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    C75X9nIVAAAZ1F9.jpg now the question would you have two sweet or point the gun 

    1. Lucius


      Point the gun, because The Authority has nothing over the BizCliz

    2. Corry


      too sweet to that brother 

  1. welcome brave soul
  2. Or probs in mezza food court @Randle
  3. i understand being from the black country myself our accent makes it hard to do other accents but i play alot of chernarussian characters, i found the best way is just practice, say alot of stereotypical words like for Russian comrade or blyat .
  4. hey welcome have you come to remove kebab?
  5. yeah im glad they are back, but i wish the vid was a bit better i was expecting the classic animation but oh well still good
  6. well boys thank you for the opportunity its been fun o/
  7. meh why not takes tow secs
  8. True words of a loyalist
  9. and we are back boys had a break and now we are back
  10. A Bulgarian by the name Simeon part of the Bulgarian death squad
  11. oh look its a sausage
  12. meeting a Czech man when i was playing a Chernarussian character, it wasn't weird just more awkward. the fact i said some Chernarussian words and he was replying to me in Czech and i didnt have the faintest clue what he was saying.
  13. [video=youtube] looking forward to the next season with the new OPs, fingers crossed i can get to platinum by tomorrow so can get season 3 plat charm