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  1. Welcome! Feel free to stop by the Mentor Programme should you want any tips, advice, guidance, help or ideas for RP in Dayz, or if you just want to discuss RP ideas before you implement them IG.
  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your game time here, feel free to stop by the Mentor Programme should you want any tips, advice, guidance, help or ideas for RP, or if you just want to discuss RP ideas before you implement them IG.
  3. I am not so sure that it makes sense to do it immediately, unless you are doing something like I believe New Moon did with turning people into their spies (and not a member), but it is definitely something that people can build up to. The Jackals used to capture and judge people, if they were deemed strong they were marked as such and they were granted a favour at a later date from the Jackals, that favour could include membership. But some time had to pass first (at least a few days).
  4. Forum warriors are always going to be a problem as there is no real consequence to talking shit on the radio, but there are some very good posts that come along once in a while. Also, you may want to brush up on your understanding of metagaming. Talking on your radio to others (when all parties have not had their radios taken or are not bound or do not have their hands up) in front of other people is not metagaming. Standing there in awkward silence and ignoring people who are trying to talk to you because you are on your radio and are focusing on your TS converations also not metagaming, although depending on how bad it is and what actually happens, it could possible constitute bad rp and/or ignoring RP. Metagaming would come into place if, for example, the party wanting to attack a settlement went on TS to see how many members the settlement had on to see if the numbers were in the attackers favour (but good luck proving this). As for the issues you have raised with bandits, calling specific groups out isn't going to get you very far and it is a shitty thing to do. If you have a problem with a group go talk to them in TS, PM them or just leave a comment on their group/faction page. Just be sure that that it is constructive feedback and not simply "you guys can't RP and you are all terrible bandits because "X, Y and Z". This is supposed to be a "mature gaming community" after all. In terms of the Gorka/GM issues you raised, the problem with having hubs for people to travel to, is that people will flock there as an easy means of running into other people for RP, and this will eventually bring the bandits seeking prey, especially if whoever is running the place is jumping on the radio and basically advertising what it is and where to find them, and there are some people/groups that IC hate seeing things like settlements thrive and/or see it as an easy means of making sure their own people are feed/clothed/armed and think that this can be best achieved through threats or force. You don't get to pick and choose what RP people have to provide at those hubs so it may be the friendliest place in Chernarus, but guaranteed bandits are showing up there eventually to do as they please (but within the rules). If they are coming in and acting as you say, why not try and get them to leave without initiating? If they still refuse and you have no other choice but to initiate (and the moment you do shots rain down on you) then put up a report. There is also nothing stopping you from trying to make some kind of deal with the bandits attacking you or even forming alliances with other groups to turn the tables on the bandits. People need to stop thinking that bandits attacking automatically means that there can only be PVP with no RP. There are many avenues to take to get good RP out of situations like this, people just need to put some thought into it.
  5. I hope you at least had the decency to ask them if they had any 5.56 and what group they were in before you pulse checked them like that
  6. gonna go rub myself on some sharpening rocks to get some decent edge
  7. I like Severograd due to my characters history with the place, plus I know it pretty well. I really dislike Kaba-meme-0 because it seems to be the KOS/RDM/Bad RP capital of Chernarus.
  8. Question 1, if you have KOS rights on them, then you have no issue. As for question 2, never do this. People have already mentioned the danger from zombies and wolves but you also need to be aware that you may accidentally kill them (I have seen so many people immediately die after being hit in the head once), meaning you just RDM'd a complying hostage. If you are that worried about repercussions then there are many things you can do to reduce that threat, starting with taking any weapons and/or ammo they have.
  9. Welcome! As a general tip, don't get too attached to your gear and maybe have a quick read of a guide or two. As for the mentors, I am pretty sure Buddy is a Robot that never needs to sleep, but we also have other mentors on at different hours, feel free to jump in to the mentor TS channel if you have any questions or want to find out how one of us can assist. You can also check the timetables here, altough it needs a bit of an update.
  10. *Hears the transmission and slowly presses the PTT* Green mountain eh? What a pretty parlour that place has. So tell me, are you the spider or the fly? There is a blight upon this land, and it seems to be getting worse, your pathetic whimpering has convinced me of that. At least you know what you are, unlike many others who wander these lands blissfully unaware of their condition. Whether you are curled up in a ball awaiting death, or trying to lure others into a trap, rest assured that your inevitable death will come, it's just a matter of when and how. Perhaps I shall come find you and help cure you of your disease, FOR THAT'S WHAT WEAKNESS IS! *places his hand over the "S" carved into him and smiles* The railroad tracks, the railroad tracks, cross the wrong way North *whispers* and you'll never come back *releases PTT*
  11. i don't think that having a character that is a bit off and thinks aliens are responsible is trolly in itself, It will be how you portray the character that will define whether people see you as being trolly. For example if you run around screaming "the aliens are coming" and just generally doing stupid shit for the lols you will probably have an issue, but lets say you are a bit more subtle with how you approach it, e.g. maybe when the topic of the infected comes up you start rambling about how its the aliens and as the conversation progresses (lets assume they ask you why you think that), then going into detail about what you perceive their plans to be so that you come off as some paranoid nut with a conspiracy theory about aliens. People wouldn't really understand what the infection was or how it came about so I don't think it would be unusual to find a few people believing aliens did it. Just try and come across as though this is what you actually believe and that you are serious about your theory.
  12. Firstly, I acknowledge that you aren't complaining about the gear, you are complaining about the lack of RP. However, you state that you logged in to find what had happened and managed to save almost everything. Did it ever occur to you that stumbling back to your "Hidden Camp" to find it ransacked does in fact open up possibilities of RP? Maybe not with the people who did it, but certainly there is room for RP internally within your group. Admittedly I don't know anything about your group, but why can't this experience be used to make some of you more paranoid or distrustful of outsiders? Maybe this causes you to start capturing, interrogating and/or chasing off people you don't know who come within a certain area, maybe this is the breaking point for one or more of you, or maybe you even decide to blame someone or another group and try to get revenge or some form of "justice." Use what has happened to you and your group. React IC, develop your stories IC using what has happened, and then you get your roleplay from the incident.
  13. Nik Chaos had a habit of dying to stupid things, this is one of my favourites and was completely unexpected.
  14. Maybe do some research on HIV & AIDS and see how it works and the life expectancy of those who have it (I am not sure if your previous comment was sarcastic or you simply don't understand how they work). HIV & AIDS isn't just going to disappear because of the "apocalypse" so it it plausible that you could have contracted it sometime since the outbreak, but a google search or two would probably explain what sort of condition your character would be in depending on the time that has passed since contracting the disease. The next point is, assuming that you contracted HIV/AIDS (Not the same thing BTW) post outbreak, you will need a good explanation as to how you know what you have? As another point, there will some things that I think you will need to be careful of, for instance threatening to infect people will probably get you shot as you are essentially threatening to deliberately shorten someones potential lifespan and therefore arguably initiating on someone (don't take my word though, seek answers from staff).
  15. Good call. I play with a ping around 400 on S1 which is probably worse than most, if not all of the lag wizards of Oz and I dont really have any issues. I will take the 400 ping in exchange for a better chance of running into people any day.