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The Levy's Slavic Happy Fun Time Party (revitalized)

Event details


(this flyer can be seen at the white raven outpost in pulkovo, the front gates of vybor industrial and on the police station front door in vybor) 

Everyone in the country has a sad story. Everyone in the country is angry. Everyone wants to fight each other. There is no happiness or life  left in Chernarus. This is why Lev volkov has decided to use his liters of home made vodka and his love for party's to try and spread life and happiness back into everyone that he meets. 

The event will be held in the severograd soccer field just down the hill from the apartments On Saturday July 21 at 6pm (ADT) the party ends when there is no one left to party with. Even if the host leaves the party must go on. Everyone is welcome. This is a neutral event. please no hostile rp whilst at the event. If you or your group has an issue with another, leave it at the gate and just have fun. Please no use of firearms as it will attract zombies and might make levy shit his pants while he is drunk.

Party games are also included.

1. Best Dressed 
2.  Slavic Squat competitions
3. Vodka Chugging Challenges
4. Find The Chicken 

5. Hide and seek
6. At the end of the night Most Drunk

Prizes will include but are not limited to.
1.Being lifted above the party goers in the middle of the soccer field

2. Being given a track suit and or a Jerry can of vodka for personnel consumption 

3. Reputation and fame.

4.  Given title in context of won challenge or game. such as, chicken chaser, the squat master, track suit champ, sneaky breekie, iron clad liver, The un-sober one.

Again i'm asking everyone not to pop by and shoot up the place or initiate on the event. this is a neutral event that i hope will bring people to gather and give a general feeling of joy back into our miserable survivor lives. 

If anyone would like to help with the preparations for this event please pm @XxGrAipYyxX

1. 12 gas cans of water not gas

2. 4 mill tents for storage

3. Random amounts of random food

4. Different colored track suits ( it is encouraged to bring your own)

5. alcohol tincture bottles (the more the better)

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Looks interesting, enjoy

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As Svenne said, It's good to see an event in Severograd, We'll be sure to watch over and help where necessary.

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So this is happening at Severograd now, eh? Because Trent needed to know where to deliver these 20 sets of track suits for the party... and the booze and food, lol...  --- Alright so I will drive the stuff for the party to the soccer field then..

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3 minutes ago, AidanHs said:


6:00 PM Saturday, Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT) is

9:00 PM Saturday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


Also, another problem is... I have all the booze, food, and tracksuit clothing for the party, but I can't seem to launch my damn game without crashing... another issue is, XxGraipyxX has been busy all week with work and he still hasn't gotten on today, I am not sure if he's going to be able to host his own damn event, let alone without me either...

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So, pretty certain this is being postponed for later this week, probably the following weekend, need to speak to Graipy about it....

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