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Welcome to DayZRP

DayZRP is a role playing community for the post-apocalyptic PC game DayZ.

DayZRP offers a completely new experience compared to regular, public servers. No KoS, immersive interactions between players, active forums, groups and factions, settlements, a detailed lore and in game events are just a few features of our community.

We welcome all kinds of role players, both veterans and beginners. We try to uphold a high standard of role play, therefore anyone who wants to join our community must pass a Steam account check and successfully complete a whitelist application. To those who pass our requirements we offer high quality servers, fair rules and a dedicated staff team ready to help with any issues.

If that sounds interesting, head over to the How to Join for a detailed introduction to the community and instructions on how to get started.

Last month on DayZRP

704 unique players joined our game servers

1400 members visited the website

2760 posts were created on the forums

518 new members registered

207 new members passed the whitelist

3809 players have died

72041 zombies have been killed

4893 animals have been hunted

113 days since the outbreak

Day 33 in Nyheim

Welcome new players!

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