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  1. Dont post whitelist questions anywhere. Also it is written in the rules!
  2. Alot of important points in this Andrey, and i agree with alot of it. Mistakes are made and more correction and fixes should be done. But the chicken tendie were not the reason for him being banned. It was the fact that he'd racked up enough points so he crossed 30. And i know that you know that. So the ban were not unjustified. And a Dick hinted chicken tendie is not something necessary to post, and it might seem NSFW for some. And if for some, it's for everyone. Although i also think that the ban was somewhat unreasonable when the Staff team knew it would push him over to 30 points.. A warning would do.. But are people seriously calling you and Castiel names? If so that is low.. even for a online community. Allthough it have to mention, some of you went pretty hard out on some of the staff members. For example Speedster, it's not going to help him reading posts from 3-4 people basically talking shit about what he'd done. Even if it where zero to none. And you Andrey, Castiel and Hebi have to look at the fact that you three guys left Staff, to then start giving negative feedback to previous Co-staff members almost instantly, and then call it 'helping' the community. Instead of doing it from within, which would have a bigger chance of success. I could agree on the blacklist removal if it were a reducer instead. Half the time, nobody is going to wait half a year only to cheat on DayZRP. And it would be some income. If someone cheated in another game again, the timer would reset. Or not eligible for reduction..
  3. If you wanna help out you can donate yes. But i doubt there would be the same amount of donations without any perks being given back. And the subscription is the same thing as buying the €10 package several times. It will build you up to the same ranks aswell.
  4. But it basically means nothing, only a badge to show you are entitled to different perks on the forum and on Teamspeak. Just waiting for a couple of higher ranks.. €250, €300, €350, €400, €450 and so on. Await new shit
  5. Your account is new, and the vac ban is over a Year old, you have not been blacklisted so i guess you can move straight onto the whitelist.
  6. As everyone else have said, you do need all questions correct. And after the questions, there is more to be filled in. Good luck
  7. If you want it to return, make it return. Make a thread, let people submit their screenshots, and select the winner based on the votes. This does not have to be a formal, staff controlled thing. It was and still is something the staff don't have time for and should not be bothered with.
  8. Well, if Russian or Chernarussian could be of interest i highly recommend going on Youtube and watch some learn Czech 123 guides. As Czech is almost identical with the Chernarussian language. Watch something like this. The way words are pronounced there will almost instantly force your ''tongue'' into something similar, and with enough practice you will become decent with it. This is the Method i used preparing for roleplay with Cerna Liska. I were'nt the best, but not the worst. Also top tip while roleplaying, if you have a second monitor use a Google Docs, if not write on paper. Find some basic words/sentences from a translator and write them down, like : Hello my friend - Privyet moy drug. Goodbye - Das Sveedaneeya Hello Comrade - Privyet tovarishch. This can be done with most languages, if you want a Takistani character you do Afghanistan/Pakistan. Also have a friend listen to you in Teamspeak, they can give you feedback on how it sounds like. Spend some time preparing, might seem a whole lot of trouble for a character, but if you're bored with British this might help you.
  9. Join the helpdesk in our teamspeak and ask for aid by an Admin, only admins can view your application history.
  10. Please read my post before continuing with stupidity? There are at this time 42 players on. How is that literally zero people?
  11. Hey Mr. Swilly You talk about the number of players lowering, without anything to back it up with. From the date of the ''Purge'' the amount of players dropped extensively yes. But then it settled at around 210-250 unique players on the website and on our game servers, around 200 posts and 10-20 whitelist attempts. If you threw some attention at the Home page you would notice this number has increased to 300-370 unique players on the website and our game servers, 350 posts and 30-40 whitelists. We are also now having 3/4's of the server on a Monday at 06.00 PM. You don't have to worry about the population of this site, nor do i think you ever have to. Also Jabba is banned and was banned at the time of this post being made? Also starting to become flamey does not help out your case.. It'll only end up with a perma served for yourself.
  12. Os: Windows 10 Cpu: Intel Core i7 6700k Skylake Mobo: MSI Z170A M7 Gaming Ram: Patriot ViperV3 32gb DDR4 3200mhz Gpu: MSI 980Ti Gaming Storage: Kingston SSD Now 120gb (OS), Samsung 850Pro 500gb VNand (Steam), Corsair Force LE 480gb SSD (Other Games), WD Desktop Green 1tb (storage n shit), WD Desktop Blue 3 tb (storage n shit)
  13. I doubt they have gaines access to 25000+ accounts passowords, a website reset could do log out all users immediatly. Also they only need one RCON password/GM+ Username and password combo to gameban all.
  14. Good bye, have a great time! o7 *cries in chernorussian*
  15. Whitelist under the information tab
  16. That is your own choice, if you want to add that or not. Just something you can highlight on your profile, for fun sort off. Nothing you're required to do, you can also read about other characters, their story and whatnot. But of course this is OOC information and cannot be used IG.
  17. Then its wrong.. Simple
  18. Wipe it allready!!
  19. I wonder how many times we have to read and deny this suggestion.. Always a new person who thinks Text RP should be banned. To OP, this will never happen. Please never again attempt to make this happen as it is just distressing. To other newcomers thinking this is a good idea. ^ The above applies. If text RP'ers bother you to the point were you ignore them. Please leave the server, or else face Bad RP punishment. And to oppress your suggestion even more. One of the Winners or Roleplayer of the Year is (Were when won) purely a text RP'er My suggestion, close the thread as it will get nowhere.
  20. ^ this apply.
  21. Why the need of change? If you don't like it don't look at it. The more we can get newcomers and general community members away from this section of the forums the better.
  22. Ask an admin for a reset, if you had to wait 4 hours. It doubles on every fail, so if this is the second time you will have to wait 8.
  23. If its not up, then its most likely take down. That makes sence right? #FasterthanSupport
  24. Because S2 sucks for people who're not from the states.