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  1. Clumsy

    Gaawd I've been here for two years. 


    1. Voodoo


      Just wait until you're going on for 4 years


  2. I don't think it's nonsense at all. I agree with the feedback and was actually going to comment on it myself. Even if you are a member of the community you are still a figure head when you are a staff member, even more so when you are a GM or Admin. You should lead by example. Jumping into a report in such a manner is frowned upon by regular community members. You are more then welcome to defend yourself in the report, that is what a report is for, but the manner in which you phrase your replies (even though I know people get upset and heated when it comes to reports) needs to be considered.
  3. Clumsy

    Now that the baby has grown enough to have ears @Rezaak has forbid me from listening to anything but Nirvana and AC/DC in the car xD The baby needs to have good taste in music according to him. 

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    2. Clumsy


      That's what I said! 

    3. Sofie


      Better to be on the safe side. 

    4. Clumsy


      This is true. So I'm throwing in Metallica, Godsmack and Black Sabbath xD

    • Clumsy
    • Ark


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    2. Clumsy



    3. Ark
    4. Clumsy



  4. Clumsy

    The hunt begins.

    I'll be in game later in the afternoon today if anyone wants to try and find me!

    For now I must venture to find maternity clothes that don't look like yoga pants or skinny jeans.


  5. Clumsy

    Brainstorming with Rezaak has helped me flesh out this new character and I'm super excited to start playing as her tomorrow.

  6. Clumsy

    Trying to come up with a story for this new character. I have an idea of what I want her to be I'm just trying to put it into words. Figure new character will help with me getting back in game.

    1. Voodoo


      That's what I did. Made a character that has been driving across Europe since the outbreak


    2. Clumsy


      It's so hard for me to reconnect with my old characters after being away from them for so long. 

    3. Voodoo


      Yea ive found it easier to just start a fresh and plan a backstory death for the old characters.

  7. Dovina June

    Adding Soon...
  8. Clumsy

    To get in game or not get in game that is the question.....


    1. Darion
    2. Roach



    3. Shiro


      The torture right? :P 

  9. Clumsy

    Doctors, doctors and more doctors. MIA due to a little ER visit the other day. Really hope to get some in game time soon. 

    1. Castiel


      Hope everything is good and you're well, Clumsy ^_^

    2. Darion


      Miss you


    3. Clumsy



  10. Age limit is there no matter how mature you are for your age. Wait until you're 16 and come back. Also you may want to stop bringing back forums that are weeks old just to inform us of your age.
  11. I'm stating that it shouldn't be this big of a deal to the community as it is. If someone in staff isn't pulling their weight then they will be removed by the admins or some of them will take the choice to step down. It is not up to the community to monitor everything the staff team is doing. I stepped down for that very reason as I couldn't sit in the help desk as much as others Support members and could only do forum work due to bed rest. It looked like, to the community, that I wasn't doing anything yet behind the scenes I was involved in discussions.
  12. The activity is visible to the people that it concerns which are the Admins. A lot of activity happens behind the scenes and being in staff isn't/shouldn't be about getting a pat on the back for everything you do. This would simply cause more forum drama then we already have and it's not a feature that is really needed.
  13. Clumsy


    Stalking around the groups muhahahaha. Honestly debating on joining one :P