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  1. Easy. Medium+ settings 60 fps on a 1920x1080 panel should be no problemo. Your dual core is going to perform better than my 6700k Skylake. And better than my soon to come 7700k Kaby Lake And for me its sad to say that the 1050Ti will perform close to my 980 Ti. Only thing you're lacking with that card is Cores, so unless you have bought it allready i would recommend you upgrading to a 1060. Double ammount of cores and better cooling, also better memory and processing speeds. But remember when the Engines performance upgrades are due you will lack performance on the CPU, due too the engine utilizing more cores. Currently its only 1 being used. So if you have yet to buy a computor, i would spend some more time saving, building a more future proof pc.
  2. Do This Step 1. Check current Memory Driver Versions. (Update if needed) Step 2. Set a max ammount of memory DayZ can draw from your pc. Step 1: Open CMD Prompt --> Type in mmc devmgmt.msc to open Device manager --> Check memory driver status and update if needed. Step 2: Open Steam --> Right click on DayZ and click on Properties --> Set launch parameters --> type in the box -maxmem=4096 --> Click OK --> Restart Steam and control that the launch parameters were put in correctly. Your problem should be solved.
  3. Anywho, follow the steps to select the headset's microphone as standard unit. Teamspeak will then choose the same.
  4. Hio The Turtlebeach headset have a USB connection does it not? I would recommend using that instead of a splitter. Also for your headset to be recognized by Teamspeak it have to be set as default device on your system. Go here --> Make sure to set your mic on the headset to default. Then you can go to teamspeak and set it to default device there and setup the prefered voice detection.
  5. Read. Make sure you look on every line in every paragraph. Do not, and i repeat do not refresh the page if you want to find the Passphrase.
  6. Again.. Just read, no one can and will help you find it. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE AS THE WORD YOU'RE LOOKING FOR MOVES. And for gods sake READ!
  7. It will be an easy way to push the rules and abuse it. ''He were leading the wolves to us, so we shot him'' <--- Is going to be a common excuse..
  8. Why be suprised when a factory reset works? It will always work as long as there are no compatability issues or hardware fault. For the next time tho.. Also, downloading Malwarebytes and using Microsoft defender is sufficient for removing Malware and Viruses.
  9. Whitelist and you'll find out.
  10. So many unserious answers.. Servers are up an running. Go out there and have fun!
  11. No. You cant. Why should you?
  12. Copy pasta what you wrote. Edit again. Done. Usually works the second time, be patient.
  13. Good God have mercy on us... Read, found it? Then Read more, nothing still? Read it again. And do not refresh the page, it moves position..
  14. Nominee: @Tosh Reason: Allthough i wish i could vote for three people, Oliv and Staggs will have to be honorable mentions. Shark helped me countless of times and were a true work-horse within the staff team. He made severall internal threads which the new-comers could learn from, including me. Too bad he left, but it was not without reason. Evidence: Entire staff team have access to it, plus countless posts and verdicts.
  15. Should be an easy one. Hover over the game in Steam --> Properties --> Launch Options --> type in the box '-maxmem=4096' --> hit ok and it should be fixed. I presume you have more than 4 gb or RAM so 4096 is good. if you have less replace 4096 with 2048. Why do this only happen on RP servers? Alot more stashes and centralized loot, overcompensating your load and tries to access ''fake'' memory. Go over the reasonable ammount set by DayZ's engine (6gb) and the game crashes. You can and most likely will experience Tearing from time to time, these are the launch settings maxing out the ammount of RAM accessable. Once it's ''calmed'' down the game should behave as normal again.