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Welcome to DayZRP

DayZRP is a role playing community for the post-apocalyptic PC game DayZ.

DayZRP offers a completely new experience compared to regular, public servers. No KoS, immersive interactions between players, active forums, groups and factions, settlements, a detailed lore and in game events are just a few features of our community.

We welcome all kinds of role players, both veterans and beginners. We try to uphold a high standard of role play, therefore anyone who wants to join our community must pass a Steam account check and successfully complete a whitelist application. To those who pass our requirements we offer high quality servers, fair rules and a dedicated staff team ready to help with any issues.

If that sounds interesting, head over to the How to Join for a detailed introduction to the community and instructions on how to get started.

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559 days since the outbreak

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DayZ Standalone



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<span style="color:#EEE;">DayZ</span> <span style="color:#B20000;">Standalone</span>

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