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  1. I have watched that video and the hostage wasn't exactly non-compliant. He tried to RP with you and as soon as you took shots you all turned tail and ran away leaving him standing there. Yes he had a gun near him, but he had not made any attempts to pick it up, instead he tried to RP with you. If you were worried about the weapon then you should have grabed it, I mean you had more than enough people with you to arrange something like that. At no stage was that hostile a direct threat, only a possible threat IF he had chosen to grab his weapon (which he didn't). You need to give people a decent amount of time to comply to your demands, and just because a hostgae is being non-compliant doesn't mean you should be all like A lot of people tend to forget about hostages when a fire fire breaks out or simply have no idea what to do as the situation turns very hectic very quickly, but that is your problem, not the hostages. The hostage is under no obligation to try and find cover or to hit the ground, and if I was the hostage in that situation I would have stood there as well, that way there is less chance of a trigger happy hostage taker from going "oh look he is running/possibly going for his weapon so he isn't complying, lets shoot him". A hostage can be somewhat non-compliant which can add to the RP, it is situational of course, for example telling someone to drop their weapon while they sit there and tell you to piss of is a fair kill, but telling someone to say, eat a handful of dirt once and then shooting them when they tell you they won't is going to get you into trouble. Sure, in the latter situation, if you further the RP, e.g. hit them then make further threats, then threaten them with death and they still refuse, then go ahead and shoot them, but if it's simply "go to that building" and they don't comply at that very second, you shouldn't shoot them unless they have been continually refusing to comply and for example, you have given them a final warning that if they don't do what you tell them to without complaining you will kill them. The main thing to remember is to give them time to comply and make sure that they have understood your commands as it is your responsibility to ensure they understand. That video shows one of the hostage takers quickly saying "get in the firestation" as they are running off in a completely different direction, when a firefight starts it can be confusing for a hostage to know what to do next. What should have been done was to say something like "I already told you once to get your ass into that firestation, start running or start dying". Had the hostage takers done something like this and the hostage had remained standing there ignoring you, then they would have been ok to shoot them. However, in the circumstances, the hostage talking was giving them further opportunities to RP and they could have also done something like tried to negotiate or reinforced the demand to ensure that you hadn't changed their mind since they appeared to be running off and hadn't say anything else. Hopefully this answers your first question. As for your second question, this is within the rules, yes it's odd as they are standing there right in front of you and you would realisitcally hear them, but again, within the rules. Also, his friends obviously had eyes on you and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what was happening when he put his weapon on the ground and then his backpack. It isn't RDM, even if they had no confirmation but guessed what was happening, as long as they were within 500m or had line of sight on you, had they decided to take a chance and just start shooting, it still wouldn't be RDM as they would have acquired valid KOS rights the moment you initiated on their group member. Shamless self plug, but you might get some ideas or perhaps a better understanding from THIS guide.
  2. Not everyone is going to sit there being a blubbering mess and pleading for their lives, nor should they be expected to, but you need to be careful that you don't come across as "a navy seal who has had training to resist torture and was in an accident that removed all their nerve endings so they could more efficiently and simultaneously carry and fire 2 mini-guns while firing an RPG with their mouth with the pinpoint accuracy of a well trained sniper, which they also incidentally happen to be, and therefore don't care because they can't feel pain and are just too hard core for the captors to handle and know that they can kill all 20 captors in 2 seconds with their 1 inch death punch carried out at a speed so fast that by the time the last person starts to drop the bodies of the other 19 deceased haven't even hit the floor yet." As long as you can distinguish yourself by doing something such as giving them a good story, trying to negotiate etc then you should be good, BUT if the captor doesn't give a shit, then just do it anyway to be safe as in my opinion there could be circumstances where it could be seen as justifiable to not bend and rule-playish to simply gun down the person refusing to beg, but then there could be other circumstances where it would clearly be NVFL.
  3. my responses to your suggestions are in red. I have some of my own suggestions for you here: The smaller group could try and call in help from allies (this is a reason to make friends IG). They could then try and met each other to increase their numbers and discourage the larger group, or their allies could set up an ambush and the smaller group could lead the larger (a variation of our suggestion). Learn the lay of the land and know the map well (go exploring IG), there are several areas which you can easily lose people in, so you could head towards one of those areas and try to lose the following group. Every man/woman for themselves, split and run, maybe one or two get captured but if the rest get away then wasn't their sacrifice worth it? Have someone go and try and negotiate with the larger group (instead of initiate), this could allow the rest to get away and could actually create some decent RP.
  4. The undefeated fedora tipping, bare-knuckle champion of Chernarus returns?
  5. Just a small point, but basically the yellow announcement bar at the top informing everyone of the new rule changes might be overlooked due to people thinking that it is referring to the rules that were recently amended regarding settlements, and any subsequent changes may also be overlooked by people for this reason. Perhaps something simple such as "day/month/year" or even the heading for the rule change can be added at the end of it just so people glancing at it can see that it is not the same announcement that has been up for a while.
  6. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of posts from staff stating that there is nothing wrong with robbing someone solely for their gear as long as you provide decent RP, and personally that is what I took away from reading the verdict as a whole, not that "you can't rob someone from gear". I think the "Bad RP" verdict wasn't exactly hard to reach by whoever was involved in the report because the accused all seemed to admit it. I also don't think that this is too hard of a verdict to reach given what I saw, they were bumbling around not really knowing what they were doing with what seemed like a bullshit not very well thought out off-the-cuff excuse (nothing wrong with this generally but in this context I think that maybe it goes towards the argument that they didn't know what they were doing). There is a reason that there are warnings that you probably shouldn't try being a bandit right off the bat, because people think that it is easy, which I disagree with given the amount of rules you need to follow while still providing decent RP, and one only needs to look through the reports section to see that many struggle with being bandits (I am not even going to go in the OOC issues they often face from being a bandit). If it were easy then I don't think there would be so many complaints about terrible bandits nor guilty verdicts. There are also decent guides on being bandits (although I think that Chernov's guide and Echos guide need to be moved to the proper guide section as people may search the new area and not realise there is a small mention of the old guides at the bottom of the forum page), so it's not like people can't go somewhere to get some idea of what is expected. If newer members are going to do something that they are discouraged from doing too soon, they should at least make an effort to read a guide or two. Having said that, I agree that we shouldn't just shit on new players, there have been times where it seemed like they were coming in and being looked down on right away (e.g. the Psi wave that came through last year) because of the actions of a minority of new players which I imagine was discouraging for many of them who were here for the RP. While I get that they are supposed to have the rules fresh in their minds, for some people, being in game and actually putting the rules into practice takes some time. I am of the view that aggrieved parties should try to talk it out if possible, but that this also depends on the nature of the rule break. We now have the mentor program to help people, we have guides, and I think that the best way to get better RP on the server is to help people out. If people run into something like this maybe they should consider contacting them and giving them some constructive feedback and either suggest the mentor program or put them in contact with groups who may be able to get them to a better standard of the RP they are wanting to do. Admittedly, there will obviously be times when you run into a wall and they just won't accept that they may have screwed up so you have no choice but to throw up a report. As for the revoking of the whitelist, perhaps staff should look at changing this procedure in its current form to only apply to kos, and trolly/highly inappropriate RP, or multiple rule breaks occurring within the same report or between more than one report involving thee accused around the same time, and maybe have some guidelines for certain types of situations constituting "Bad RP" that would merit a revoking of a persons whitelist, and not simply having a blanket ban on all potential "Bad RP". I think for minor things which would currently fall under the whitelist revoke, a ban by itself is probably sufficient to allow someone to go read the rules and ask questions if they need further clarification, read some guides, and/or apply for the mentor program. While the whitelist isn't exactly hard, people may be put off by having to re-do it, and I can see the argument that if people really want to play on the server they would redo it doesn't take that long, but at the same time, people may also be too discouraged to re-attempt it, especially if they are new to roleplay in general.
  7. You can also find small protector cases fairly easily. These are only 6 slots but very easy to hide and last the same time as barrels. Just remember, whatever you use, make sure that you interact with it at least every 8 days (the timer may be longer this patch, I have not gone longer than this though).
  8. if it moves, has a weapon out and isn't one of yours, chances are there will be bullets heading their way. It really isn't that hard to get out alive if a firefight breaks out around you and you have no involvement with it. Some of the other posts have already covered what you can do but if you are in a town you can always get in a house and stay there, just make sure to make it obvious where you are and that you want no part of what is happening. I would recommend the "weapon away, hit the floor and hands on head" approach while inside, and to keep talking and using text so that the people in the fight know where you are, e.g. "please don't kill me I am in this green house and want no part in what is going on." This way those in the gunfight can try and guide you out safely (if possible) or let you know when it is safe to leave,or interrogate you after the firefight to see if you were actually involved.
  9. Why dictate what peoples characters in a video game can and can't look like with what is already restricted by what the game developers allow, just seems pointless and unneeded to me.
  10. correct me if I am wrong, but didn't you previously need several incidents where a person or group took you hostage and robbed/hurt you before you gained execution rights as well as evidence of all those situations? I can see how this could be abused with only one incident having had to occur in the past, e.g. I could just hang around the triangle on my own in decent gear (which doesn't take that long to replace) "chumming the waters" so that I keep getting robbed, then after a week or so, go in a group or get a group to find and capture those people and start executing them one by one and then claim, "but they robbed/scarred me so I was using my validly gained execution rights." I think that the 2 hour KOS is sufficient for one or two incidents by the same people, and yes there are people who will simply log after the 30 mins, thereby denying the hostage 1 1/2 hours of being able to find and kill them, but it still doesn't justify being able to execute someone because of a single incident. I think that once you get to a point where you have been taken 3 or more times by the same person/people then I completely understand being able to use execution rights if you manage to capture them (although if you are in the same area and know that they hang around there, wtf are you doing back there in the first place other than looking to get robbed/killed), but a single incident is going to potentially cause a lot of unnecessary problems. This rule could definitely use a slight rewording or some more clarity (or was this intentionally made to "discourage" banditry?).
  11. This actually makes a lot of sense. If someone is taking the time to actually read reports to get an understanding of the rules, why not do this to ensure they are taking away the correct interpretation.
  12. I think it depends on how it is done and whether there is any context to it. For example, if I run into someone who is obviously agitated and slowly pacing back and forth in front of me then I don't see any issue as people do this and it makes sense in that context. On the other hand, simply strafing left and right when talking to someone for no reason other than you are trying to make yourself harder to hit when you eventually initiate just looks silly. I think that sometimes people may simply be doing it out of habit from pub servers and sometimes if it is really bad, saying something to bring their attention to it can remind them to stop it (although there will be the occasions where no matter what you say they are going to do "The Time Warp" in front of you whether you like it or not).
  13. INTRODUCTION So you are considering taking a hostage, maybe you are inexperienced, maybe you have done this many times, either way, I hope this provides some guidance or useful tips for you. I know there seems like a lot of information in this guide, but there's a reason that it is recommended that people don't jump straight into being a bandit when they join, there is a lot you need to know, especially when hostages are involved. I would strongly recommend also reading THIS guide and THIS guide as they are somewhat related in content and cover points I have not addressed at all that you really should know. If you are new to the server, I would advise against taking anyone hostage until you have a firm understanding of the rules, have been taken hostage a couple of times yourself and possibly have been part of a group which had people who have experience with taking hostages (either official or dynamic group). Before you run off and get yourself taken hostage, please read THIS guide as it may help you with being a hostage. So many things can go wrong for both you and the hostage, and when you end up powergaming/metagaming/RDMing the hostages because you have no real clue what you are doing, it ruins the experience for all/most involved, including yourself when/if you get hit with a ban. Remember that if you get reported for bad RP and the staff find that there was a rulebreak, you are looking at also having your whitelist revoked if you have been playing for less than a month. When in doubt about the rules re-read them, jump in the help desk on TS or post a question up in forums. Secondly, know what metagaming and powergaming are and don't do these things EVER. In fact, if you dont have a good grasp of the rules in general I would stay away from any behaviour associated with bandits. my next point is that anyone who is about to initiate on people needs to ask themselves "Am I prepared to die the second I initiate, or to have my friends who are with me die?" If the answer is no, don't proceed any further. You have no business trying to take hostages or initiate on anyone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pre-initiation: The first thing you should do, especially if you don't have much experience with hostile RP is to have some sort of plan of what you are going to do once you have the hostage(s). This guide has all the information you need in order to come up with some sort of plan on what you intend to do with the hostage(s) once you initiate. Prior to initiating you should ask yourself these questions: what is your motivation/reason for taking the hostage? There are countless reasons, perhaps they disprespected you, perhaps you don't like them, perhaps you want some information from them, perhaps you want to teach them a lesson, perhaps you want something they have, perhaps they are in your territory etc etc. Are you aware of whether there are other people in the area? If you haven't checked the area, you take the risk that one of their buddies is going to pop around the corner and gun you down. Do you have an "inside man"? If so, you need to make sure that they have not encouraged the hostage to resist if something goes down. This is considered baiting. Do you know where you are going to take the hostages once you have them? Are you going to get them inside a building or run them somewhere more remote. My advice is that generally it is a bad idea to keep them inside a building in a fairly well travelled area as you never know who is going to come through. Are you in a good spot to drop an initiation or, for example, are you sitting in an open field surrounded by trees that they may have friends in with weapons trained on you? Can you get them to a better spot before you drop the initiation? Do you have the time to take a hostage and provide them with good RP without having to combat log? If not, don't take anyone hostage. Know how to initiated properly and what is considered an initiation: Initiating on people in general: Your initiations need to have a clear demand and consequence. Examples of valid initiations: "put your hands up now or die" "drop your weapon now or I will shoot you" "get on the ground and drop your weapon or I will murder you" It is also important to note that raising your weapon at someone and telling them to do something is also considered a valid initiation. You should always make it clear who you are initiating on, sometimes distance and buggy voip can make it seem like someone near them is being initiated on, and while the safe thing for them to do is comply, some people may think that something is merely happening near them and doesn't involve them (which they do so at their own risk). It is your responsibility as the potential hostage taker to make sure everyone hears/sees the initiation, it is not for the hostages to relay it to other people in the area being initiated on. Initiating on compounds: If you are going to initiate on an enclosed compound or on everyone within a certain area, be clear about the initiation so that those that are being initiated on can be sure of what is happening. I would recommend using text and voip for this as well, especially if there are multiple people talking within the vicinity. Examples of what to say in text and voip: "Everyone near the well get your hands up now or we kill you" "Everyone in this compound drop your weapons or die where you stand" Initiating on Vehicles: If initiating on a vehicle you MUST use voice and text. The reason for this is that it can be hard if not impossible to hear voip due to how loud vehicles are when you are in them. Make sure your voice and text demands are the same so as to not cause confusion. If you are initiating on a vehicle, especially something that can carry many people such as a bus or cargo VS3, and the driver does not comply, try to only take out the driver if possible. While it is taken to be that a driver is responsible for their passengers, and it is the drivers fault if the passengers die due to the driver not complying, the passengers have absolutely no physical control over whether the driver stops and if you can get shots on the driver do that instead of gunning down all the people helplessly sitting in the back of a VS3 or inside the bus. This way you will have more of a chance of actually having hostages to RP with. Please go and look at THIS verdict for staff comments on a situation like this. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once you have dropped the initiation: Give them ample time to comply: You need to give the hostage time to comply. Now obviously if they are standing there after 20 seconds with weapon in hand not listening to your commands they aren't complying and you are well within your rights to shoot them. But if they do something like put their weapon away/drop it so that they don't pose a risk and then ask you to reconsider, be a bit more lenient with them (bearing in mind that they should still comply, but just be a bit more patient with it if they are trying to RP) worst comes to worse do a countdown or tell them "final warning then you die, put your hands up now." It sometimes pays to have someone watching text to see if they go OOC to let you know they are glitched and cant drop weapons or if they ask how to put their hands up as this does happen occassionally especially if it is a new player. If you happen to stumble on someone who is AFK, don't initiate on them, or if you already have, don't kill them, you can instead tie them up and wait for them to come back. Cut off their communications: Have you searched the hostage for a radio? If not do this as soon as possible and remove it if they have one. If you haven't done this, remember that if the hostage doesn't have their hands up or they are not restrained, they are well within their rights to communicate via TS or any third party program, informing whoever is on the other end that they have been initiated on, descriptions of the hostage takers, their location and direction they are being moved etc. Example of how to correctly search for a radio: Hostage Taker: *searches the man for a radio //do I find one? Hostage: //Yes Hostage Taker: *takes the mans radio Example of how NOT to search for a radio: (without having asked if the person has a radio) Hostage taker: *takes mans radio The reason for this is that they may not be carrying a radio and you may have just powergamed them. Search them for concealed weapons and remove them: Always remember that they may have a weapon on them somewhere and some people can be deadly with something like a glock against multiple people. You have a few choices here, either restrain them and look at their inventory, or use text. Example of a text search: Hostage Taker: *searches the person thoroughly for weapons// Do I find anything? If so please drop them all on the ground." You could always make them drop all their gear but it is generally considered bad RP to make someone completely strip. You don't necessarily have to remove their weapons, it may be enough to simply take their mags and ammo. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moving the hostage(s): If you are moving the hostages make sure that they are being provided with RP . Don't simply tell them to shut up and run a particular direction. Talk with them, mess with them, make jokes at their expense, find out more about them, do anything, just make sure you talk to them and allow them to talk to you. Give them clear and concise instructions on which direction they should go, when to stop, when to speed up or slow down etc. There is nothing worse than multiple people spouting off different commands at the same time, it becomes very confusing for the hostage. My advice is to nominate a person to do this if you find this happening. Be smart about where you take the hostage(s): Try and get your hostage somewhere where you can easily see people approaching, and somewhere where you have some decent cover in the event the hostage has friends that were in range to acquire KOS rights on the hostage takers. Decide whether you want to restrain the hostage(s): Restrained hostages will have a harder time escaping but they can't run as fast, maybe get them to where you want to be then restrain them. As a point to note if the server is being dodgy or a server restart is going to happen soon, try something like "//are you ok with us Rping that you are tied as we don't want you dying from a server crash or restart" Always note that an unrestrained hostage can still pose a threat to you in the right circumstances if you let your guard down. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once the hostages are in place: Do something different and unexpected: Far often there is a tendency to simply take someone, tell/show them how bad-ass you are (or think you are) or make them apologise for some indiscretion, talk shit to them, cut/mark them in some way and then eventually let them go, possibly a lot lighter than they previously were, and honestly there is nothing wrong with this if you are providing decent RP, but many people have probably experienced this exact "formula" before. Even if your RP involves something similar to this, try and throw in something that makes your RP stand out from other hostage takers. Make sure to keep RPing with the hostage(s) There is nothing worse than sitting there in silence while your hostage takers go through your gear and ignore all attempts to RP. If you are going to take their possessions don't all just run up and look through their shit taking what you want, you will end up looking like these seagulls. so try and give them some RP while doing it at least, maybe question them on certain items in their inventory, tell them why you are taking a particular item etc. Don't shut down a hostages attempts at trying to RP either. Obviously if they are continually spouting off threats at you because they are a supersoldier to the point it is NVFL, then give them a few warnings that if they continue talking that way you will shoot them, but don't tell them to shut the fuck up or die unless you have a good reason such as to hide what you are doing from people who may be passing by, but even in a situation like that you can be more creative than that. Another exception may be if they keep interrupting while you are trying to get something important out, but you need to tell them they can talk again afterwards. There are many examples but the main point is, don't shut down their RP because you can't think of anything decent to say or are too busy trying to look through their gear. Suggestions for where you have multiple hostages and multiple hostage takers: If this occurs, you need to think about how to best communicate with each other. If you have multiple people speaking at the same time it is going to be confusing for everyone so think about how everyone is going to talk to each other. One suggestion is to split the hostages up either individually or into smaller groups and get some distance between them, or try using text with some of them and ask them to do the same OOC. Of course there will be times when you want all the hostages together. If you do this, again, make sure everyone isn't talking over each other all the time. Maybe have someone lead the RP if you find this happening or have people rotate between keeping an eye out for potential threats and coming in to speak to the hostages. Don't let your guard down: You never know if you are being followed by one or more of the hostages friends who are choosing the right moment to strike. It pays to have at least one person keeping an eye out. If you are the one keeping an eye out and you think that the RP from the other hostage takers is a bit awkward or not up to par, you should swap with someone and go talk to the hostages because being on overwatch does not excuse you from the badRP/non-existent RP that your friends may be involved in. It is your responsibility to "care" for the hostage(s): This doesn't mean you need to smother them with love and affection and serve them 7 course meals, but is does mean that while you have them and are RPing with them (without having gained kos rights, execution rights etc) you need to ensure that: They don't starve to death or die from dehydration. They don't get mauled by zombies (or some other NPC threat that may be added to the game at a later date). You don't accidentally and unintentionally kill them (e.g. from a punch that you thought would only knock them out). Perma-scarring and being denied: I have found that people are more receptive to giving them some detail and choice in the matter. for example: "//permission to perma-scar you with a "w", you can choose size and location." If your hostage denies you the ability to perma-scar them, then that is their prerogative under the DAYZRP rules. Learn to simply move on to something else. Tha'ts not to say you can't ask to scar them in some other way but don't keep asking them over and over. Try not to overly belittle and swear at the hostage(s): Verbally abusing someone is part and parcel of hostile RP and can serve a purpose. That being said, I think that it can be overdone and doesn't really add to the RP when all you can do is swear every third word and call the hostages names over and over. Are you really giving your best RP when doing this? I will just leave THIS link here where there is a discussion on the subject which I think raised some valid points for hostage takers to think about. A lot of people really don't enjoy being constantly abused to the point they get annoyed/upset on an OOC level, and personally I think it can get to a point that it just makes the RP boring. Don't get sucked into an OOC argument with your hostage(s): If your hostage is going OOC in text and asking you unnecessary questions, making inappropriate comments, trying to get information about your intentions and group, threatening to report you, demanding to know why you are taking them hostage, complaining about your RP etc, then ignore it. If it continues simply write "//please stop OOC" and leave it at that. Don't go back and forth with them, you won't achieve anything other than breaking the OOC rules which could land you a warning or a short ban. Text RP can be awesome for hitting/torturing/interacting with hostage(s): Try and use text and see if it works for you. I think that if used properly it can really add to the RP. Instead of hitting someone with fists or a weapon,try using text. Examples: "*punches the man in his face." "*hits the man's ribs with the butt of her rifle." You can really hit them if you want, but then you take the risk that you might accidently kill them, and accidental or not, it is still considered to be a rule break. Personally I think you can do more with text in these types of scenarios as you can be more specific about what you are doing, how you are doing it, where you are hurting them etc. It can also tie in with seeking permission to perma-scar someone, for example: "*swings a bat at the mans jaw//does it hit, and if so does it dislodge any teeth" Then are are other things you can do such as "*shoves the womans back//if the force is enough you would fall flat on the ground." This gives the hostage a say as to what happens to them and gets them more involved in my opinion. Don't immediately execute the hostage if you start taking shots: Unless you have gotten the hostages frequency and told their buddies over "radio" (Teamspeak) that you will kill the hostage if you take any/anymore shots, you cannot kill the hostage. Please note that YOU CANNOT USE THE HOSTAGE TO CONTAT THEIR FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO STOP SHOOTING under the current rules. Sometimes there may be other people who have KOS rights on you and have nothing to do with the hostage(s), other times people simply don't understand the rules and think they can get involved and start shooting the "bad people" and your hostage(s) shouldn't suffer for this, nor should you risk a ban. Remember that if you kill your hostage, you are potentially losing the only leverage you have to stop their friends from coming in to try and kill you. Don't just ignore the hostage and cease RP if you start taking shots: You took them hostage, so they are your responsibility, and it is your responsibility to ensure they don't just sit there in silence. Just because you are getting shot at doesn't mean you can now not RP with the hostages. You could always leave someone inside a building with the hostages who can talk to them, or direct them to get somewhere in earshot that is a bit safer for them and tell them to stay there, but at least keep yelling out stuff to them and interacting now and then if you have nobody to keep watching them. To give you some ides, here are some quick examples of what you could be yelling at them as you are fighting: "I better not find out these are your friends" "you better pray nothing happens to my friends or we are gonna take it out on you" "I bet you are just loving this aren't you you bastard". I understand that you may not want to give away your position, and it can be hard to be in a firefight and deal with hostages, but at least do something, even if you take the risk of cutting them loose and telling them to get out of town (if it is possible to do so without them accidentally getting shot by the attacking party). Think about how long you have had the hostages: Try to remember that people play this game for fun, and not everyone wants to be held hostage for hours. Personally I try not to keep people longer than 15-45 minutes from initiation to releasing the hostage, depending on the situation. As a general rule, if you are going beyond 15 minutes, make sure you RP continues to be solid, and that the situation and the RP is actually going somewhere. There are going to be situations which will last longer (e.g. a firefight breaks out, there are negotiations for the release of the hostage, there is some history between the hostage takers and the hostage etc etc) but if you are grabbing someone that you don't really know, try not to keep them longer than this. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tips for when you are getting bad or no/insufficient RP from the hostage: General Tips: Sometimes you just wont get sufficient/any RP from the hostage(s). There can be a number of reasons for this including but not limited to inexperience, and the hostage being upset with the situation OOC for some reason. My advice here is to just try and give them good RP anyway and to cut them loose quickly if needed and talk to them and/or make a report if you think it was bad RP. While I believe that as a hostage taker, it is your responsibility to entertain the hostage(s), RP is a two way street and they should reciprocate. Here are a few tips I have for some situations. As a general tip, make sure they aren't communicating via text, sometimes people will use voice and text, for example when they are giving pain RP, and some people have a tendency to not see people text RPing. No Pain RP Sometimes you will get a hostage and their RP might not be the best in your eyes or you might not be getting the reactions you might expect. This can be for a number of reasons, maybe they are new and inexperienced, maybe they are overly excited, maybe there is some other reason. When you are hitting the hostage or hurting them in some way, and they aren't reacting at all, try and draw their attention to this fact subtly. One way I will do this is that if someone I am with has hit the hostage one or two times and there has been no reaction, I will say something to the person I am with like "See I knew you hit like an old lady, its not even making them flinch, now stop messing around and hit him for real." This has worked for me almost every time, and generally it helps them click as to what is expected. I especially think that you should do this if you are hurting them via text RP in case they missed it. Some other examples of what to say to try and get them to give pain RP: "You can stop trying to hide the pain, I can tell you are hurting" "Well you can take a hit, I will give you that, but everyone has a breaking point and I don't think we are far off from finding yours." There may be a time when you run into the proverbial "Super soldier" who "can't feel pain" no matter what you do. This is just bad RP on their part and there probably isn't a lot you can do about it other than to record the situation, talk to them afterwards and/or make a report if you have to. If you run into such a person, try your best to still give them good hostile RP or just cut them loose quickly without anything that they may use to harm you. No RP at all First, make sure they aren't disconnecting or haven't gone AFK. Secondly, just try and ask them questions to illicit some response. Thirdly, is there something to suggest that they can't talk but are trying to communicate some other way and you are just missing it? If they are just sitting there being upset about the situation OOC and refusing to RP for whatever reason, give them a simple demand and tell them they will die if they don't answer your questions, warn them a few times if they don't answer your questions, make sure you have someone recording and shoot them for non-compliance or just cut your losses and let them go. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Releasing the hostage(s): So you have done what you had to do, hopefully both the hostage taker and the hostage has enjoyed the RP, but you have one final step to take, letting the hostage(s) go. Now at the time of writing this, it is important to note that the infected aren't really that big a threat, and other predators haven't been introduced into the game yet. There may come a time when this changes but for now all you need to know is as follows: You must leave the hostage with a realistic chance of survival: This doesn't mean you have to load them up with food/drinks and weapons. There is no requirement to leave a hostage with anything to defend themselves with, not even a melee weapon. It is enough to simply leave someone by a well and an apple tree, or to point them to a town that is close by where they have a water source and apple trees (or berries, but those carry some risk if they are the wrong colour). Don't release them with no clothes unless you have a very very good reason as it is generally taken to be bad RP if you strip someone completely. Hang around the same area at your own risk: When you let the hostage go you are can get the hostage to stay where they are or get them to run in a certain direction. Remember that the timer for KOS rights ends after the last hostile act against the hostage, so basically from when you wrap it all up. If you get them to stay there, give them a count down (just don't make it a stupidly high number) or talk/text something in particular (use your imagination) so you can hear that they are in place while you move. If you get them to run away you can either remain in the area or also run in a different direction to make it harder for them to find you. If you stay in the same area, remember that they can always get armed and come back to put shots into a few of you and run away if they know what they are doing, or come back with friends and initiate on all of you. Make sure not to combat log: Once you have released the hostage, they have kos rights on you for 2 hours, but you can log out before this by breaking line of sight and waiting at least 30 minutes to log out. Log out means log out, not change servers. If you are part of a group who have hostages and need to go during the hostage situation, simply come up with a reason IG, then run away, break line of sight and wait at least 30 minutes to log (or find somewhere reasonably remote and AFK in a bush, which is done at your own risk). If something comes up and you need to log out before the 30 minutes, you can always ask the hostage(s) and others who are involved in the situation if you can log early. Just type something along the lines of "//Sorry something urgent has come up and I need to go, permission to log". Make sure to get permission from all hostages. If the hostage denies you permission, don't get upset with them, as it is your fault, not theirs. You shouldn't be taking anyone hostage if you don't have the time, and when you log early it affects their ability to seek revenge using their KOS rights which is unfair on them. Dont be afraid of asking for feedback from your hostages after the situation: When I try something new I will occasionally try and track the person I took hostage down on TS and talk to them to see how they found the experience, and what they liked or disliked about the RP they received. You would be surprised how many people will be prepared to give you constructive feedback and not just be salty that they were taken hostage (not to say you wont run into salty people). Whether you listen is up to you, but if you run into a few people saying the same thing, there might be something to it.
  14. I have copied over my guide from the old website. Lets face it, you are going to get taken hostage eventually, so hopefully this guide helps you out. Having been at both ends of the gun so to speak, and noticing that it is quite often newer players who simply do not know how to handle the situation they are confronted with, I thought I would put down some thoughts and ideas for people to think about in the event that this happens to them (or rather when it happens to them). Now I am more than aware that sometimes you will get 10/10 “STFU or I will kill you” RP from a hostage taker and you will need to make a judgement call yourself on whether you think you will probably be killed or whether it is worth trying to get some conversation out of it, but maybe some of these tips can also help to get your captor past that mind-set. I also acknowledge that the RP in these types of situations will vary greatly from situation to situation, but I have tried to give what I think are some very basic tips that may help newer people. Please feel free to add your own ideas here for other people. Know your key binds: When someone initiates on you they should give you ample time to comply. Try not to panic when you hit your keys. F2 is the default key for raising your hands. I have seen people get shot because they mistakenly hit 2 instead of F2 and pulled out their weapon. Mass initiations: These can be confusing at the best of times. One thing to always remember is that there may be an “inside man” waiting to shoot any non-compliant people. This may seem like a shitty thing to do but it is well within the rules. If you are in a compound with other people in it and it is initiated on, remember you take the risk of being shot by the person standing next to you if you don’t comply. I have been in this situation before and was the only person who surrendered. I was also the only person who was not with the initiators that walked out of there alive. This is a judgement call on your part whether you fight, run or surrender, but always have that in the back of your head if you don’t know the others with you very well. Your aim should be to try and make it out of the situation alive: Yes there are times when you can basically march to the rules cadence and you are guaranteed to make it out of the situation alive, but why not act like those rules don’t exist. If you are sitting there telling your captors how you are going to find them and kill them when they let you go, then maybe, just maybe, they aren’t going to want to let you out of the situation alive as you have just made it obvious that your existence is now a threat to them. Now this doesn’t mean you should just cry and beg for your life, obviously each person’s character is different and would react to the situation differently, but that doesn’t mean that you should be stupid about what you are saying or doing. Does the situation make you angry? Well that’s fine, but maybe internalise that anger or show it in your RP but not to the point of just being stupid. There is nothing stopping you from using the radio chat forums to express this afterwards (I have seen this done well quite a few times) but it probably isn’t going to end well for you if you are making those same threats while you have a gun to your head. Have you been searched for a radio? If you are searched for a radio, don’t try and be "sneaky” by stalling with your answer so you can get a message out while you are being searched, this is unrealistic as anyone searching you is going to be right next to you and would notice something. Also something I have seen is where someone will say they have no radio but will have a walkie-talkie on them. Even if you aren’t using it as your IG radio or have no battery in it, let your captors know that you have one and it has no battery so they can check for themselves and you can avoid any potential backlash, even if you do it in OOC chat. If you are searched for a radio and have it taken off you or turned off, make sure you mute TS or whatever 3rd party program you may have. “Oops I accidently left my TS mic on open broadcast without realising” is a BS excuse. If you don’t already have a key bound for mute/unmute mic in TS I suggest you do this next time you use TS as it will make things easier for you. If you have had your radio taken and use any other program to communicate with someone to let them know what has happened to you and where you are being taken, this is meta-gaming and both you and your friend(s) are likely going to be on the wrong end of a report if they use this information to try and rescue you. Other times when you cannot access your radio or your radio conversation is limited: Even if you have not been searched for a radio, if you are restrained or your hands are raised, then you are taken to have no access to your radio and must mute any 3rd party program being used to communicate with other people in game. NB you cannot try and bypass the rules by claiming to have a permanently broadcasting radio i.e. "I had a rubber band or tape on the transmit button" is not something you can claim to have used in order to keep broadcasting to another person. Another issue which may arise is when you are given a radio and told to get in contact with someone in front of your captors. If this happens make sure that whatever you communicate is also said over IG comms if your captors are standing near you or tell you that they want to hear everything. Your gear is not worth your life: If you have been captured, let’s face it, chances are you are going to lose some if not most of your gear (depending on the situation). Is it really worth losing your life over a vest or a specific type of gun? Sure there may be situations where your character has some kind of sentimental value attached to something (e.g. they are carrying around their lost child’s teddy bear), and in that situation by all means work that into the RP to try and let your captors leave it with you, but for everything else ask yourself this, would I die for this piece of equipment IRL? Just because you are not in the dominant position in the situation doesn’t mean that you have no control as to which way the conversation will flow: Giving one word answers to questions can make the RP stale (although admittedly in some circumstances it can fit the situation to show your fear etc.). Try and lead the conversation somewhere else or give answers in a way that gives the captors some cues to possibly pick up on, for example maybe slip in a remark about the last time you were robbed or how this reminds you of something, hopefully the captor will pick up on it and ask you more questions. Another suggestion I have would be to try and negotiate with your captors. Show them that you are worth more to them alive, maybe by offering up some information that they might find valuable (if it’s a lie make it convincing, a good lie can get you far) or perhaps you have some skill that may be useful to them, try and think outside the box. As an example (although I wasn’t a hostage or hostage taker in this situation), some people I was travelling with took a man hostage as he had unwittingly agitated the group. Just prior to this he had been talking about how he was a stand-up comedian. I intervened and made the suggestion that if both the captors and hostage were willing, that the captors could let him go with all his equipment and the hostage would in turn owe their group a quick stand-up show at some time in the future, to which the parties agreed. Although in this scenario the suggestion had not come from the hostage, there is nothing stopping a hostage from doing the same. Try to gain empathy from your captives: There are times that I have managed to get a story out which has impressed my captors or gotten them to feel sorry for me to the point that I walked away from robberies with almost all my gear including my weapons. Obviously each captor is going to be different and there will be some that no matter what you say, it is going to suck to be you. Try and pay attention to what is being said even between the hostage takers, can you learn anything that might help you from the way they are acting? E.g. is there one that seems more sympathetic? Is there one that seems to be in charge that is barking out all the orders? These might be the ones to focus your conversation towards. Being a shithead to your captors will likely make what happens to you worse: Title says it all. Now I don’t mean don’t poke fun at the captors or try and agitate them a little but this really is a “know your audience” kind of thing so take some time to get a feel for your captors before doing this. Some will take it on the chin and roll with a joke at their expense while others will react violently. This doesn’t mean be a troll! Having your restraints removed doesn’t give you superhuman powers: If you get cut loose/un-cuffed don’t do anything stupid. Sure, if it is one person and they didn’t search you and find that sawn-off shotgun in your backpack then by all means try and take them out if you think you have a realistic chance of survival, but if you have a shovel and decide to charge one of the 10 well armed people surrounding you, two things are likely to happen, the first being your death and the second being the NVFL report that will follow. React when being tortured or hurt: If you aren’t too comfortable with doing this over VOIP then try and use chat to express what your character is doing or saying, e.g. “*grits teeth in anticipation of the knife” “*lets out a loud yell”, "*screams in pain" etc etc. Try not to just sit there silently as you get hit/cut/stabbed/shot etc. At least make some attempt to RP out that pain. Oh, but you’re “crazy”, well that changes everything! Just kidding, same still applies. Work it into your RP but you still need to make sure you don’t fall into the NVFL/bad RP category. Know when you can and should not go OOC in chat: Never go OOC in VOIP! There are times you may need to go OOC in text but you should not do this unless you really have to in order to convey something important to your captors. Some examples of what is generally accepted is: //Stop the OOC //I have been having connection problems, can we just RP that I am handcuffed/restrained so I don't die if I get disconnected //I can't hear what you are saying There will be other times when you might feel the need to go OOC but it will be completely unneeded and may end up with you being on the wrong end of an "unnecessary OOC" report against you. This generally comes out when the hostage is either 'salty', doesn't know the rules properly or thinks there are rulebreaks happening and want to convey that to their captors. Some examples I have seen which have landed people in trouble are: //I am recording this (implying that they are not happy with what is happening and/or are going to make a report) //I am going to report you all //You need to go learn the rules because you don't know what you are doing //This is such bad/fail RP //why have you taken me hostage, you need a reason, tell me now The rules provide that OOC chat should never take priority over the roleplay. If you think someone is breaking the rules, then keep it to yourself and deal with it after the RP, no matter how bad you may think it is. If your captors break every single rule there is, stay in character and deal with it later. If they go to powergame you or perma-scar you without permission there is nothing wrong with "//Permission not granted" but if they carry on, try to just keep in character. Just because your captors RP cutting off your legs without permission, doesn't mean you need to now have your character act like they have no legs. Most people when faced with this will just move on after the interaction as if it never happened, as your captors can't force anything like this on you. If you think there are rulebreaks and want to raise this point, do it in a formal report or talk to your captors OOC in teamspeak, do not in OOC chat. Don’t take what happens personally OOC: At the end of the day it is just a game on an RP server and not everyone wants to play the game the same way. Some people are going to give you better hostile RP than others, and yes it can be a pain in the ass to lose all or most of your gear but it is nothing that you can’t get back. Use this as an opportunity to impact your character somehow, perhaps it makes you more cautious when approaching people, perhaps it makes your character want to take it out on others etc.
  15. I ran into the apartments in severograd and hit vault instead of crouch, luckily the dayz gods decided to bestow their blessings on me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN4CPW3fLas