• Banned user style restored
    • Further fixes in staff tools



    • Steam login now correctly checks for VAC bans
    • SteamID and whitelist information shows on profile page
    • Optimizations in staff tools



    • Changed the snow effect to HTML5, it doesn't burn your CPU anymore.
    • Premium style switch now working, added as a perk for Hall of Famers due to permission restriction issues for lower usergroups.



    • Added snow effect to the website. It can be turned off in your profile settings.
    • Fixed "Disable ads" option, it should now work correctly and remove ads for eligible Premium groups.



    • Changed background on home page
    • Tycoon animated name now available - go to your profile page, click edit profile and scroll down.
    • DayZ Map added under Games -> DayZ menu. No icons yet.



    • Reputation system renamed to BeanZ
    • Border around avatars removed
    • Automatic DayZ maintenance warning re-added



    • Character pages bug fixes
    • Background music max size set to 4MB.



    • Website updated to IP Board 4.1.17. Changelog can be found here.
    • Avatar transparency, size and positioning fixed.
    • Fixed characters showing up as created in 2038.
    • Slightly changed various website elements color to a darker red tone.
    • Avatar max size set to 500kB.
    • Profile cover max size set to 1MB.
    • Background music max size set to 2MB.