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  1. Whitelist under the information tab
  2. That is your own choice, if you want to add that or not. Just something you can highlight on your profile, for fun sort off. Nothing you're required to do, you can also read about other characters, their story and whatnot. But of course this is OOC information and cannot be used IG.
  3. Then its wrong.. Simple
  4. Wipe it allready!!
  5. I wonder how many times we have to read and deny this suggestion.. Always a new person who thinks Text RP should be banned. To OP, this will never happen. Please never again attempt to make this happen as it is just distressing. To other newcomers thinking this is a good idea. ^ The above applies. If text RP'ers bother you to the point were you ignore them. Please leave the server, or else face Bad RP punishment. And to oppress your suggestion even more. One of the Winners or Roleplayer of the Year is (Were when won) purely a text RP'er My suggestion, close the thread as it will get nowhere.
  6. ^ this apply.
  7. Why the need of change? If you don't like it don't look at it. The more we can get newcomers and general community members away from this section of the forums the better.
  8. Ask an admin for a reset, if you had to wait 4 hours. It doubles on every fail, so if this is the second time you will have to wait 8.
  9. If its not up, then its most likely take down. That makes sence right? #FasterthanSupport
  10. Because S2 sucks for people who're not from the states.
  11. You'll find out.. It depends, be patient. making a question thread does not speed up the process.
  12. Great loss to the Staff team! Don't be a stranger. o7
  13. Just read, nothing else.
  14. I like how you say Cuck is more insulting that the most frowned upon word in man's history. But ok.. I sort of agree with you..
  15. This is very easy to avoid. Dont use the fucking N-Word. Use and combine words in a mature way, so you don't end up looking like a cuck. And read the god damn rules before explaining to someone and yourself how they are written.. For example, don't all out assault someone (Aiko in this case) for a post or mistake, like 75% of this fucking thread repeatedly does. Its getting pretty fucking old.. ^And on that note, remember appeals are done and agreed upon by several staff. The main shit posters in this thread know that, because their Ex-Staff ಠ_ಠ
  16. @Dewzeh What is your budget? Do you want console graphics? (Medium + settings, 30-45 fps) Or do you want Pc Master Race graphics? (Ultimate settings, 60-120 fps) Here is a decent setup which will handle DayZ and many other games very well. It is with the most recent chipset and if money is an issue you can always go to older setups which will handle the games just fine aswell, but here you have a bit more future proof build.
  17. Ask an admin.
  18. I would recommend that you download the latest version of TFR from the web, install the ts plugin and copy paste the TFR file into the arma directory. Instead of using the Steam download and Outside TFR ts plugin. As failiure is due to happen. Download from here and make sure you get version 0.9.12. This will have to be unzipped using 7zip or WinRaR or something similar. Then just follow the installation process. All the others are updated through steam and should be working properly.
  19. 73
  20. passhrase help

    Read the rules thoroughly, don't just look for the passphrase, have lore page and rules page open and read for your answer. There is no time limit, only your concentration and patience is limiting. If you're stuck, ask a staff for help, they do actually help. Remember do NOT refresh or load a page AFTER you've started the whitelist, as this will most likely fuck things up. And in the end you will have to write a backstory for your character which have to fit the lore! I highly recommend that you write this in a google docs or a syntax program on your PC, which you can save locally, as the website does fuck up sometimes. (write backstory while waiting for the question timer to go up.) Other than that, good luck.
  21. Ask up with someone here on the forums, someone might be willing to teach you abit IG. Yes blood types changes when you die, this can be found out easely with a 'Blood test kit'
  22. That is the point, there is no code for OOC. Its just an indication for other players, to know youre talking Out Of Character. Nothing is wrong.
  23. So, when you // nothing appears or what?
  24. 72
  25. Your Point of Veiw, what happened, what did you do. What is your perspective of the situation. Who were you with, who were on the other party, who can you name. Basically a desctription of the event.