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Larrys Radio Show!


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Hello fellahs! My name is Larry Thompson, I've done climbed, and put some equipment at this here tower up at Altar... ARE WE'RE LIVE!!!

Music, Theater, Live interviews, News! Larry will have you covered! Listen to me on 93.6(hz) Friday nights, and get at me early if you want to be featured on one of the shows!

This week we have something special for you, I want to hear your stories, I want to know.. what you locals are all about! Got something interesting to say? We'll put you live on air! Reveal all on this one of a kind radio extravaganza!!!



Fiday: 6:00 Central US time. 0:00 server time.


It will be a live streamed event. To get featured on the show, I will make a TS channel, you will join, and I will interview you for a few minutes, depending on if we have a que or not will determin how long we can talk. Anyone is welcome. I will also be IG at the Radio tower at Altar, so if you want to IC hi-jack it, murder me, or torture me.. its ALL possible IG! Hope to see you there!

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Actually looking forward to this, looking fucking good C-Dog!

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