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  1. wow @Buddy I didn't know I had that much of an influence on you joining the community...well I'm glad you did You are a great friend Stry....er Buddy!!!
  2. <----- Doesn't sound black
  3. Will be back on when I come from lunch with the fam
  4. Yes indeed...loving it too Hey whats your commander name?
  5. Look what I got finally
  6. Are you whitelisted? If so didn't you read the rules about kos...just wondering
  7. yeah that's my endgame goal as far as bounty hunting goes
  8. Well thats the viper...I just bought a ship kit and paint to make it look a little more sexier...but it was sexy with out all the make up
  9. I don't know @Samaritan this guy has a different opinion on Viper vs Cobra
  10. This is my Vipe r And my HUD that I just changed
  11. Which would you prefer for bounty hunting...Viper MKIII or Cobra MKIII?
  12. Yeah I currently have an eagle at the moment but will upgrade to the cobra because it looks sexy
  13. Had my first successful bounty hunting venture...80k bounty. This is going to be my new form of income CMDR Jack Bandit...freelance bounty hunter!
  14. hero group

    Would just like to say thank you for letting me be a part of this...have been looking for something to get me back into the game and this just may be it
  15. hey you know where to find me...plus you're on my friends list in the game If any wants to add me to their friends list add @ZombieHunterX