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  1. Some of us can't help but make our own bed. Don't be so irrational. If staff feared criticism and feedback, there would not be a thread dedicated to it, I had one for about 12 hours. And again, I think it's kind of irrational to feel like you're being "driven away" like so many others you are making your own bed and I've seen some of your posts, little room to speak or hold higher ground. I'll admit some "unnecessary posts" are pretty dubious when it comes to punishment but there is an appeal process for a reason and it largely works by and large. Boycott the forums, oh my how you're destined to fail but I can't wait to watch you chaining yourself to Off-Topic in protest.
  2. The Cobra Mk3 is a solid multi-role ship and will serve you well in your adventures, it's what I used for the longest time be it smuggling, trading and bounty hunting. You really need to let me know when you're getting on for a session, I'll join you next time.
  3. I for one use a tiny :troll: face to symbolize I was being a cunt for pure humor. Take me back..
  4. People with soft skin? No place to put the shitposting? Shame the gates to the holy land were closed before the prophecy could come full circle. RIP meme thread. But nah, in all realness a lot of the other posts talking about staff needing and striving to be "consistent" end up causing some casualties along the way in the form of "unnecessary" going too far and "flaming" being stretched too far for so little. Staff are doing the best they can, just a little misguided in some small cases.
  5. Man, could you imagine if people actually died. For a country and world over two years in to the end of the world the level healthcare available is top notch.
  6. This is not TheRedZone, this will not be TheRedZone. Stop suggesting that this becomes TheRedZone. It's been done to death and the threads made are abundant. I've been a long time advocate for the Lore Wipe and this is a nice thing to see so Idea #1 is my go to, the LM team needs to wrap this shit up so they can better focus their resources and effort on a new lore we can all play our part in, from the very beginning. To those who are against the wipe purely because their characters will "die" need get a grip, all stories have an end be it good or bad, happy or sad. I have an older character now, over two years now and I'm fuckin' stoked for a wipe as I get to try something new with my limited vocal range. "Scorch the earth boys, time to begin anew." - Me. Edit: Most of the old heads are gone or dead, it's time us newer members of the community got to experience the start of the end of the world and in the future, more wipes will come so everyone can enjoy the apocalypse.
  7. I was bored, popped in to a nebula.
  8. Right now Quince is the system to farm for credits if you don't want to abuse the slaves at Robigo. A mining build Conda will be my target and that's setting me back 170mil ATM but will end up having a full explorer build after that. When it comes to mining it's all about finding the right system, you need pristine metal/metallic rings in order to get the most out of your mining, pulling around 200+T per run and getting millions from it. You're welcome to join me once I head back to my home area.
  9. Currently mission stacking and spamming in one system. The credits are flowing like water and I'm sitting pretty at 137mil.
  10. For the time being, currently working on the assets for a Conda.
  11. Been nooting around space, making money as a trader of my caliber would. Took some pretty screens while poodling around in space along the way and I'll help keep this glorious thread alive. CMDR Captain Kitsune, just laugh I let me mate choose it. Keep on jumping guys.
  12. hi

    Suh dude.
  13. This does not really need to be anything fancy, just a means to discuss. With any luck this thread will be able to put together a possible draft for the idea behind Rule 15 and it's subsections in order to create a fair set of guidelines in order to affect Permanent Death/Injuries for the entire community. Whether you are for, against or just plain undecided your opinions will matter here as I want to see the pros and cons the community can put out. This thread is for mature discussion only. This is subject to change: Rule 15. Permanent Death/Karma/Grudge Rule GoogleDocWip: Link Execution Rights: Execution rights allow you to kill a person and thus Perma-Deathing their character. Perma-death means that your character has died and can not be brought back to life under any circumstances. These rights can be achieved if at least one of the the conditions below is met and non-player interactions will not trigger this rule during its effect: There are at least recent 6 hostile situations towards you and the person/group. You must be present and receiving the hostile actions to gain these rights. There must be proof of those encounters such as screenshots, recordings or certain logs handy upon request. The character being executed must be involved in all 6 encounters in-game with the group committing the hostile actions within 500 meters. Execution rights will expire after 60 days. (?) Deaths within a firefight do not count towards perma-death unless the defendant breaks rule 9 and executions must be role played out. You have received OOC permission from the person/group and you have proof of it being given. (?) You are at war with a certain group(s). Perma-Death is assumed for both parties in all war declarations regardless of their written agreement There must be an OOC agreement between the groups before those rights would take place. These rights will continue till a time where one side or the other decides otherwise IC’ly or OOC’ly e.g beaten into submission, calling a truce, wiped out.
  14. Looks like you're gunning for Dora's position of community shit poster. Solid job!
  15. All of my congratulations on getting the grill but no offense, the Nike tick in that date proposal made me throw up in my mouth.
  16. I still miss Frank and Yuri.
  17. I had a pretty interesting stint in staff, a little controversy here and there and a fair amount of me flaming people in and out of staff. Last night they let me go, waited till I had finished my dinner first though so that's a plus. Now I join the swelling ranks of those before me, left or kicked I now watch the staff team from the outside. One day I may rejoin them and continue my escapades but till then I'll enjoy my forced retirement and actually get in game more. I do have some feedback for staff, just gotta wait for them to create a thread first. may your points be low and your strikes non-existent.
  18. Stop bloody thanking me, I'm no soldier. I've done my time and I never changed who I was because of it, it's natural for friends to clash over stupid shit.
  19. I remain delicious. Waiting for certain people.
  20. It is where I belong. I forgot you were even alive, Chang.
  21. I'm no longer in staff, I have yet to leave the community. There is always time. I'm always available. It was a volunteer position I thought they'd never give me due to my attitude, I appreciate what you say but I'm not better then anyone else here. I never left...
  22. Nice.
  23. My opinions are in the verdict, myself and two others had input on that very verdict. I would appreciate you lot getting off my back. I am still new to this as I stated on the last thread that was put up, full of bias accusations and bashing of my ability. Had the accused been against three and not four, it would not have been NVFL. We determined that the positioning and number of hostiles he had within 20 meters were too great for anyone within in reason to take out on their own.