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  1. mafia

    Not sausage? I'll cook something up for you
  2. Hopefully you learned for next time...... maybe?
  3. Who wants to come cook some pizzas?

  4. mafia

    It's back
  5. mafia Benni's Pizzeria

    Ciao, my name is Benito Mancini, first generation of american-born italians of my family. My family comes from the island of Sicily, just off the south-western coast of the beautiful country of Italy. I've visited there a couple of times to see how my family that is still living there is making out and to just check up on things. My parents moved to New Jersey to get married and start a new life here in the United States. They were some of the believers of the American dream to come here and make it rich from a successful business idea and what-not. Being Italian, we decided to run a family business in the heart of our hometown in New Jersey where we made and sold the best pizzas and other italian dinners on the east coast. Now of course, we also got into trouble. It didn't take long for my brothers and I to find that the real money lies in the world of drugs. Alfonso and I, my brother, became pretty big names in the New Jersey drug world. We were making a lot of cash as teenagers but, this all come with legal trouble as well. We heard about this country called Chernarus from watching the news and saw the mayhem going on in this country struck by civil war. I attempted to convince Alfonso to come with me but he refused to join me. Maybe one day he will, but I'll just have to wait until then. So I came over here alone, trying to start up a bit of a business. So I began opening up shops for business and advertised our public and private menu. I found a bit of people living around here that I could call family and brought them into my new business. Benni's Pizzeria. If you don't get it by now, we aren't just any kind of pizza shop. We're a bit of a special kind of restaurant. Back to that thing I mentioned about a sort of "private menu", we offer services hidden to the common man. Look, if you got a bit of an issue with another man out there, let Benito know and the family will put them back in their place. If you have the need for some certain kind of information that you cannot get yourself, call Benito. I'm Italian. Business is business, it runs in my blood. If you got something you need done, Benito gives you the price and the assurance that his family can complete the task you need. The family is guided by two golden things two goals that keep the family from going astray. There are two things that make a family a family, respect and ambition. One needs to be respectful and ambitious. The respect keeps the Pizzeria clean no rats or cockroaches, the ambition makes it so the family can keep striving to become more and more respected and relevant. Remember what I told you, this is a business. IC Build a family, that protects each other Establish a front for our business Establish a steady stream of income Remain anonymity of other operations while building a name Build relations with as many groups as possible to provide a discreet service Establish various ways to communicate with the family incognito OOC Provide solid RP internally and externally Be an active group Build a name and reputation Benito Mancini General Manager Antonio Romani Server Fill out this PM to Shadows IC Name: IC Backstory: Past Groups: Timezone: RP Experience: What is this group about:
  6. As long as you're not being a complete asshole in game or on the forums you won't get permabanned for a one time incident. You break the rule we all follow then you get the same punishment as everyone else.
  7. survival

    /Archived by request of OP. Contact a mod+ if you'd like to bring this back.
  8. 683e5a1ae792471fa67b4376caf1a276?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=8fae6cb6e61eda9796114e1c02861ed7

    1. Shadows


      Can't stump the TRUMP!

    2. Noxious


      possum stomp trump 2017 

  9. /Closed One accidental necro shouldn't cause it to come off track. Continue this necro discussion elsewhere if you choose.
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    You ready to fight for leader

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      there's no fight

  11. I give beanz to something that I agree with, or makes me chuckle. -1 from me.
  12. Welcome back @JimRP!
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    What is with your profile pick, I don't get it, Benzene isn't funny.

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      I'm not a funny guy

  13. /Archived by request of OP. Contact a mod+ if you'd like to bring it back