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The Italian Cook


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The Italian Cook



Late in the evening, while on their rounds about Sin City, members of MS-13 came across a man who sold them information about someone who he swore would be of interest to the gang. This man was rumored to be a drug peddling cook from Italy. The stranger swore he overheard three men speaking around a campfire as he passed by on his way North West from Dolina.


The word was that this man used to be a great batchman, someone who could cook in large volumes in a short time. Anything from Crystal Meth, to Heroin. In exchange for the location of this Italian Cook, the members of MS-13 offered the man a gun of his choice, without ammo, but promised ammo if the man turned out to be telling the truth.


Now, they are on their way to investigate this claim about this so-called ‘Legendary Italian Cook’ in Pulkovo, where the man claims to have come across him and his crew.


This event is a Closed event. Those in attendance are encouraged to remain unarmed (Weapons holstered) and comply when prompted to avoid possible confusion and hindrance of event progression.



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