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DayZRP is currently offering a collateral amnesty to banned members.

Updates to amnesty terms

On 6th December 2018 the following changes have been made to the amnesty procedure. These new proceedings apply to all amnesty appeals sent in on or after this date.

  • Amnesty fee for new applications is now 50€.
  • The amnesty fee will no longer be returned as account credit after successful final warning appeal.
  • A ban does not have to be 1 year old anymore to be appealed through amnesty.


  1. Read the requirements, limitations and terms of the amnesty carefully.
  2. If you agree on the terms, send us a ban appeal using button below. Include as much information as possible, especially things like:
    • Your username(s), email addresses, SteamID64, anything that can help us identify you or your ban
    • Date you were banned
    • Reason you were banned, ideally with links or screenshots
    • How have you improved since your ban?
    • Do you agree to become a contributing member of our community who follows our core values and rules and strives towards creating a healthy and mature role play focused environment with other members?
    The review process can take many days. Please be patient.
  3. We will respond to your appeal with a result. If your appeal is accepted, this page will change, allowing you to complete the payment of amnesty fee through PayPal
  4. After the payment is completed, send the your email of the PayPal account you paid with as a reply to your amnesty appeal
  5. Your account will be unbanned within 12 hours


  • You need an account to be unbanned.
    • If you were banned BEFORE November 2016, on the OLD DayZRP website - your account has been deleted and cannot be recovered. Send in your appeal as a guest, without logging in into the website. DO NOT register any new accounts! If your appeal is accepted and you are eligible for amnesty, you will be given a go ahead to create an account by the administrator replying to your ticket. Premium purchases and ranks cannot be recovered in this case.
    • If you were banned AFTER November 2016, on the CURRENT DayZRP website - use your existing account, log in into it and you should see banned page with same content as this page, but with additional form at the bottom.
  • Your permanent ban MAY NOT have been issued due to:
    • Illegal activity
    • Threats or harassment
    • Network attacks, DDoS
    • Cheating or global ban in DayZ/ArmA3


  • If you were banned on the old website, before November 2016 your account as well as all data associated with it has been deleted. Threads, posts, whitelist or Premium cannot be restored.
  • Unbanned accounts cannot post or reply to status updates
  • Unbanned accounts have their BeanZ count reset
  • Unbanned accounts have their special ranks and titles stripped (MVP, VIP, yearly awards, event titles, etc.). Premium ranks and purchased titles are kept.
  • Unbanned accounts have to pass the whitelist again

Terms and Conditions

  1. The digital service offered is a one time removal of ban and blacklist for a single account on DayZRP.com community website. The product is also known as "Amnesty" and involves a one time fee of 50€.
  2. Payment for this digital service cannot be refunded after the digital service has been completed and your account unbanned and blacklist removed. At this point the service you pay for is considered delivered and finalized.
  3. An unbanned account will be subject to limitations outlined above and placed on final warning (29 warning points) which can be appealed after 3 months of community activity and good behavior.
  4. Should you successfully appeal your final warning, the amnesty fee will be added to your DayZRP account as account credit.
  5. If you break our community rules outlined on our rules page and receive enough warning points for your account to be banned again, the amnesty fee will not be refunded.
  6. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions, your DayZRP and PayPal account information, your appeal as well as IP addresses will be used to challenge any fraudulent PayPal chargebacks.

Send Amnesty Appeal

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