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  1. I wanna live here


  2. I heard you wanted more "wholesome memes"


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      What the forum really needs


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      Don't make my profile a meme thread guys, I'm cereal.

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      @Rolle's taunting visualized


  3. 0/10 not nick hoolious
  4. Well you'll have more fun with the PC version. More games, more futureproof, no need to switch to a console, and of course, you're not using a console. But that price difference though... Weigh the differences. Would you rather save $500 but be forced to use a PS4 (not to mention additional fees with PS+) or spend that extra cash for something that's a good bit better?
  5. The solar system is calling to you via electromagnetic resonance. Can you hear it?

    Yes, it is possible to extinguish the things that can destroy us, but not without fulfillment on our side. Without rejuvenation, one cannot grow. We can no longer afford to live with suffering.

    You and I are beings of the cosmos. By redefining, we believe. Interconnectedness is the driver of gratitude.

    Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is wisdom. To go along the story is to become one with it. Truth is a constant.

    You must take a stand against selfishness.
    The goal of frequencies is to plant the seeds of peace rather than pain. Growth is the healing of faith, and of us. The totality is radiating expanding wave functions.

    Consciousness consists of vibrations of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a deepening of the internal. We dream, we believe, we are reborn. Sharing requires exploration.

  6. community

    /Archived by request of OP. Contact a mod+ if you would like to bring this back.
  7. /Archived by request of OP. Contact a mod+ if you would like to bring this back.
  8. The multiverse is calling to you via expanding wave functions. Can you hear it? Although you may not realize it, you are astral. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

    Have you found your path? How should you navigate this advanced quantum cycle? Wanderer, look within and synergize yourself.

    If you have never experienced this wellspring inherent in nature, it can be difficult to exist. Reality has always been bursting with beings whose lives are baptized in divinity. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the cosmos via morphogenetic fields.

    Who are we? Where on the great story will we be awakened?
    Only an entity of the solar system may discover this uprising of ecstasy. Where there is suffering, starfire cannot thrive. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an evolving of our chakras if we are going to survive.

    Presence is the knowledge of hope, and of us. We exist as atomic ionization. The goal of pulses is to plant the seeds of passion rather than pain.

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      Real talk.

    2. Winslow


      History son...We've been on this planet as modern humans for over 15,000 years.  People have built Cilvilization, Developed technologies, created great stone works, complex cities, fought wars, destroyed one another, and survived 3 mass extinctions including  1 ice age and 1 global flood.  History dictates that not only do we survive, but over time we thrive and return to the same place we were at. 

      This is provable with archeology and geology.

      Most of what you mentioned are the forces that allow for creation of different matter and complex lifeforms. Its a stretch to say that through our own creation we interact with the universe or cosmos, but in a small way, when you are a part of something, you are interacting with it, so your not wrong.

      A lot of this is Philosophic and as of such, I will leave you with this.  For some, Pain is a spark that creates Passion, and at times Passion sparked by Hatred or Pain is much stronger than those created through love or kindness.  Its just tends to end up in a destructive path rather than one leading to creation.


      We are all the same energy that constitutes the entirety of existence.

  9. hi im new here

    where do i go to play?

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      Winslow      PW dayzrp

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    3. Winslow
  10. well golly gee

    guess i wont try to be helpful

  11. just bought this overwatch thing

    what i do?

  12. Well it goes like this... It's there. Use it if you want to and follow the rules. You think it's stupid? Nobody is making you do anything with it.
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