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Noah McKaine
Character information
  1. Alias
    Lawyer, Rapist, Death
  2. Mental
    The Rapture Has Arrived
  3. Morale
    Death, Judgement, Rebirth
  4. Date of birth
    1994-10-16 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Springfield, MA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, 'ChernoRussian'
  9. Relationship
    Betrayed by Someone he Loved...
  10. Family
    Dead Mother, 'Dead' Wife
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg
  3. Build
    Tall, fit and Scared to shit
  4. Hair
    Stylized Brownish Blond
  5. Eyes
    Single Right Blue Eye
  6. Features
    Only one Eye, Deep cut across his Heart, Hole in his left Calf, Missing left testicle, Missing two back teeth, Large scar and stitching on the back of his Neck, Chunk removed from his Forehead, Skull Carved down his Back, 2nd Degree Burns down his Back. A large S carved on his Arm. J.M carved on his arm.
  7. Equipment
    Gavel, Law Books, An old picture of Minnie McKaine, Death Memorability
  8. Occupation
    Lawyer, Death
  9. Affiliation
    Ex-Savior, Ex-Husband, Horsemen
  10. Role
    Attorney, Combatant, Death, Medic



A Fuck! A distinct New England teenager cries out as another fist connects with his Jawline. Fuckin assholes, you think this shit aint gonna get- The teenagers voice gets cut off. Five teenagers assist in the assault of Noah McKaine. They surround him outside his Springfield home with clenched fists and brass knuckles for added effect. Noah lies on the floor holding his chest, his face bloody and covered by a brown towel. Shut Up Noah, you think all the shit you pulled was just gonna fly over without any action from us? One of the aggressors states in a smooth cold voice, clearly trying to impress his friends. You just shouldn't have said anything about that kid and you wouldn't be here getting your ass handed to you on a paper plate!  Noah feels his ribs and notices ones clearly out of place, he spits out the towel and pools blood. The teenager looks at his chest watches his blood drip onto the snow and smiles. I'm gonna take everything you own…. The attackers look at each other in disbelief. They clearly couldn’t comprehend the statement the teen made. The older one of the group laughs, his sweat mixes with Noah's bloody towel. Noah, you one stupid mother fucker, shut your ass up and take your beating like a man. The teenagers proceeded to kick and abuse McKaine even more. To the extent where his teeth were busted in and his shoes were stolen. Noah was left in the snow, bleeding. His face swelling to baseball size lumps. He remained in the snow, smiling and laughing, his eyes illuminated with the idea of riches.    

About 9 months later Noah's family was rewarded with over ten thousand dollars in damages from the Defense. The testimonies of one Brock Suzic (Defense) and Noah McKaine (Plaintiff) lead to a clear cut victory settlement outside of court. The exact settlement is officially undisclosed, however Noah was able to convince his Plaintiff Counselor to settle for nothing less than eight thousand dollars. Ms McKaines lawyer, Brian O'Conner was able to convince the Defense counselor with the aspect of assault, destruction of property, hospital bills and single income family. The night Noah watch his mother get the news on the settlement his fate was sealed. His dreams of becoming a private investigator was brushed aside by dreams of million dollar suits and tort reform. Noah would set his eyes on the cut throat path of law school.

After Noah's graduation from Springfield Central High, he headed straight for UMass. He was able to earn his Undergraduate in Criminal Sciences, his four years achieving his Undergrad was a simple time for Noah. During this time he meet his sweetheart, Minnie, the woman who could tame the ambulance chaser of a man. He would take trips to Ireland just to meet her, video call her almost every night, and send her gifts with overnight packaging. Noah’s love for law was only matched by his love for her. He couldn't live his her however, he needed to complete his three years at UMass Law for his J.D and pass the Bar Exam. and of course he set immediately to work after achieving his Undergrad.

UMass Law was where the true sharks and upcoming snakes were studying. All the jokes and sarcastic names for Lawyers are formed in a Law school. The testing season was especially the worst, students would hide study material from the library...         











Wife: Minnie 'Mouse' McKaine (Deceased)

Seeing: Dr. Hope 'May' Pisces


Mother: Mary McKaine (Deceased)

Father: George McKaine (Deceased)


Jake Lemon (Ex-Savior)

Jacqueline 'Jackie' Haddock (Ex-Savior)

Eira Chonavec (Local)

Hunter 'Cook' Moroz  (Ex-Savior)

Liam 'Champion' OCasey  (Ex-Savior)







Always babe ❤️ 

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Noah is a great character! Makes me laugh. Fun rp today!

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Nice graphics there, I wonder who made them 😘

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Cant remember. Some beautiful artist. Must be famous or something. 

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Great character my man

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