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  1. Are you back yet Johnny
  2. I still remember Mikoyan telling me when I was still new to kill the hostages the minute the fight starts so we wouldnt be distracted by the threat they posed or worrying about them running off. Ah how times have changed.
  3. We already do what staff call "case by case basis" for reports (which isnt actually case by case as per the literal definition, its just however the admin verdicting see's the rules with the context taken in). Imo it should be based on a uniform black and white redone version of the rules rather than fully case by case, a bit of case by case is needed yes as each situation is unique but the whole system as we have it now does not work. Also I chuckled a bit at the term "rp rehab", but yes reports do need to be more about showing a person what they did wrong and helping them improve rather than seeing them banned. Sadly too many people, and any people who do this makes for too many, use the report system as a way to see people gone. The report system should encourage people to talk things out in ts a lot more and encourage people to wait until they've cooled down and become levelheaded again after a situation and then decide if a report is needed.
  4. Who's that handsome priest in the red there I wonder?
  5. The only one I trusted to actually keep the faith out of them all. You were the one who's cross I put in their bag right? Great rp from everyone there either way
  6. Silly Sofie that would actually make sense and be efficient
  7. I think a few too many of staff would disagree with you sadly
  8. Good luck bois, kill some filthy heathens for me
  9. neutral

    Also Biz gonna warn you now the game's been rigged from the start. Only Pado will get it
  10. You're roasts were shit tier at best. Get good Nolan. Never mind I figured it out
  11. You too man, thanks for the rp.
  12. Been fun guys, but I must go now. Thank you for letting me in in the first place.
  13. neutral

    I still dont see Macbrine on this roster, you have failed Biz. Now back in the crate for you.