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Stranniki- Winter Survival Camp Server 2 Only!


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An unknown group of individuals have been calling for help on the radio. Calling themselves the "Stranniki", they ask for help gathering supplies for the winter. Not much is known about the nature of these people.. so if you choose to help, keep a wary eye on them. In the radio broadcast, they mention of migrating through Russia, and into the South Zagorian region.. going from the north, to finally settle around what locals call "The Lonely House" near Stary Sobor. There is not much time before the winter cold sets in heavily, and they are desperate for food, and firewood. They want to use this house for warmth and shelter, and will move on once the spring comes.. not wanting to stay in one place for too long. They went on the radio asking for help.. assistance in cutting firewood, and trading ammunition for non-perishable food.


Stary Sobor: Lonely House.




The Stanniki have said, they have a fair amount of ammunition for trade in exchange for manual labor for chopping wood.. and also for trading for non-perishable food (canned food.) The hosts will provide the fire axes needed for the wood chopping.. the trade exchange details are below.

10 cans of food = 1 AK drum mag w/ 75 Rounds

8 cans of food = 1 coupled STANAG mag w/ 60 rounds

2 cans of food = 20 rounds of STANAG or AKM ammo.

Manual Labor:

The Stanniki will pay you 60 rounds of either M4 or AKM ammo for 30 minutes of collecting firewood.


Thursday November 29th at 6:00pm CST.

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