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December 17th, 5 PM EST or 22:00 Server Time


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As a suggestion, Maybe we can discuss the possibility of adding a USA server back. --- Or in the very least, When (Set Date) a secondary server may be back...



  1. High ping - for non-European players
    • At times, the EU Server #1 may be difficult or completely unplayable for hours at a time.
      • Example: Death of a player due to desync/location-sync bugs client/server side, in-which is mysteriously killed by zombies hitting them from 300m away.
      • Example: EU Player may connect and cause "grief" to US Player's roleplay, by jeopardizing their vehicles, or [trading] settlement, because US Player fails to connect to EU server, creating the impossibility for the US Player to defend his property and future roleplay.
  2. Server Availability - for all players (unrelated to High ping category)
    • When there's one server, at times it may be "offline", if there's two or more, players may migrate to the other temporarily (This has happend several times in the past).
      • Example: EU Server #1 is down, so players for the time may move to US Server #2 to continue roleplay until it's "offline" status changes
    • With only one server to play on, there's an insufficient amount of slots for the current player-base (I understand it fluctuates).
      • Example: During the most of the weekend, and high-traffic times during the weekdays, the server appears to be full and usually has up to a 20+ queue wait that lasts 30+ minutes.
  3. Exploration & Expanding
    • Allows players to roleplay in different areas without the conflict of current lore events, without severely affecting their personal roleplay. (Not necessarily "avoiding roleplay")
      • Example:
    • More vehicles, tents, or more unoccupied area space.
      • Example:


List is unfinished, but gives a few keypoints to why a secondary server is nice, though I suppose it really comes up to a final, financial decision by staff.

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