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    that moment when your cover photo is the galatic empire not the galatic republic 


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      Fuck the Republic, the clones only got good when they killed the Jedi.

  1. yeah im glad they are back, but i wish the vid was a bit better i was expecting the classic animation but oh well still good
  2. well boys thank you for the opportunity its been fun o/
  3. meh why not takes tow secs
  4. True words of a loyalist
  5. and we are back boys had a break and now we are back
  6. A Bulgarian by the name Simeon part of the Bulgarian death squad
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    Slava Chernarus glory to the the movement 

  7. oh look its a sausage
  8. meeting a Czech man when i was playing a Chernarussian character, it wasn't weird just more awkward. the fact i said some Chernarussian words and he was replying to me in Czech and i didnt have the faintest clue what he was saying.
  9. [video=youtube] looking forward to the next season with the new OPs, fingers crossed i can get to platinum by tomorrow so can get season 3 plat charm
  10. wouldn't know good luck man slava chernarus
  11. where have i seen that eagle with the kolovrat shield before hmmm
  12. Philip Ainge