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  1. OBEY
  2. why did i just now find this channel...


    1. Lucius


      LOL this has popped up on my recommended vids as well

    2. Brutus


      i am binge watching as we speak

    3. Lucius


      This kid will be more popular than JoeysWorldTour soon

  3. Nah If you don't know the rules you'll get banned. No need to retest
  4. 2nd in duos because the damn dacia blocked my AWM shot

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brutus
    3. Mexi


      Could be worse.. Top 5 in solos with AWM and my dad restarts the router.

    4. Brutus


      i got 2nd in solos because i checked the map :x 

  5. F1B0293F72777E790BE5AF03DF3CF93199C04CC3 (1920×1080)

    another one with @Rabbit and 2 whom shall not be named

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    2. WeeMan


      I can hear the sweat dripping off you from hear

    3. Brutus


      you can just check the top left 

    4. Mexi
  6. i suck.

    who wants to help me write backstory for my character?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rabbit


      @Western He doesn't want one, he needs one.

    3. Chief


      sure @Brutus hop in TS and let's talk it out.

    4. Brutus


      I'll be home in like 45 min

  7. I cant say I've ever encountered this. Maybe that is why, but even when I was playing 60+ a week I still didn't notice this.
  8. I get points for linking a music video...

    But wishing someone to fall into a coma gets left alone


    Image result for transparent thinking emoji

    1. Lucius


      I built the Death Star and Tarkin took all the credit

    2. Andrey


      what if you are in a coma right now and this is just a dream?



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    2. Hebee


      wait what did you do this time boi

    3. Andrey


      nothing, we just memeing around the hood

    4. Hebee


      Lemme guess some nosey neighbors peeped in and had to call the cops

  10. could you call him/her in for a POV?
  11. 1 bean = 1 point for @Hollows

    1. Elmo


      Tbh I was expecting the 1 bean to be from Hollows

    2. Brutus


      hollows will make 29 accounts to bean this

    3. Elmo


      Oh, look, a flower :D

      *turns his head the other way*

  12. I think we can all agree it would be a dick move.
  13. Faction 1 attacks Faction 2 Settlement Faction 2 dies Faction 2 comes back to their settlement after NLR timer and initiates on Faction 1 Faction 2 dies again I don't see any rule breaks here. While Faction 1 can only attack a settlement once a day, the second attack was an initiation done by Faction 2 who owns the settlement and one that Faction 1 did not start. Thus, both firefights are valid.