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  1. This does not really need to be anything fancy, just a means to discuss. With any luck this thread will be able to put together a possible draft for the idea behind Rule 15 and it's subsections in order to create a fair set of guidelines in order to affect Permanent Death/Injuries for the entire community. Whether you are for, against or just plain undecided your opinions will matter here as I want to see the pros and cons the community can put out. This thread is for mature discussion only. This is subject to change: Rule 15. Permanent Death/Karma/Grudge Rule GoogleDocWip: Link Execution Rights: Execution rights allow you to kill a person and thus Perma-Deathing their character. Perma-death means that your character has died and can not be brought back to life under any circumstances. These rights can be achieved if at least one of the the conditions below is met and non-player interactions will not trigger this rule during its effect: There are at least recent 6 hostile situations towards you and the person/group. You must be present and receiving the hostile actions to gain these rights. There must be proof of those encounters such as screenshots, recordings or certain logs handy upon request. The character being executed must be involved in all 6 encounters in-game with the group committing the hostile actions within 500 meters. Execution rights will expire after 60 days. (?) Deaths within a firefight do not count towards perma-death unless the defendant breaks rule 9 and executions must be role played out. You have received OOC permission from the person/group and you have proof of it being given. (?) You are at war with a certain group(s). Perma-Death is assumed for both parties in all war declarations regardless of their written agreement There must be an OOC agreement between the groups before those rights would take place. These rights will continue till a time where one side or the other decides otherwise IC’ly or OOC’ly e.g beaten into submission, calling a truce, wiped out.
  2. Welcome to the community, Summer. To the rest of you, behave.
  3. As stated above we already have a thread for people to post their musical tastes. /Closed.
  4. Ooooh.
  5. I miss the fallen brothers, they need not be named lest their legend be sullied.
  6. @Post @Roger I went in blind, and was rude by telling everyone to "shut the fuck up." I was rash and disrespectful, I can only apologies for it and nothing else. I thought I was doing the right thing due to a great deal of the people in the channel were talking over each other but alas I was not.
  7. I've given it a great deal of thought and for the time being I have rushed myself when it comes to this and where I agree that this is indeed a step in the right direction but it is not a definite answer to our problems, much more is needed and now isn't the time. I am as of now shelving the idea for Rule 15, it shall return but I will leave this thread open as the discussion it has generated is indeed a great boon for the community as a whole. I would to finish off by saying thank you to everyone who took their time and involved themselves be it for, against or just concerned so thank you all for participating.
  8. Matthew Cade

    Chernorussian Mother, British Father both of them worked as medical professionals. Born and raised during the 80's. Never held down a job but excelled at problem solving and people skills. Anti-social pre-infection, anti-social post-infection.
  9. That is the general idea behind the rule and currently I am feeling a little overwhelmed so things need to be simplified where possible but I doubt I can avoid making it long winded since all bases need to be covered. I'm just waiting on my chicken strips and people to come back and help me process this so I can hopefully get the best version of this rule possible out.
  10. I like the idea of a point system but Thumper is correct, it is difficult to enforce/prove without physical evidence and it verges on over complicated.
  11. 60 is reasonable, changing.
  12. 1.4 has been changed.
  13. Will remove the month cap, the room for abuse there is palpable. Defending yourself from a hostile action will never grant perm rights.
  14. Made some changes based on your suggestion.
  16. Alrighty then, what about your views on the current draft for Rule 15? I think the whole limited/Registered character debate is for another thread.
  17. One thing is for sure, with this rule in its finished state you'll be able to tell the wheat from the chaff very easily.
  18. Where it's understandable that you're against such a rule it is not yet determined if it shall be held till wipe or implemented the moment it's been Rolle Approved. The rule itself is still a concept, an idea that needs more work.
  19. I appreciate that you're against it but as I mentioned in the OP that this is a serious discussion that should be dealt with maturely. I would love to hear your pros and cons on the matter. Love, Cow.
  20. I have always juggled the idea behind something related to a "Death-Timer" but at the same time, who would forget about the person that is continuously dicking on them? A mere timer would not make sense.
  21. The OP is currently being updated with the first draft of Rule 15, we've decided to in this case remove Execution rights as they are redundant within the current rule set. Please leave your feedback, criticism and suggestions.
  22. Wolves are still fresh in my mind, didn't occur to me. Thank you.
  23. I'm going to start adding ideas to the OP, feel free to comment just make sure to @Cow with criticism. Google Doc Link here, feel free to comment as we are working. Link.
  24. What I'll do tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon no doubt as I'm currently tired to the point I'm starting to see things. I shall come back here and devise two drafts with some help, one for groups as favored by those posting about the idea and one for general use. Night y'all.
  25. This is merely a discussion for the possibility of a rule to be implemented, it could be less or more then the aim of this thread right here and now. A start is all we need, it's not to say that nothing is subject to change.