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  1. Event Postponed till next Sunday!
  2. Would love to see some of your lot there, could imagine you all large and in charge with the anti foreigner stuff and then my boy Dimitri comes in all like : Going down the racist route aye chap? Well as my father would say *slips into Chernarussian accent* "You insult my family's heritage, let's hope you are more prepared to be given new mu'dak then you were to give insults yes?" Honestly though Hamish this sounds like a proper blast :L mu'dak mu'dak
  3. Alright kids. Let's sit down an have a chat. There are good Rpers , there are bad Rpers... 101, Novy Svet and the Redcoats (Cheif and Jake, my bois) , Saviours when people actually surrender rather than going 3 rounds with em like they are Muhammad "im hard" bruce lee, all of em great (Sorry to anyone I missed out but these are main groups I have met as of late. Sometimes there are groups that arn't so great too... and then you have randoms that can be amazing and terrible. The point is it's good RP.... But there is a fundemental problem with it... They are stuck... 101, they've been fighting tooth and nail in the north for nearly a year now... a year... let that sink in... New Gorka got raided to the point of extinction with no real resolution either way, just the people in the town got fed up, and even as of late Skalisky's lot got ran out too. It's not the "good guys fault" it's not the "bad guys" fault either... but a combination of the 2. There needs to be a push I think... for settlements... outposts... tiny pubs ran by a few dudes. And there needs to be an OOC effort to make sure its not just the same slug fests every day of bandits vs settlements... And do not get me wrong, I am not saying we need to all hold hands and listen to Rolle's sweet kareoke skills to have some good RP... far from it. But with OOC "hate" and these settlement problems going on... why not talk more to the oposite side of the coin? Talk with bandit groups you are in conflict with and figure out an end game for conflicts. End of the day you kick people out of settlements and stuff... but remember there are other people playing the dudes you have shoved out of their settlements... They don't like being forced out via constant raids as much as you don't like repetative raids with no chance to RP or do something different. Work it out between you... Bandits: Do events that are to do with the conflict. Attack people leaving the settlement and rob them outside rather than taking on a whole settlement every day (hell you might have them have more chance of surrendering and getting some good RP out of it) Settlement owners: Do mini events every day to influence people going out and doing stuff for the settlements, Make deals with more reasonable bandit groups, even if it means you arn't head boss or hauncho atm... what is half your shit compared to the lives of your men? Trade with other settlements (not only does it keep the traffic going / more variety in RP, it gives bandits something to target other than your big settlement, plus it gets you out of your settlement more Point is there is good RP out there... but is stuck on far away islands and edges of the map in hopes of not having their settlement raided and took out after a few weeks of constant attacks... And in turn bandit groups get bored because the only thing to do is attack the big settlements, and internal RPers get a bit bored because all they have to do is get attacked / internal RP and thats about it... Work together, spread out a bit more, and between each other, bandits and survivor groups / factions... you are the big honchos, you are the ones that can make the difference... so let's get out there and make that difference
  4. Check your messages
  5. No need to thank me, you are the one who needs thanking for the good rp! Hope to see you guys again some time!
  6. hmmm?
  7. Was a small part of the whole Redcoats, Novy Svet / Saviours mini arc that went on the last week or so, and it was the best RP I have had in a long time You guys rock!
  8. I have a character about to start a group who will use gorka / it's radio station, it's been a ghost town for nearly 2 weeks 0_o Anyone around?
  9. I still think Loremasters this time round need to focus waaaay more on the community and their RP / Lore building after revitalising previous Lore. And that does not mean just focusing on staff events / shoving new lore into Chernarus via staff factions and staff created "in game changes". Personally questions on how to encourage cool Roleplay opportunities added to the application could be useful? Personally think LM should be a person people can go to when they need help with something they want to make more interesting in game, focusing more on the RP side rather than just relying on mechanics. -Wars between groups for example with the 2 leaders of the groups going to an LM to ask their input on how not to make it just a boring Settlement vs Settlement affair. - Ideas for activities groups could do at their settlements to keep things interesting and not just have people sitting around all day. - Permission / help if a group, or even an individual wants to do something really big that effects the lore (E.G: Bringing power back to certain areas of Chernarus). People keep complaining the lore is stale? Changing the lore pre infection will re-freshener it sure, but LM's main focus the moment the pre Lore is done is should be stuff like the list above to ensure it STAYS fresh... I don't want to see a team of really good writers be added to the Lore team and then , the moment the new Lore is done find out all they are really good at was writing and hear em all say "Oh shit there we go it's all done, come back to the LM team if you need help writing stories in the Lore and Stories section!" or even worse, the LM team keeps writing "cool lore" post infection and, before you know it, the only way the Lore progresses whenever the LM team write something new, which goes completely against what the server stands for... it should be the players making the decisions on where the lore goes in game, not a team of talented writers. Loremasters are not just for Christmas, they are a big responsibility and should not just be used for a few cool tricks and then left to starve in the corner! (Ok this metaphor is really getting away from me... let's continue!) Also I do really really hope you guys hire 1 lore master to be head honcho from the list of applicants, and then get them to personally go through your list of other potential candidates the staff team liked so he or she can hand pick their team from the best people the staff think are good enough for the job. Apart from that looking forward to whoever puts themselves forward as a candidate
  10. Maybe have the rule be based on time then? I mean a 200 meters on land is quicker to move through than 200 meters of water? If you can encounter someone aprox 2-3 minutes from where they died, it's the general area?
  11. Look I will make this simple aye? The situation in question... killing the guy was wrong... but he didn't act as if he was hurt... he acted as if the damn thing didn't happen... If he had, he probably wouldn't of been shot straight away for what was not only breaking NLR but, in this player's opinion... just a bit of bad roleplay. He walked up to us... he wasn't scared, he wasn't cautious...he walked up to us as if he had never met us before.... Hell if we'd killed him after he had made a point of being shot in character, he probably wouldn't of been punished for NLR right? This "general area" argument isn't the problem, hell it is less than a minutes swim from where he died, if it had been a minutes walk would we still be having this argument? He B-Lined straight for krutoy cap / kamyshovo... infact the group that escaped had retreated to Kamyshovo... less then 5 mins away from skalisky.... and that was the group he was going to meet up with, hell we found their little camp of goodies just off the shore of kamy too so, let's be real here, he was probably trying to get back to that little set of islands to get re-geared, rather than staying away from the area his boys just got shot at nearby... The 1000m was actually quoted when we were talking about what counts as general area and, to be frank, if the rule was more clear... the guy was at most 700-800 m away from his death area... If you can get back to your body in less than 2-3 minutes, I'd say that was the general area... if all it takes is 2-3 minutes for the group that killed you to possibly encounter you again then it's the general area... is the NLR rule not in place to avoid such awkward encounters that occurred in the case that made this topic come into fruition? I genuinely do not see the problem here... if it is obvious the distance you are at has the chance of causing an awkward encounter, no more than a few minutes after your initial death, then you are in the general area... Just because someone is 1001 meters out doesn't mean the fact an awkward "Didn't we kill you a few minutes ago?" encounter doesn't happen... The vagueness may need changing a tiny bit, to bring into context why it is vague ... but apart from that I see no problem I have no ill-towards the guy in question, more importantly his RP up until that point was pretty decent... but to say that the rule in this case was wrong just because it's 1 minute's swim rather than 1 minute's walk is silly at best...
  12. "To spent the same amount of time talking to his characters about their personal arcs, and their personal feelings, encouraging them to write diaries, have private sessions and all in all make them feel more connected to their character. " ^I think that makes the example very clear. I am describing a person for this community who players can talk to when they are in an RP pickle, a person who 2 factions at war can go to for ideas on how to make the conflict more than just a "I hit your settlement, you hit mine" every day for a month, a guy who has an event idea but isn't entirely sure how to do it / make it interesting lore wise, the group of people who have started an arc for their character but arn't entirely sure where to go with it... A person who wants to do an event that could potentially change the lore (E.G: Establishing communications with another country), A person to help keep the progression of the lore via player actions steady and fresh. A lore keeper is someone who preserves / writes the Lore that we can no longer change... the lore before the infection... the lore during the beginning of the infection. But in my opinion it is a Loremaster that people can go to when they need help progressing the current lore... My question is such: Is this the sort of Loremaster you want? Or do you guys just want a bloke who will sit in a tower writing the old lore / focusing on staff events? A tool for the community to use or a group of staff who will on occasion do something cool in the form of a staff event? It's a question that needs answering as who would apply for such a role if they didn't know what they were signing up for?
  13. It says you want to bring back LM's, that you want them to work closer with the staff team, but you haven't described exactly what tasks you want them focusing on? You have a million and 1 staff positions that help players with the rules side of things, but not a single staff position designed to get their hands dirty and improve the RP experience for players. Talking with player groups and factions about their current story arcs, getting players to sit down and talk about conflicts that have been going on for months and seeing what sort of end game is in sight. Focusing on having factions and groups do events that further the lore's depth whilst also bringing good roleplaying groups more into the limelight. A Dungeon master hosting a DnD game who spends months working on the backstory of his super special NPC is not going to have a party that would have as much fun as the Dungeon master who spent the same amount of time talking to his characters about their personal arcs, and their personal feelings, encouraging them to write diaries, have private sessions and all in all make them feel more connected to their character. I guess what i am saying is, where is the focus of the LM's gonna be this time around? In the trenches, dealing with the players and what the LM's can do to help excel their lore / RP experience, or are they gonna be stuck in their ivory towers approving groups, doing super special staff run events and writing a massive backstory for the foundation lore? Apart from that I agree with all the focuses put forward! Just want the clarification on the above ^
  14. *Andrew Washington, sounding more exhausted then previously, clicks his PTT and says the following* Moody's right... he came to the island, they were told to leave or be shot, the fighting started, but after I surrendered, and I had to surrender... I was god damned exposed in the middle of a courtyard without my weapon out, Moody gave what seemed to be an aight deal... he'd lost people today, just like we did, but he was even then willing to negotiate peace. His terms were fair... but what did all you do? Pretend to not hear me over the radio, as far as I reckon the fighting could of stopped minutes after I was captured.. the lass that came forward, the medic, she had more balls than the lot of ya... Moody's been wronged, we've been wronged.... it was time to end the fighting, but it continued, and now friends are dead... I... I don't know what to think. I've gone up north, to find some people I know have answers, someone I know I can trust. I'm not even sure if I will ever go back to the redcoats after this, let alone the island. Jimmy lad, I told you all I needed to say before the fight started... I just hope it all doesn't fall on deaf ears... Good luck to you all, and I hope you find a way to end this before history repeats itself and everyone involved ends up dead. *Washington takes the button the PTT, tending to his injuries, as he continues to make the long trek north*
  15. *Ham radios and walkie talkies haphazardly on a long since dead channels suddenly spring to life all over Chernarus to the sound of slightly louder static, followed swiftly by a English sounding voice.* Anyone out there who can hear this, I do not have long, I have spent hours trying to jury rig the systems of this station with solder, duct tape, generators and hell of a lot of luck.... so I will make this brief... My name is Dimitri Penkrov whilst the Accent may fool you, Chernarus was my home. My father a native, my mother an immigrant before the civil war... I have seen strife and bloodshed over the years, when the war struck I was the first volunteering first aid to those I could, but I was just a mechanic, so many died whilst I tried to care for them, there was nothing I could do. And then once it was over I still stood, helping rebuild, even joined a volunteer radio station to bolster the will of the people. However just as we were about to see ourselves back out of the brink of collapse, the infection began... Chernarus found civil strife once more... and my dreams, my family, my friends, were destroyed in a matter of weeks. I travelled after that, going from meal to the next, finding that the areas around my home were just as ruined and desolate as Chernarus is now, so I decided to come home.... To Gorka, where my family lived, where I lived... to try and pick up the pieces of a world long since destroyed. I want to build something here, a community? A group of people? Friends?... I want to get this Slomanny piece of shit of a station back to working order, I want to see my home town of Gorka back to how it once was, a thriving community. I want to see trade, I want to see growth... I want to see that the residents are Gorka are not just the rotting dead! I want... I need help. I am just one man, and I need supplies. So I ask all of you, groups, factions, Samaritans, to come aid me in restoring Gorka radio station to it's former glory. So I am going to hold somewhat of a challenge, to all those who would accept it. There will be a list of items I wish to be collected, I will give those who step up to the challenge a set time, a few hours, to collect as many of these supplies as they can and bring them back to Altar radio station... Those that provide the most will not just have my gratitude, but my services... I wish to restart this tower, I wish to start a community. Those who prove themselves the best at keeping us supplied will never have asks from us ever again. The services of the tower and the community I wish to build will be yours... always. No obligations to protect it, no fees... just freedom to use the radio whenever you need to. To those not in groups, the lost, the forsaken, the unforgiven, I offer you chance for a new life here at Gorka... let my home become your home, let us build a community here and make something from the mess that is the infection. I await all of your arrivals... *The radio produces a large amount of static before going fully dead* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC information: So if you haven't figured it out already I am doing an event to hopefully kickstart a new group on the server, but that doesn't mean it just needs to be internal RP So this is a scavenger hunt esque event where groups will be asked to find X amount of stuff to do with repairing the radio station at Altar, with the winner getting the IC prize of free services from the radio station and the community that will be built around it in the future! Also those who are not in a group but want to attend the event, you can make your own contributions and be part of some good RP to do with the hardships of making the radio station. And hell, maybe some of you are interested in the concept of a group that strives to get news, broadcast it on the radio and start making a community, if so come along to and meet my character in game! THE RULES: Dimitri Penkrov will give a list of items to all the groups that arrive on the day vying for the "contract" (To use the broadcasts for whatever, propaganda, news, foul messages to spread fear ect ect... whoever wins the contract decides). The groups will search within the confines of the search area shown in the image above (there is no way to prove that groups stay in these bounds, but let's use a bit of an honour code / realism with how far groups would travel from the station to get supplies in the limited time). -There will be limited time (2 hours) -There is chance for initiations (groups wanting to get an edge on another, potential bandits not wanting to see the radio repaired ect ect, but for sake of fun maybe not initated the altar compound itself? Let's not have the event end 10 minutes after it starts yeah?) . - Any group can attend. -Random people can band together on the day and work as a pseudo group if they wish (I want anyone to be able to be a part of this event) and they will share the prize contract between em all equally. Not much else to say apart from the event will start at 7:00 pm BST and I hope to see as many people and groups as possible there!