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  1. That brings back a few memories. Welcome back regardless
  2. My best memory is probably Outlaw days from 2014. Nostalgia hits me real hard sometimes I don't have a specific worst memory but it would be something about OOC-hat and salt.
  3. Last few days have been great so far
  4. Obviously their Legacy will live on for longer OOC'ly. I meant that people will remember clowns and associate the masks with them IC untill we see a lore-wipe come around.
  5. For reasons unknown to me, UN-helmets are also a thing some of people seem to have a problem with. I think the clown mask thing will live on till some lore-wipe comes around, considering it's such a weird item to wear casually.
  6. Good running with ya tonight.
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    I love big fackin Stevie xD

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      "Did you just swear again?" xD

  7. SDS? I thought they were just fishermen Regardless GL with this guys, looking forward to meeting you guys in game
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    dis is a road blok, tha smel of bollets steel and led

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      Lit mate

  8. What's NVFL?
  9. Yeah, I kinda took off when I met Earl. Hopefully we'll run into eachother again sometime soon
  10. *Bruno grabs the radio and begins his transmission* Hey Mr. Racing man, I'm not looking to get any of them killed. I'm not the type of guy to kill others. We need to stop killing and those who encourage it, you know revenge is like an endless circle of hatred. *there is a small break before he continues* Ahh, uhm, I came there looking for you yesterday friend. Looks like some, eh messed up people had claimed your home while you were gone. Ehm.. Will you be around the place later?
  11. *After cleaning his wounds and applying new bandages, Bruno grabs his radio anxiously, yet determined* "This is Bruno speaking. Uhm.. Me and a couple of friends are looking for some sort of mercenaries around, or any other people that'd be willing to get shit done and get paid for it. There's nothing urgent right now so I'm just looking to talk, maybe set up a meeting or something like that." *there is a short break before he continues speaking* "But yeah, we're looking for some good, reliable people we can like.. continue working with in the future as well. So.. if there's anyone listening to this please respond. I'd hate for this frequency to be subject to another pissing contest like some of the other ones. So please put your differences aside and let's.. let's keep it civil on this one." *leaves his radio on the floor and leans up against the wall*
  12. I mean it's an IC thing. We are gonna kill someone sooner or later, and that's what makes the RP interesting. I think some group forced @Murdercoolto kill someone last time we tried this sort of thing.