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Daniel Vega
Character information
  1. Alias
    Party Vegas, Five, scientist, doc'.
  2. Mental
    Borderline to borderline insane (sane).
  3. Morale
    Morale is irrelevant, one will persist regardless.
  4. Date of birth
    1995-05-05 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    International Waters, in a cruise ship.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Danish/Swedish.
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Father and mother.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg
  3. Build
    Short ectomorph.
  4. Hair
    (As in picture)
  5. Eyes
    Dark green eyes.
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Head features:
    Straight bridged nose.
    Tattoo of bar-code at the base of the skull; hidden by hair.

    3 chains on each wrist.
  8. Equipment
    Thin frame glasses.
  9. Occupation
    Student attending college; astrophysics.
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    To demorilize and spout hypothetical non-sense.


''Daniel Vega isn't my real name, but a real man choses his name ... that and you wouldn't be able to pronounce it.'' Daniel's parents both always worked on the same cruise-ship, both loved the sea. When Daniel's mother was pregnant she and his father traveled on a cruise as part of a vacation. Daniel was born on international waters on May 5, 1995. Though his father was German, he automatically gained his mother's citizen's status; Danish. Daniel often rode on the cruiser with his parents while they worked. Altough he found a certain affinity for large naval-vessels, he slowly became interested in space-ships which lead him to astronomy. His love for science stepped in and he found astrophysics; the basis of star-travel which cruisers of space will one day function on. When Daniel did not spend his time on cruisers, he lived in Denmark in a cabin with either one of his parents. When Daniel was 18, he moved to the US alone to join a college. He chose to live in Nashville, Tennesse and started attending the Nashville state community college. June, 2017: Daniel applies for an intern position as an astrophysicist at a private astronomic-research corporation and is accepted. He, along with several other duo-groups, are given the task to travel to three different pre-determined strategic locations each around the world and set up monitoring instruments to observe Earth's thermo-sphere. Daniel is pared up with a slightly younger astronomer, Daniel has the knowledge to decipher the data from the instruments and the astronomer is to set up the instruments, she also serves as the translator as she speaks Russian. June 14, 2017: Daniel and the astronomer arrives in Czech through air-travel from the US and set up the monitoring instruments for the next couple weeks. July 1st, 2017: Daniel and the astronomer arrives in Chernarus through car-travel from Czech and set up the monitoring instruments that needs to remain for the next couple of weeks. The increase of violence in recent times and the martial law is ignored by Daniel and the astronomer, as it should not affect them. Chernarus is pre-determined and the location could provide invaluable data that no other location can. Daniel and the astronomer acquires a room in the International Hotel on yhe 8th floor then set up the monitoring instruments in a remote area north-east of Chernarus and returns to the International Hotel, the instruments were autonomous and only needing occassional check-ups. Daniel and the astronomer are not affected by the violence or the martial law. July 10th, 2017: In the morning rioteers and violence spikes as the result of conflicts between Russia and Chernarus. Daniel and the astronomer ignores the events as the monitoring instruments have not yet finished collecting the data. July 11th, 2017: The monitoring equipment registers a fault and requires attention. Daniel and the astronomer travels via taxi to the north-east then hike the rest of the way. The monitoring equipment had been damaged with blunt force but is functional; needing only re-calibration. They relocate the monitoring equipment to where it should once again be undetected. On their way back to Chernogorsk, the astronomer is tackled by a rabid man. Daniel assists her, fighting off the man; the man is injured and require medical attention. Daniel and the astronomer are escorted by police to Berezino for an interview then returns to the International Hotel in Chernogorsk. Daniel and the astronomer decides to leave Chernarus but the astronomer isn't feeling so well; coughing and sneezing. July 12th, 2017: Mid-night, Daniel and the astronomer goes to a hospital in Chernogorsk. Other sick patients are already beginning to mass. Admitted into the hospital as a patient, the astronomer is soon deliarious and with more patients massing, Daniel leaves her. Near-morning, Daniel return to the International Hotel and begins to pack then leaves for the north-east to collect the monitoring instruments. Daniel then attempts to leave Chernarus by motorcycle, along-side many other people both on foot and transportation. The borders to Russia fired warning shots, the high-speeding motorcycle's front tire is shot and Daniel crashes the bike. July 13th, 2017: Daniel wakes up during late after-noon near the borders of Russia. He covertly, in the night-light, makes his way back to International Hotel in Chernogorsk and hides there. July 19th, 2017: Among the chaos on the street, a cargo plane crashes through the International Hotel. Escape is not possible, but, Daniel survives the impact as he's room id on the opposite side of the 8th floor. The stair-well and elevator access is blocked but the building survives the sudden increase of stress. For now, it might even be safer in the hotel... Daniel searches the rest of his floor for people but finds none. He scavenges what he can from the rooms. Daniel plans to out-wait the heavy military presence and the infection. July 23th, 2017: Supplies runs out and Daniel is unable to dig through the rubble and rappels down the building to the seventh floor during night-time for stealth, he finds no people. The harsh wind was a difficult factor but the risk is warranted as the storm has gone on for days already and could for many more days. July 27th, 2017: Supplies runs out and Daniel is unable to dig through the rubble and rappels down the building to the sixth floor during night-time for stealth. The rubble is thin enough on the sixth floor to crawl through to the fith floor. Daniel searches the rooms and encounters another survivor, Daniel is attacked. Unable to understand each other with two different languages, Daniel runs and crawls through the rubble and ends up on the fifth floor. Daniel quickly scavanges what he can from the rooms, ignoring those he suspects are occupied and bashing down those he believes are empty. And repeats with the rest of the rooms in the International Hotel then leaves. Knowing only as much as radio broadcasts told, Daniel decides to head for the Balota air-field in hopes of finding some-thing, any-thing. He can't fly a helicopter or a air-plane but he's willing to give it a try... While he runs through the night, he runs into a CDF soldier still around. The two are on the ground and dazed. Daniel pre-emptively takes Steyr Aug automatic rifle as he runs, so he won't be able to shoot Daniel. Daniel continues to the Balota air-field, firing the rifle a few times at infected but realizing that they are drawn by the loud sounds of the gun-shots and ceases to use it further. He finds nothing of interest ho him in the Balota air-field. He continues to Komarovo on foot and then to Kamenka where he finds a motorcycle. Daniel manages to drive to the border of Takistan but is unable to pass the border as, along with the barricades, there are hordes of soldier-zombies wandering. Getting into Chernarus would be insane, getting out is impossible. Time might take care of that though. Daniel drives half-way back to Chernarus then runs out of fuel and walks the rest of the way back in the morning light. Daniel arrives during noon and decides to walk to the different evacuations sites, finding all abandoned or already evacuated. Daniel realises that the apocalypse has passed in Chernarus, what we are facing now is the post-apocalypse. ''You know what sucks about dying - the crash ... the burn. Everything up until now; the infected, bandits, though conditions. It's made everything so much more real - death, life, everything. I've never been more excited to be alive! And that's all I wanted. I just wanted to live, that's all I wanted. To live...''

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Why  the fuck was my bio crumbled up? It had attractive spaces and all--ah, I'll fix it later.

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