can snag first from Nord soon. [laughs] In all seriousness though, it's a fun game to learn and the soundtrack is great.

Interviewer: You also run Dying Light and you're even going to be trying to get it in to Games Done Quick in 2018. Tell us about that

Redd: God. Dying Light is just one of those games I was begging to see at a GDQ (Games Done Quick) event since it came out. There's just a lot of cool movement with the game but at the same time it's so finicky on what you can do with the clips. I've been really hammering down on the stuff I've been having problems with and I hope that the review team finds it good enough to show to you all next year.

Interviewer: Hopefully we'll get to see it there in 2018! It would be amazing to see you running it. We also have some questions here from the community if you're good with that?

Redd: Of course!

Interviewer: Thanks! Alright. We have one here asking if you're going to be coming over for ESA (European Speedster Assembly) this year.

Redd: I might! I'd love to catch up with a bunch of you guys there so I'm very much looking into it.

Interviewer: Another one asking if you have any advice for people wanting to break into streaming?

Redd: It's daunting to begin with. It might be a bit overwhelming too. Nerves are going to get the better of you but stick with it. Don't be afraid to bring your friends in if you aren't feeling confident enough. Take it at your pace and let your confidence build before you think about a regular schedule.

Interviewer: Is there anything you want to say to everyone before we wrap up?

Redd: Of course! I want to thank everyone who is supporting me through watching or even sending me messages. I promise I'm going to try and get back into Overwatch soon for you all!




Time played: 27.3 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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